What Would Edward Abbey Have Said?

Edward Abbey was a radical environmentalist author who had a lot of influence on me as a youth. Like me, he fought hard for protection of wilderness and wildlife habitat. He wrote fictional books about blowing up green energy projects like hydroelectric dams.


If he saw the wilderness destroying wildlife death traps that were being built by eco-criminals now in the name of the environment, he would be outraged.


The global warming scam has completely sucked the brains out of the environmental movement. I intend to take it back from these crooks, by exposing them.

I am a whistle blower.

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15 Responses to What Would Edward Abbey Have Said?

  1. Oliver Manuel says:

    The root of the problem, divergence of government science from reality in 1945, is explained in this one-page sequel to the AGW debate:


  2. Random thoughts
    $2.2 billion /140,000 households.
    Almost $16000 / household in capital cost. I wonder what maintainence and operations cost?
    May not run well at night …
    Where do they get the water for steam?
    There must be a lot of convection over the tower.

    • inMAGICn says:

      Re:convection. It would be interesting to see if the micro-climatological reasearch has been thorough. Talk about a heat island. Dry climate, but still…

  3. gator69 says:

    I had forgotten all about him, thanks for the reminder.

  4. inMAGICn says:

    Wach your back, they have already attacked your front.

  5. GeologyJim says:

    Anyone who admires “green” wind energy should be forced to live a month under the “wind farms” of San Gorgonio Pass, just west of Palm Springs. Looks and sounds like what Orson Wells depicted in the “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast.

    Wind farms remind me of old black-and-white photos of Signal Hill in Long Beach in the 1930s where every single square foot is occupied by a derrick, a pump-jack, a pipeline, or such. Not a tree in sight, atmosphere smogged by all manner of crap.

    We learned, we cleaned things up, and vast improvements were made. Unfortunately, we also coddled the creation of irrational, emotion-driven eco-nutcases who think the future of the world depends on reducing Substance X in air/water/food by one more fraction of a part-per-billion, regardless of cost.

    Well, the cost is human life and liberty.

    Recall General Jack D. Ripper in “Dr. Strangelove” who obsessed over feared contamination of his “Purity of Essence”. There’s your modern environmentalist – irrationally devoted to an unachievable ideal world, where the cost of PURITY is death for millions of impoverished, energy-starved, undernourished, uneducated people.

    • War of the Worlds is exactly what I think of driving on I-10. That place looks like hell on Earth. You expect to see bodies being spit out of the turbines.

      • GeologyJim says:

        We have the same reactions because we’ve shared many of the same experiences/images/narratives – viewed from similar background/training in Logic, Reason, Scientific Method, Rationality.

        Alarmists are from Venus

    • Byron says:

      The “Purity of Essence” thing always reminds me of the “carbon free food” brainfart that the carbophobes have come up with like this one :

      How is C12H22O11 ever going to be carbon free and still be sucrose ? Only a matter of time before some zealot tries to achieve “Purity of Essence” by actually excluding “evil” carbon from their diet for real .

  6. D. Self says:

    And now my State Governor wants to switch to wind and natural gas. Good God! This man has lost his mind. That’s all we need is more ugly bird/bat killing machines!

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