Mindless BS From Holthaus Continues

Eric Holthaus blames damage from a cyclone on global warming

ScreenHunter_1291 Mar. 19 21.00

Just like 1898 and 1780.

ScreenHunter_194 Nov. 10 21.06

Published: November 13, 1898

Results in the Island of St. Vincent Worse Than Reported.

Distress of the People Described as • Exceeding That Caused by the Great Famine in India.

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Nov. 2.—The results of calm investigation have proved conclusively that so far from being exaggerated the first reports of the destruction wrought by the cyclone at St. Vincent were rather short of the actual facts. The island was literally swept absolutely bare of vegetation, the experience of 1780 being repeated, but the full extent of the devastation was not at first realized, owing to the difficulty of communication through the destruction of the roads and the coastal shipping.

The Governor of the Windward Islands has now sent out an appeal to the neighboring islands stating the facts, and asking that roots, slips, and seeds of potatoes, cassava, yams, peas, and ‘other economic plants be forwarded as soon as possible to enable cultivation to be restored. His Excellency declares in a brief but significant descriptive paragraph that the whole aspect of the landscape has been changed. Instead of the pervading green common to all tropical prospects, it is now a uniform dirty brown color, only relieved by long white poles—the decapitated columns of palm and cocoanut trees. Nothing in the way of vegetation escaped the sweep of the wind and the subsequent scouring out by the deluge of water, and the island is practically a desert.

Perhaps the most Impressive feature, the Governor adds, is the absolute stillness that prevails not only through the absence of the familiar rustle of vegetation as the trade wind sweeps over it, but-also because of the absence of animal and even insect life. Birds, lizards, beetles, snakes, and, in fact, every form of animal life, seems to have been blown away or drowned out.

Copyright © The New York Times

THE WEST INDIAN STORM – Results in the Island of St. Vincent Worse Than Reported. WHOLE COUNTRY SWEPT BARE Distress of the People Described as Exceeding That Caused by the Great Famine in India. – View Article – NYTimes.com

Is Eric shameless, ignorant, or both?

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38 Responses to Mindless BS From Holthaus Continues

  1. gator69 says:

    Tell Eric to closely monitor that island, it could capsize at any moment!

  2. MrX says:

    They should be happy that it’s not Global Warming. But they seem VERY upset when you inform them of the good news. Almost as if they want the planet to be doomed. Like they have another agenda or something.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      “I’d like the world to warm up quicker.” -Phil Jones, Climategate Email (to Ben Santer 1/10/2008 http://www.ecowho.com/foia.php?file=3408.txt)
      “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” -Maurice Strong, ex UNEP Director
      “We have wished, we ecofreaks, for a disaster… to bomb us into the stone age, where we might live like Indians.” -Stewart Brand, Whole Earth Catalogue

      • Gail Combs says:

        You forgot the most significant ones.
        “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” – Ted Turner, founder of CNN and founder of the UN Foundation.

        Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation said “We’ve got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy.”

        This is the same Timothy Wirth who organized the 1988 Senate hearing at which James Hansen addressed global warming. Wirth led the U.S. negotiating team at the Kyoto Summit.

        These are his words about how he scammed Congress:

        …Believe it or not, we called the Weather Bureau and found out what historically was the hottest day of the summer…

        …. Dukakis was trying to get an edge on various things and was looking for spokespeople, and two or three of us became sort of the flacks out on the stump for Dukakis, making the separation between what Democratic policy and Republican policy ought to be. So it played into the presidential campaign in the summer of ’88 as well….

        So a number of things came together…

        … What we did it was went in the night before and opened all the windows, I will admit, right? So that the air conditioning wasn�t working inside the room and so when the, when the hearing occurred there was not only bliss, which is television cameras in double figures, but it was really hot. …

        So Hansen’s giving this testimony, you’ve got these television cameras back there heating up the room, and the air conditioning in the room didn’t appear to work. So it was sort of a perfect collection of events that happened that day, with the wonderful Jim Hansen, who was wiping his brow at the witness table and giving this remarkable testimony. …

        • Eric Simpson says:

          Wirth is worthless. “We have to undertake an aggressive program to go after those who are among the deniers.” -the worthless Tim Wirth, 2011
          As far as the Jane Fonda loving Ted Turner, add this to the pot: “Global warming will kill most of us, and turn the rest of us into cannibals.” -Ted Turner

        • Gail Combs says:

          Eric Simpson says: “Wirth is worthless…”


          Actually he is not worthless. Wirth was very useful to those betraying Main Street America. Wirth and the other traitors, Hansen, Gore and Clinton got the US Congress to ratify the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 21/03/94. It was signed 12/06/92.

