Blind Faith Of The True Believers

ScreenHunter_7909 Mar. 14 06.48

“We are seeing climate change happening here in DC right here, right now.”  

– Katherine Hayhoe

No we aren’t. Temperatures in Virginia aren’t changing.

ScreenHunter_7907 Mar. 14 06.38

The frequency of hot days in Virginia hasn’t changed

ScreenHunter_7906 Mar. 14 06.25

The percentage of heavy rainfalls hasn’t changed.

ScreenHunter_7908 Mar. 14 06.45

Katherine Hayhoe has no evidence that the climate of DC is changing, and it is very unlikely she has done any actual research on that topic. The Congressman in the middle, Bob Ingliss, listens to these fraudsters, and then goes off on an ego trip imagining that he is saving the planet by supporting their cause. This makes his kids proud of him.

Even if he believes the CO2 hoax, Obama just agreed to let China be 400% US emissions by the year 2030. Nothing the US does will make any difference anyway. The whole thing is mindless superstition.

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15 Responses to Blind Faith Of The True Believers

  1. I really wish I was selling snake oil because I could make a fortune from all the alarmists as they know nothing and apparently will swallow anything .

    • nielszoo says:

      It kinda sucks to have principles. Think of all the cash we could be raking in if we sold our scientific/skeptic souls and hopped on that lying grant gravy train…

      • Gail Combs says:

        I would have been wealthy and not as poor as a church mouse if I had been willing to lie on Certs of Analysis. Heck I would still be employed and looking at a nice pension.

        On the other hand I don’t have an ulcer. I am not knotted up in pain from tension and Most important I can look myself in the mirror.

  2. Disillusioned says:

    They’re shrewd – pulling out all the stops. To marginalize us, they bring an unthinking, token Republican (who bought into his offspring’s nonsense) with them – and on Twits-R-Us, Katie is trying to co-opt religious leaders into coming on board with AGW. To save the planet, of course.

    Gotta get uncle Pete on board during Easter dinner. These people have zero scruples. But what propagandist does?

  3. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    “We are seeing climate change happening here in DC right here, right now.”
    – Katherine Hayhoe

    Katherine, I challenge you:
    Take pictures of carbon pollution in DC with your cell phone.
    Take pictures of climate change happening in DC right here, right now.
    Post them on Twitter for all to see.
    Put up or shut up.

    • Andy DC says:

      A week ago (3/7), there were beautiful photos taken of the Potomac River in DC, no only covered bank to bank with ice, but also covered with several inches of snow. There is no past record of the Potomac being frozen/snow covered so late in the season during recorded history.

      That would clearly lead one to believe, if there is climate change in DC, it must be in the direction of cooling, not warming,

  4. emsnews says:

    It IS changing…getting colder.

  5. Dan W. says:

    Three questions, Katherine:
    (1) What are the 3 most indicators of climate change in Washington DC
    (2) How have these indicators trended over the past decade
    (3) What role does CO2 have in influencing these trends

    Question #1 is trouble for Katherine because she needs to select indicator that support her thesis but she cannot ignore significant indicators, like temperature, without looking like a fool

    Question #2 is trouble for Katherine because there is no trend of climate change, especially so for the lack of trend of it getting warmer.

    Question #3 is trouble for Katherine because without a trend of actual climate change any it is futile to blame CO2 for causing something that is not happening.

    These people are sincerely delusional.The danger is not that such people exist. It is that people with dangerous agendas are manipulating such delusion for their political and financial gain.

  6. QV says:

    A lie repeated often enough, becomes the truth.
    An what is worse, their propaganda has been so successful, they don’t even have to lie any more.

  7. tabnumlock says:

    My prediction for the next eco-crisis: Climatic Stagnation. The climate is stuck! $trillions must be spent to dislodge it before it’s too late!

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