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For Progressives, No Lie Is Too Big To Retain Power

Ezra Klein says that “we’re on pace to blow through two degrees warming” and that he wants Al Gore to be president to stop that. Al Gore should run for president – Vox Actual measurements of the Earth’s troposphere show … Continue reading

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3:45 PM

England’s last hope in the Champions League travels to Camp Nou at 3:45 eastern time. Good luck with that! Then the pride of England will lie on a different blue team in the Europa league.

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Arctic Surge Continues

Sea ice is above normal on the Atlantic side, with a large excess in Baffin Bay and around Newfoundland. The only deficiency is in the Sea of Okhotsk, which is just north of Japan and is not in the Arctic … Continue reading

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Obama’s Israeli Coup Has Failed

Netanyahu has demonstrated that Obama can be beaten by a person of strong intellect, character and will. Unfortunately the Republican leadership in the US doesn’t have anyone who matches that description.

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Has The Coup Already Happened?

President Obama has demonstrated that he can do anything he wants, violate the US Constitution at will, and the Republican Congress will not stop him. He has the full support of the press for any and all illegal actions. Hillary … Continue reading

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“Rush for renewable energy has been ‘most expensive policy disaster in modern British history”

 Green targets ‘cost £214 a year’ | Daily Mail Online

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Experts Seek Absolute Consensus

The fake 97% consensus for their junk science isn’t enough. Now they seek absolute consensus. http://insideclimatenews.org/news/16032015/could-absolute-consensus-global-warming-come-suitcase

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Excellent Read Debunking Hayhoe Style Junk Science

An excellent read explaining how evangelical junk science hurts poor people. http://www.christianpost.com/news/is-fighting-global-warming-the-solution-to-water-shortages-in-kenya-or-elsewhere-135795/

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