The Rise Of Fascism

Obama promised to remove politics from science, and has done the exact opposite. He is openly targeting skeptics and attempting to force his political will on the science community.

When Bush was president, climate alarmists complained bitterly that Bush told Hansen to limit his language to established science during his 4,000 or so media interviews. (In Merchants of Doubt, Hansen said that he was shy and didn’t like attention.)

The same climate alarmists now are targeting, threatening and harassing skeptical scientists and journalists, and doing everything they can to silence dissent.


The free press and open debate was established for a critically important reason. Climate alarmists are the new fascists.

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30 Responses to The Rise Of Fascism

  1. omanuel says:

    I would call it fascist communism. I see the same lock-step group thinking in United States today that I saw in the old USSR in 1980.

  2. R. de Haan says:

    Call it what you want. Communists, Fascists, Eco Freaks. the point is they are total idiots. They are insane. They all deserve a place in the secure section of a mental institution, steel doors, straight Jancket and 3.300 PPM CO2 included.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    It is tyranny. The only real differences are slave vs free. We in the USA are now slaves.

    2009– Year of the Slave: You are a slave. You probably do not realize it, but you are.

    Movies and public school like to portray slaves as bound by chains and beaten with whips, creating a polarized image of slavery that can be pointed to with the comment, “You are not like that, therefore you are not a slave.” But history shows that slaves have been treated in all manner of ways….

    So, what is a slave? How do we define a slave? What test do we use to tell if someone is a slave. What makes them different from free people?

    Free people can say “no”. Free people can refuse demands for their money, time, and children. Slaves cannot. There is no freedom without the freedom to say “no”. If someone demands that you do something and you can say “no” and refuse to do it, then you are a free human being. If you can be forced to do something or surrender something that you do not wish to, then you are a slave. No other test need be applied.

    Freedom is the freedom to say “no.”

    When you are forced to surrender half your life’s work to the government in ever-increasing taxes, then you are a slave. Throughout history, slaves were expected to perform the work needed for their own upkeep, then perform additional work for the rulers. For Roman slaves, the ratio of work-for-self versus work-for-rulers was about 50-50. The same ratio applied to Medieval Serfs, and even to the slaves of the American south. And, when you add up all the overt taxes, covert fees, tariffs, excises, plus the increased price you pay for products to pay the taxes of the companies that make those products, you will find that Americans are at that same “half-for-self” versus “half-for-rulers” ratio! Can you say “no” to the confiscation of half of your life? Can you even get the masters to maybe reduce the burden by a significant amount? No? Congratulations. You are a slave…..

    When I did the calculation back in 1989, I was paying 64.5% of my income in overt taxes. That does not count the 151 Taxes in a Loaf of Bread

    So those of us who work are giving up 60, 70, 80% of our lives working for the government. And that doesn’t include the work we do for banks paying directly or indirectly for mortgages/loans on housing, vehicles, credit cards, student loans and even indirectly corporate loans. Fraudulent loans created out of fairy dust.

    However the Elite are not satisfied with squeezing wealth out of us. Now they want to micro-manage our lives.

    Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals. —- C.S. Lewis

    • Jason Calley says:

      A few months back I was talking with a so-called “Progressive” relative. I told him “Look, we are both against slavery, right?”
      “Yes, absolutely.”
      “Making someone work for you without his consent is wrong. The US government runs up massive debt that will never be paid back in our lifetime. How is it not slavery when we use services that our grandkids will be forced to pay back?”
      At this point he got actually angry. “How DARE you! How DARE you call that slavery!THAT is not slavery! That money pays for infrastructure, for ways of making this country prosperous! People in the future are benefiting from those investments. It is only fair that they help pay for them!”
      That pretty well stopped me from responding. What’s the point?

      Well…. I guess any day now all that prosperity is going to kick in. It may look like our debt is getting more and more astronomical every day, it may look like our bridges are falling apart, but no, that is just your lying eyes. Any day now all that prosperity and kumbayah is going to show up and won’t all future generations be proud of what wise decisions we made before they were born?

