Racist Taunts In The Classroom

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Ellicott City Assembly Of God

After church I was talking to my friend from Trinidad and Tobago this morning, who quit her job in the Baltimore Schools because she was constantly being subjected to racist taunts and other abuse from black teenagers.

They told her to “go back to her shack in Africa” called her a “lesbian” “bitch” “ugly” and threatened her.  This went on day after day until she couldn’t take it any more. She said that it made her very sad that she had to look for a job in a white classroom, in order to avoid racist taunts from people of her own color.

This goes on all the time in the schools, and no mention in the press – because the kids are black. But white kids sing a song in private, and the press and White House make a full court press to destroy their lives. The worst form of racism is the type promoted by Obama – having different standards for different ethnic groups.

Martin O’Malley brags about how he “fixed” Baltimore. They have one of the worst school systems and drug abuse problems in the country. Look for him to start ramping up his lies and self-promotion to Obama levels.

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28 Responses to Racist Taunts In The Classroom

  1. gator69 says:

    I worked in a primarily black office for about 8 years, and the way they talked about Africans would make George Wallace blush. Apparently the darker you are the less desirable you are in black culture.

    Most of what was said I cannot repeat, but it was fun to hear black women talk about how terrible black women act when given authority, and the fact that blacks can’t ever have anything nice in black neighborhoods because their neighbors will either steal it or burn it down.

    I just sat and quietly explained my Libertarian views, making many friends and converts. By the time I left that job, my coworkers were encouraging me to run for office, saying they would vote for me.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Many Baltimore neighborhoods look like the absolute worst cesspools you would ever find in a third world country. Buidings, roads and sidewalks literally crumbling, not to mention drugs, murder and other crime. If O’Malley has “fixed” Baltimore, I would hate to think about what he would do for the rest of the country, if the unthinkable happened and he were elected President.

    • Jason Calley says:

      The one undeniable truth is that Africans are the world’s experts at creating Africas. If you moved a bunch of Scandanavians into a neighborhood, enough to make an unassimilated majority, it would, over time, begin to be more and more like a little bit of Scandanavia. Same with Japanese, or Germans, or Mexicans, or Africans. Look at any city in the US that has become populated by predominantly African peoples, and you will find that as the population shifts the culture and infrastructure becomes more African.

      Note that I have constructed the previous paragraph in a totally judgement free way. You are free to decide whether such changes are good, bad, or indifferent.

      • hannuko says:

        I’ve been wondering recently about this. They claim that the culture we live in determines our behavior. What if that is not true? What if it is mostly our genes that affect our behavior, and that the collective behavior of all those living in our society determines our culture?

        We just had an incident where a gang of finnish-born teenage somalis raped a random native Finnish woman on the street. In the court they confessed to having sex with her, but all claimed she wanted it and that therefore it was not a rape.

        Never mind there were several people witnessing the incident.

        They were born in Finland. They grew up in Finland. They went to Finnish schools like everyone else. They spoke Finnish. They had hobbies like soccer, in groups consisting mostly of ethnic Finns. On paper at least they should have been extremely well integrated into Finnish society. Yet they thought it was quite ok to gang-rape someone just because she might have looked them in the eye on the bus. And they weren’t even drunk or high!

        Following the incident there was a report on the media that for some reason immigrants from Africa and from the Middle-East seem to be raping women 12 times more than native Finns – even after taking into account thing like socio-economic status, age distribution, educational background, etc.

        Maybe a behavior like that is indeed in the genes? What if fixing those areas of the world would require replacing the entire population?

        It would be quite depressing.

        • gator69 says:

          We have the same problem here, but I attribute it to the culture, and not genetics. But I could be wrong.

        • Hannuko,

          I think the key is in your second paragraph: “gang of finnish-born teenage somalis”. I understand your points about integration but there clearly is enough that is separating them, otherwise there would be no “Somali gangs”. My money is on culture, regardless of the efforts of the Finnish society.

          Remember, Jihadi John speaks perfect upper-class English.

        • Gail Combs says:


          The blacks were doing farly well in the USA. During the 1930s depression the employment rate of blacks was actually higher than for whites.

          Then we got FDR, minimum wage and all the other “goodies’ that made blacks dependent on the government and NOT on a husband/family.


