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Another Useful Idiot From Merchants Of Doubt

One of the key players in Merchants of Doubt was a guy named Michael Shermer, who writes for Unscientific Antiamerican magazine. He claimed to be a converted former skeptic, based on finding out that glaciers are melting and sea level … Continue reading

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Beware The Ides Of March

The usual pack of morons has been hyping “record low winter ice extent” just in time to be humiliated again. The Arctic surge has begun. Over the next few days there will be a large increase in Arctic sea ice extent, … Continue reading

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More BS From Mikey

  2014 was the first year when there wasn’t any growth in CO2 emissions  – Michael Mann The trends for atmospheric CO2 haven’t changed at all. 2014 had one of the largest increases in atmospheric CO2 on record. Perhaps the plan … Continue reading

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Blind Faith Of The True Believers

“We are seeing climate change happening here in DC right here, right now.”   – Katherine Hayhoe No we aren’t. Temperatures in Virginia aren’t changing. The frequency of hot days in Virginia hasn’t changed The percentage of heavy rainfalls hasn’t … Continue reading

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Merchants Of Smear

I always sit in the front row at movie theaters. Been doing that since my days designing and installing theater sound systems circa 1984. Tonight I was rewarded by getting to sit next to the greatness of Mikey and Katie. The … Continue reading

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