    • R. de Haan says:

      You’re totally right. Great set of arguments hitting the nail right on the head.

      Now we have entered the phase where all our institutional infrastructure is broken down, thanks to years of QE and now negative interest rates that spike delfation and destroy the assets of pension funds, banks, insurance companies. They all get wrecked.
      Without insurance there is no private property. Just think about it.
      They are pushing for a similtanious Global Meltdown. After that the only institution able to introduce a new financial system will be the bloody IMF.

      Putin with his alternative IMF and alternative Swift together with China and Brazil have already NATO allies knocking at their door for a membership.

      This means war. Nothing more, nothing less and because the conventional fighting power of the Western European forces has been eradicated by decades of whole sale inventory and neglect the inevitable result is an incredible high risk for nuclear escalation in case of a confrontation with Russia.
      With high priority targets all over the place and no substantial landmass Europe has become one of the most dangerous locations to stay.

      We’ve not only lost our freedom but also our security.

      Just asen your seat belts.

      The really rough ride just has started.

      I’m out of here.

    • DD More says:

      2 Quotes for you Gail

      “Secrecy is the keystone to all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy and censorship. When any government or church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, “This you may not read, this you must not know,” the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man who has been hoodwinked in this fashion; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, whose mind is free. No, not the rack nor the atomic bomb, not anything. You can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

      “I came, I saw, she conquered.”
      The original Latin seems to have been garbled.”
      ― Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

  4. tabnumlock says:

    To be fair, fascism works much, much better than Communism. Under Communism, the Chinese starved. Under fascism/nationalism, they dominate the world, economically. Very few people flee fascist countries (except a few Communists) and they don’t have to build walls around themselves. Their govt’s are quiet popular and are usually only ever overthrown from the outside, by those who fear and envy them (not so much a problem in the nuclear age).

    The Chinese really need to take down those statues of Mao and put up some of the true founder of their economic and political system, Mussolini.

    And yes, fascists tend to ban Communist books but fascist books are banned in Europe today, as they are in all of the West outside of the US.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Tab, good post.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Some would argue with that.

      Inflation Calls BS on the China “Miracle”

      However I will agree that if you have been living under Communism, Fascism looks great.

      Also the reason China has done so well is Bill Clinton GAVE them our technology and our Industry. Clinton got China into the World Trade Organization. The WTO made sure the USA could not put up trade barriers (import duties) to level the playing field. So ‘Free Trade’ means that American companies could take their industry to China and not only take advantage of the low labor and tax costs but pollute without regard to US type regulations. They then could sell the products in the USA without paying tariffs. A TAX lose for the USA both coming and going. No tarrifs, no corporate tax and no employee tax as the real unemployment rate shoots to 22%.

      Chasing the Dragon: Clinton’s China Policy

      Do you think Clinton was working for the USA or the Communists?

      He also signed the five banking laws that caused the housing market collapse


      The McFadden Act of 1927 or Amendment to the National Banking Laws and the Federal Reserve Act (P.L. 69-639, 44 STAT. 1224): Prohibited interstate banking.

      Law: Negating above:
      Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994
      (P.L. 103-328, 108 STAT. 2338).
      Permits bank holding companies to acquire banks in any state one year Beginning June 1, 1997, allows interstate mergers.

      The Glass-Steagall Act or Banking Act of 1933 (P.L. 73-66, 48 STAT. 162): Separated commercial banking from investment banking, establishing them as separate lines of commerce.

      Bank Holding Company Act of 1956 (P.L. 84-511, 70 STAT. 133): Prohibited bank holding companies headquartered in one state from acquiring a bank in another state.

      Law: Negating both of the above laws:
      Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999
      (P.L. 106-102, 113 STAT 1338)
      Repeals last vestiges of the Glass Steagall Act of 1933. Modifies portions of the Bank Holding Company Act to allow affiliations between banks and insurance underwriters. Law creates a new financial holding company authorized to engage in: underwriting and selling insurance and securities, conducting both commercial and merchant banking, investing in and developing real estate and other “complimentary activities.”

      Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act of 1991 (P.L. 102-242, 105 STAT. 2236).
      Also known as FDICIA. FDICIA [b]greatly increased the powers and authority of the FDIC. Major provisions recapitalized the Bank Insurance Fund and [b]allowed the FDIC to strengthen the fund by borrowing from the Treasury.

      Housing and Community Development Act of 1992 (P.L. 102-550, 106 STAT. 3672).

      RTC Completion Act[/b] (P.L. 103-204, 107 STAT. 2369):
      implement provisions designed to improve the agency’s record in providing business opportunities to minorities and women.. Expands the existing affordable housing programs of the RTC and the FDIC by broadening the potential affordable housing stock of the two agencies.
      Increases the statute of limitations on RTC civil lawsuits. In cases in which the statute of limitations has expired, claims can be revived for fraud and intentional misconduct resulting in unjust enrichment or substantial loss to the thrift.

      The Source was (wwwDOT)fdic(DOT) gov/regulations/laws/important/index.html

  5. gator69 says:

    From burning books, to burying blogs and losing hard drives.

    Only the technology changes.

  6. chick20112011 says:

    Listened to TWC a bit ago. re: California drought=>Country drought. Not one word (if I heard correctly) in discussion about California, about the Smelt causing water withholding.

  7. Gail Combs says:

    Jason Calley says: “A few months back I was talking with a so-called “Progressive” relative. I told him “Look, we are both against slavery, right?”
    …… “How DARE you! How DARE you call that slavery! THAT is not slavery! That money pays for infrastructure, for ways of making this country prosperous! “

    Jason, better tell your relative to hold onto his hat looks like we are in for a wild ride and prosperity will not be a part of it..

    As I said in my last comment Clinton exported US industry to China. Next the BRICS countries amassed gold and set up their own International Development Bank. I mentioned this a couple years ago.

    Here is one of the stories: CIA Insider Leaks Evidence of China Gold “Smuggling” “This secret stockpile would amount to more than 10% of all government-owned gold in the world, all by itself.”

    With the gold as banking the BRICS countries are challenged the US Dollar as reserve currency and the IMF and World Bank.

    The BRICS nations have decided to fund their development bank with $100 billion. The reserves are aimed at financing joint development ventures, and are set to rival the dominance of the World Bank and the IMF…

    One of the aims of course is to get a foot in the door in Africa and S. America to exploit the natural resources.

    Australia made a trade deal with China bypassing the US dollar a year or so ago. Now the UK, <a href=""Germany, Italy and France Defy US to Join China-Led Development Bank

    A growing economy and trillions in reserves make China the new popular kid on the block…

    France, Germany and Italy have all agreed to follow Britain’s lead and join a China-led international development bank, according to European officials, delivering a blow to US efforts to keep leading western countries out of the new institution.

    The decision by the three European governments comes after Britain announced last week that it would join the $50bn Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a potential rival to the Washington-based World Bank.

    Australia, a key US ally in the Asia-Pacific region which had come under pressure from Washington to stay out of the new bank, has also said that it will now rethink that position….


    • Gail Combs says:

      Why is this significant?

      Two reasons. The first is China hates our guts. China’s 100 Years of Humiliation

      The second is the possibility of hyper-inflation.

      The USA more than doubled the money supply since Obummer took office. The USA did not see the resulting dollar devaluation (inflation) because we exported it.

      The Latest American Export: Inflation
      Jan. 18, 2011 12:01 a.m. ET

      In 2010, prices rose by more than 5% in major emerging markets such as China, Brazil and Indonesia.

      What do the years 1971, 2003 and 2010 have in common? In each year, low U.S. interest rates and the expectation of dollar depreciation led to massive “hot” money outflows from the U.S. and world-wide inflation. And in all three cases, foreign central banks intervened heavily to buy dollars to prevent their currencies from appreciating.