        • TomE says:

          As you said they may be Finnish by passport but they are Somali Muslim males by culture. I have read that Sweden has the highest rape rate in the world and it is the same cause by the same people except they have Swedish passports. If European culture wants to survive, the leaders will have to face the negative aspects of Muslim male dominated culture which looks upon women as servile sex objects. The sexual grooming of young white girls in Great Britain by Pakistania Muslim males is the same culture just from a different section of the Muslim world.

  3. Envy is one hell of drug.

  4. Mat Helm says:

    My generic answer when asked if I’m a racist is “Yes”……. “I luv racing”….

  5. Bob123 says:

    There is no defending what occurred in Oklahoma, However, I do agree that that that the outrage is typically one sided.

    • There is no defending the reaction to what occurred in Oklahoma.

      • gator69 says:

        Yes, none whatsoever.

        ‘Neighbor’ Invades Woman’s Home – Rape – Murder

        “Cotton lives with his mother and her husband just a few houses away”

        Dartangan Cotton, 20,…overcome with a sexual obsession to rape his next door neighbor, broke into her home (or made up a ruse to get in). Once inside, Cotton attacked the woman, tied her hands behind her , then raped her. After the rape, Cotton beat the woman to death.
        Victim: Paula Martin, 56

  6. Latitude says:

    Gets me why any race or group of people would go out of their way….to draw attention to their flaws

  7. Anthony S says:

    And yet, according to leftist ideology, black people can’t be racist.

    Racism equals prejudice plus power, so only white people can be racist?
    Critical Race Theorists reject the dictionary definition of racism and use this instead: “racism = prejudice + power”

    • rah says:

      They have to. Otherwise they would have to admit that AA is institutionalized and government condoned and in some cases mandated and sponsored racism. And they would have to admit that the most racist race in this country are the blacks.

    • Jason Calley says:

      One more example of literal insanity from the left. The illogic is clear to a second grade student — but not to a so-called “Progressive”! These people are insane. Their minds do not function rationally.

  8. Latitude says:

    ..and all this time I thought it was an ISIS plot to make the local color look bad


  9. Tel says:

    The worst form of racism is the type promoted by Obama – having different standards for different ethnic groups.

    Very true. If you are going to have rules, they must apply to everyone, no special government imposed privilege.

  10. inMAGICn says:

    When I was in Central Africa, the locals told Pygmy jokes. Were they racist?

  11. markstoval says:

    In the 60s and 70s we thought we were working towards a color blind society. Then government got in the way and created one of the most racist societies ever. But you can’t call most of the racists by the term racist even though that is what they are — because of the group they are in.

    So the State keeps various groups separated. Divided. Mad at each other rather than the evil that is the State itself.

    Divide and conquer. That should be a slogan or something.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey markstoval! “In the 60s and 70s we thought we were working towards a color blind society.”

      I absolutely know what you mean. As teenagers in the 1960s and young adults during the 1970s my brother and I both had such high hopes for the coming color-blind USA. Living in the south we took a lot of heat for that, especially from relatives. After we moved up north we took a lot of heat for that — especially with relatives! After we moved to the north (Indiana) I was in a high school that was about 50% white, 50% black. I had lots of friends, some white, some black. On multiple occasions I saw (personally, with my own eyes) my black friends being taunted by the other not-so-bright black students. “Whatcha got there, what’s that book? Algebra?! What, you tryin’ to be white or somethin’? You think you’re special, huh? Who the hell you think YOU are, huh?” There absolutely was a strong force in black culture to bring down the black students who were doing their best to learn. I have seen the same thing in white culture, but only from the really deep white trash… Horrifically disappointing. The truth is what we have been doing for the last half century has not only not worked, but in many ways black culture is worse off than ever. In many black communities the rate of births outside of wedlock is well over 70%. How can a child grow up well without a father? Possible — but very difficult and unlikely. This https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=cJ8ZDrCkz2A is what passes for black culture. NSFW!

      Fifty years, and things could have been so much better.

      • gator69 says:

        In the back community it is over 72% now, where once it was less than 15%. The Fed has done everything they can to destroy families, and it has impacted the black community the most. My mother would not have fared well raising my brother and me without my father’s stern hand. Families matter.

  12. cheshirered says:

    The Wire.
    That’s enough of Baltimore for me.

  13. TomE says:

    Baltimore is just one small example of the ruin that prevails in the black ghetto community. Read “White Girls Bleed a Lot”, and “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry”, if you want a real feel for how much the racial situation in this country had deteriorated. It is frightening and depressing.

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