Bad News for Trenberth’s Missing Heat – New Study Finds the Deep Oceans Cooled from 1992 to 2011 and…

Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations

…that some of the warming nearer to the surface came from the deep ocean.

The paper is Liang et al. (2015) Vertical Redistribution of Oceanic Heat Content.  The abstract reads (my boldface):

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21 Responses to Bad News for Trenberth’s Missing Heat – New Study Finds the Deep Oceans Cooled from 1992 to 2011 and…

  1. SMS says:

    Unless he could explain the transport method for heat migrating to the deep oceans in record time, I think Dr. Trenberth has been trying to pull the wool over our eyes for some time. Dr. Trenberth is a smart man. Let’s give him that. But I just think he has trapped himself in a corner, and like the little boy trying to explain to his mother that he didn’t eat the chocolate bar while at the same time his face is covered in chocolate; Dr. Trenberth has abandoned his scientific acumen in order to try and protect his standing in the climate science community. Better to be a Judith Curry than a Michael Mann.

    • Edmonton Al says:

      If he is so smart, why does he steadfastly continue to believe that CO2 is the cause of global warming/cc, and that mankind is doomed?

      • tomwys1 says:

        The complexity of these coupled systems is enormous. Attempts to point to one aspect as driving the whole system are doomed to mislead, and if exclusively relied upon, fail.

  2. Bernd Palmer says:

    Oh no, in the past, the heat was hidden in the deep ocean and now it’s coming back to haunt us. Must be CO2.

    • stpaulchuck says:

      I’m planning to throw out all my chemistry, physics, and particularly my thermodynamics texts and go buy some witchcraft books and magic rocks I think I’ll build a magic pyramid in the back yard too. Apparently that is what comprises today’s “science”.

  3. FTOP_T says:

    There is a big difference between drawing incorrect conclusions from limited data and outright misrepresentation of scientific knowledge.

    Recently, Tren”birther” and Mann-made have been purposely misrepresenting scientific knowledge.

    The entire “missing heat” / ocean meme is an argument against AGW. First, the heat is not hiding there, so it is a lie. Second, if it were in the ocean, only sunlight and not AGW back-radiating unicorns could have put it there. They know oceans are warmed by the sun, so this whole argument was an unscientific ruse.

    They did the same thing with the Boston snow. Arguing it was amplified by warm wet air when the science showed it was caused by bitter cold amplifying normal moisture with very dry snow.

    Why are they not called out by true scientists? I fear we are either in Orwell’s 1984 or the movie “Idiocracy” I guess we should water the crops with high salt energy drinks. I weep for the death of science at the hands of the AlGorians…

    • Edmonton Al says:

      Right on…………… yet, Dr. T’s ego will not let him surrender his fraudulent claim.

    • Menicholas says:

      “Why are they not called out by true scientists?”
      With people who have any prominence being subjected to the most vicious character assassination, possible loss of their jobs, and in general much unpleasantness directed at them, if they dare voice a contrary opinion or skeptical view, it is possible to infer that many simply to not want to stick their neck out.
      As despicable as they are, the warmistas seem to know how to shut people up.
      But for how much longer?

  4. gator69 says:

    It’s hiding under the expanding sea ice.

  5. Menicholas says:

    Perhaps somewhat off topic, but this is regarding ocean temps: I would like to see more written and discussed regarding the current sea surface temperature maps, and the indication of much above normal SSTs off the coast of the Northeast US and the Canadian Maritimes, while at the same time actual icebergs are washing ashore, estuaries and bays are frozen over, and the ocean itself was a tide of Slurpee-like slush.
    Considering the long period of strong offshore winds coupled with bitterly cold air temperatures, can it be that these SST maps are accurate for this region?

  6. Sean Cash says:

    That cooling is a sure sign of global warming!!!!!!

  7. DD More says:

    He has the IPCC blinders on, and cannot see any other reason for the change. Cannot find the car keys in the dark when you’re looking for a shovel under the light pole.

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