      When central banks issue base money to buy dollars, domestic interest rates are forced down and domestic inflationary pressure is generated. Primary commodity prices go up quickly…

      Needless to say this P.O. China and other countries who are now retaliating.

      2012/05/08 John Williams of Shadow Stat: The Real Unemployment Rate: 22%−Not 8.1% The coming fiscal cliff: hyperinflation on track for 2014

      I think he is off by a year or two but his predictions are probably a lot better than Hansen’s. {:>D

      Hyperinflation has been up for discussion for a while.

      April 8, 2011 What are the preconditions for Hyperinflation?
      …So, hyperinflation has very specific preconditions that are not apparent in the U.S..

      1. No foreign currency liability: The U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency so the U.S. can pay for trade goods in U.S. dollars. The U.S. does not have a peg to gold or some other currency which acts as a de facto foreign currency liability. And the U.S. government has substantially no foreign currency liabilities. All of the debt is issued in domestic currency.

      With this direct challenge to the USD as the world’s reserve currency plus the US trade deficit with China this is no longer true. Remember Gadhafi tried to quit selling Libyan oil in U.S. dollars — demanding payment instead in gold-backed dinars, so the Elite took him out. China is a wee bit too big to try that with.

      2. Price pressures are still anchored: While commodity prices are rising, they are rising in all currencies, not just in USD. Moreover, their rise will create demand destruction before any hyperinflation could occur. Why? Unemployment is high and capacity utilization is low, meaning there are no inflationary pressures on that front to help push inflation higher before demand destruction sets in.

      Again not entirely true. The unemployment is there but food stamps and other freebies to some extent negate the effect.

      U.S. Food Inflation Spiraling Out of Control (
      “The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) today released their Producer Price Index (PPI) report for March 2010 and the latest numbers are shocking. Food prices for the month rose by 2.4%, its sixth consecutive monthly increase and the largest jump in over 26 years. NIA believes that a major breakout in food inflation could be imminent, similar to what is currently being experienced in India…. On October 30th, 2009, NIA predicted that inflation would appear next in food and agriculture, but we never anticipated that it would spiral so far out of control this quickly.”

      3. Currency revulsion has not set in: Tax compliance is high in the U.S. We are not talking about Russia, Greece or Argentina where government has had a difficult time in raising tax. Moreover, as the USD is still the world’s reserve currency, there has been no freefall sell off of dollars, nor do I anticipate any in the near-to-medium term.

      In short, there will be no hyperinflation in the U.S. any time soon. As to fiat money and the need for a new world order, that is a separate topic to take up at a later date…

      Tax compliance may have been high in the past but it has been steadily deteriorating. Bartering and hoarding of dollars has also increased.

      $2 Trillion US Underground Economy Is the Free Market Striking Back?

      $2 Trillion Underground Economy May Be Recovery’s Savior … Estimates are that underground activity last year totaled as much as $2 trillion. The growing underground economy may be helping to prevent the real economy from sinking further, according to analysts. The shadow economy is a system composed of those who can’t find a full-time or regular job. Workers turn to anything that pays them under the table, with no income reported and no taxes paid. “I think the underground economy is quite big in the U.S.,” said Alexandre Padilla, associate professor of economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. “Whether it’s using undocumented workers or those here legally, it’s pretty large.”….

      September 7, 2014 Report: It’s YOUR Fault: Fed Says Americans Who “Hoard Money” Are To Blame For Poor Economy

      Despite arguments to the contrary from the Obama administration, mounting evidence suggests that the U.S. economy is rapidly falling back into negative growth territory. More Americans are out of the workforce than ever before, median household incomes are at levels not seen since 1967, and consumer spending is coming to a veritable standstill. The crisis is apparently so significant that a Federal Reserve governor recently said U.S. policymakers are crafting regulations that will force bank depositors to cover any losses should their financial institutions fail.

      The question that many are asking is, how did this happen? How, after six years of recovery efforts and trillions of dollars printed, is it possible that the economy is not booming again?

