World Leaders Calling Obama For Assistance

Following the Israeli elections, world leaders facing close re-election bids are queuing up to get White House endorsement of their opponents.

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11 Responses to World Leaders Calling Obama For Assistance

  1. jeez says:

    Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t comment here again, but I must commend you on this. Pretty F##$%^ funny.

  2. Latitude says:


  3. Phil Jones says:

    They should have sent more operatives to Israel, bussed in more Arabs …. And spent more State Department Money upending this Warmonger Netanyahu … And supporting our peaceful Muslim Allies in Iran, Hamas… ISIS… Etc…

  4. Ri-chard says:

    Always remember, it is not the members of the BRICS or the 112 nations following them that is asking for an Obama endorsement.

  5. Streetcred says:

    Obama sent his political advisors to Australia to help the socialists in the last general election … the socialists got served a real kicking … and turfed out, but you wouldn’t think so given their attitudes now that they’re in opposition.

  6. lance says:

    Please help Trudeau!!

  7. darrylb says:

    lets see what the pres does now. He said he would work equally with either of the candidates. 🙂

  8. gator69 says:

    Chris is crying in his oatmeal, and Hoping for more bird shredders.

  9. nielszoo says:

    I guess Israel doesn’t have a Cook County to “adjust” the vote tallies.

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