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Progressives Sign Up For Dhimmitude

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St Patrick’s Day, 1936

On St. Patty’s Day, 1936 most of the Eastern US was underwater. The water at Pittsburgh was 46 feet deep.  My grandfather was rescued from downtown Pittsburgh by boat. Floodwaters threatened the Capitol Building and White House. 20 Mar 1936 … Continue reading

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Climate Progress In Syria

Syria is becoming a Joe Biden green Nirvana, with the electricity turned off. Other than burning human bodies, they have greatly reduced their greenhouse gas emissions. It is always Earth Hour in Syria

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Blaming Skeptics For The Weather

During the 16th century, 30,000 people were burned at the stake as witches, accused of “cooking the weather.” Progressives like Naomi Oreskes and Barack Obama have reverted to that 16th century mentality, blaming the weather on climate skeptics. The US is … Continue reading


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One Scam They Want Us To Forget

The climate scum spent years pimping the Antarctic Peninsula as the “fastest warming place on Earth” and telling us that a crack in the Larsen Ice Shelf meant doom for the planet. Well, that region is actually the fastest cooling … Continue reading

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If You Want A Liar, Don’t Hire A Geologist

In 1983, I was working on the Safety Analysis Report for the Department of Energy’s nuclear waste disposal site in southeastern New Mexico. My job was doing modeling of groundwater flow around the site, to asses the risk of contamination … Continue reading

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Gaia Continues Her Arctic Revenge

After three years of nothing but bad news for Arctic alarmists, they got all excited about  a couple of  days of wind compacting Arctic sea ice, and started a “lowest winter ice extent ever” circle jerk. The Arctic surge began immediately after that, … Continue reading

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The Racism Never Ends With Progressives

If a black teen is shot by a white policeman, progressives know that it is automatically a racist act If white cops gets shot by a black teen, the press won’t even mention it. If Middle East Muslims rape white girls, … Continue reading

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California Whistleblower Gets Fired For Exposing Fraudulent Environmental Science

California relies on fake environmental studies, and fired a whistle blower for calling them out. One UCLA science researcher, a 34-year veteran of the school, found himself out of a job in 2011 after examining the data underlying diesel regulations … Continue reading

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If You Want A Liar, Don’t Hire An Engineer

In 2002 I did a short stint as a technology director for a computing company in Bristol, UK. I was working to sell their product to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (Trenberth’s organization) in Boulder, when I did some analysis … Continue reading

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