      This week the Federal Reserve published a report that claims to have figured it out and it turns out that the renewed economic downturn has nothing to do with foreign outsourcing, high taxation, increased health care costs for business or rising consumer prices for food and energy.

      No, according to the Fed it is your fault. Apparently, you are not spending enough money. In order for the economy to recover you need to stop hoarding cash now and get out there and start buying more homes, cars, vacations, and electronics. Otherwise, you’ll only have yourself to blame when the system comes unhinged…. (wwwDOT)

      • Jason Calley says:

        Hey Gail! Great post, and yes, we pretty much agree on the macroeconomics of what is happening. Very few people seem to understand about how the US exports it’s inflation overseas. One reason why so much of the US law has been used to shut down business here in the US while helping other countries to grow, is to facilitate that inflation export. Just as a made up example, if China grows 10% in a year and we export inflation (by our huge balance of trade deficit paid for with IOUs) equivalent to 5% a year, but the Chinese still experience an overall positive growth. They experience positive growth, and so they keep producing and selling for IOUs, while US factories and jobs disappear. Meanwhile,the cost of goods from China stays so low that most people here in the US still make ends meet. And the US politicians and bankers? They get to spend massive amounts of money. Wheeeee! It is a fine game of musical chairs until the music stops and the US has to pay the piper.

        I don’t blame the Chinese. They have worked their butts off and taken the long view. They are moving into Africa and South America, who are already upset at being, uh, “serviced” so well by the IMF and the World Bank. I admire the Chinese people — but we have been at economic war with them for decades and our leaders (both parties) have orchestrated the strip mining of this nation while they lined their own pockets. The only good news is that if we are going to be at war, I would much rather it be economic than nuclear. Sigh…

        That last bit you posted, “It’s YOUR Fault: Fed Says Americans Who “Hoard Money” Are To Blame For Poor Economy”… (shaking my head) That is so stupid, it barely even qualifies as wrong. I am reminded of a certain young man who once lectured me about “the paradox of thrift.” That was in late fall of 2008, when he assured me that the massive infusion of funds by the Treasury and the Fed would snap us right out of that nasty fiscal crash we had just experienced.

  8. dom says:

    Thanks for all these posts, and Gail, thanks for sharing your info!

    The environment where people can openly-express their individual and/or a group’s collective “options” without being tried, convicted, and executed in public opinion, has already been eliminated (meanwhile a madam secretary can have her own server……).

    All the recent hoopla about Obama maligning Israeli Prime Minister clearly illustrates how all lovers of liberty have already been maligned, and how that same Prime Minister was on the same side of liberty all along…..most of my family and ALL of my former friends laughed at me in 2008 when I told them this would happen.

    Easy to see how enough people (their momentum) actually think we are on the right track; their track, and it leads to the New World Order.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I have been trying to get this information out since 2004. At least now people are starting to wake up. Whether it is too little too late remains to be seen.

  9. Mike says:

    Democratic Socialists believe Political Ideology IS Science. Break out your Marx, Lenin, Stalin… Mao.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Here you go, Marx/Hegel Philosophy

      There is no reality except within the human mind. This is the adult version of “…. close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself….”

      Unfortunately the brain dead products of our Progressive School Systems believe it.

      Think about it.

      WHY do the Progressives throw a hissy-fit over someone applying the palm of the hand to the bottom of a misbehaving child?

      Why do they now call yelling at a child ‘Child Abuse’

      Because they do not want the child to learn cause and effect! Wrap the child up in cotton and he will never really learn about reality. This is why they hate rural America. They know we can distinguish B.S. from reality.

  10. richard says:

    Yep, the TEMP STAZI are now in control of all temperature data.

  11. Anto says:

    In Merchants of Doubt, Hansen said that he was shy and didn’t like attention.

    Seriously, that guy couldn’t lie straight in a coffin.

  12. Mr Twister says:

    Being removed from Google!
    Michael Crichtons essay on the “politicisation of science”

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