          Remember Dr Happer was fired by Al Gore when Clinton was trying to get that UN treaty ratified.

          “I had the privilege of being fired by Al Gore, since I refused to go along with his alarmism. I did not need the job that badly,” Happer said this week. Happer is a Professor at the Department of Physics at Princeton University and former Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy from 1990 to 1993, has published over 200 scientific papers, and is a fellow of the American Physical Society, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the National Academy of Sciences. […] Happer, who served as the Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy in 1993, says he was fired by Gore in 1993 for not going along with Gore’s scientific views on ozone and climate issues. “I was told that science was not going to intrude on policy,” Happer explained in 1993. …..
          (Original link was from Senate Minority Report but is now dead)

          Happer has since shown the ‘physics’ that is the basis for the temperature rise vs CO2 doubling is WRONG based on actual observations.

          So that UN treaty was signed BASED ON LIES FROM TRAITORS! It also is proof that Al Gore was well aware that CAGW was a scam and he and Obummer and Maurice Strong colluded to scam the public via the Chicago Climate Exchange, just as he and Maurice Strong colluded to scam the US government and investor in the matter of Molten Metals Technology.
          Obama’s involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange—the rest of the story

      • Gail Combs says:

        Rosa Koire, a California bureaucrat, explains exactly what Ted Turner means. (Remember Turner is also behind the Pleistocene Rewilding of the USA.)

        The Post Sustainable Future

        Your government is a corporatocracy, a new authoritarian state in the process of consolidating your output into a more controllable, exploitable channel. The reason you are being misled by your government and told that all of this is good for you, is because there is no profit in managing a mass uprising. It is too disruptive….

        Transit villages (formerly known as cities) will be restricted to having only the population that can be supported by food grown within a 100 mile radius (called a ‘food shed’). Food sheds will dictate where you can live and when you can change your residence. Calculations, such as those done recently at Cornell University, will determine how much food can be grown within that area and then the Transit Village population will be limited to the number of people who can be fed by that land… [This is the true meaning of Sustainability]

        Because the food generated is seldom enough to feed everyone with sufficient calories, there is malnutrition and general exhaustion…. [See New Dietary Guidelines]

        Health care will be minimal, and life expectancy will be short. Disease will spread readily through densely populated Transit Villages and mega-cities. Drugs for depression and anxiety will be even more heavily prescribed than they are now, and children can expect to be on anti-depressants for their entire lives. Anti-depressants carry a warning label that they may lead to suicidal or aggressive behavior. More and more violent crime targeting strangers will be prevalent…. [Thin Obummercare and The Drugging of our children]

        The elite class of wealthy, well-born managers will have little contact with the few remaining workers in the highly automated factories. As the average worker is phased out the elite owners of the natural resources and wildlands will expand their holdings. Wild animals will roam throughout the world and be viewed from the windows of the high speed trains that pass through on their way from transit hub to city center. Elaborate skyscrapers with huge suites, and enormous lodges will house the quasi-military rulers. Private jets take them to their meetings and retreats.

        What we are describing is the New Feudalism. Neo-Feudalism. Peonage. UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development taken to its logical culmination. Remember, Revolution is bad for business.

        You can read the entire essay and do as I have done, link what you are seeing happening now to its ultimate outcome.


        Since Rosa is a Flaming Liberal Democrat (her discription) maybe a copy of her essay with a link to articles showing the implementation of each idea might wake up a few Obamabot relatives.

  3. Perhaps this man’s excessive zeal has rendered him blind to the events of the past and even the present. A look at the many videos posted at YouTube indicate that Cyclone Pam might not really have been a Cat 5 storm when it struck Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides). Much of the footage reveals the more substantially built structures were left nearly untouched while a good number of trees, including the coconuts, had still or most all their leaves.

  4. chick20112011 says:

    Stories of Hurricanes and building an A-frame structure to survive in have been handed down for centuries. Eric is shameless. Reuters has a story which says this, “Many villages are built further back from the shore to avoid storm surges and tsunamis, and most have at least one sturdy building to retreat to. Even the spreading roots of banyan trees that have survived centuries of storms are also sometimes used as shelter if houses are destroyed.”

    “Hurricanes or cyclones are not a new thing, since when people started living in these islands maybe about 5,000 years ago this type of event occurs every year,” said Natuman. ( Prime Minister Joe Natuman)


  5. Mindless seems a little generous.

  6. Anything is possible says:

    It will be interesting to see how quickly nature gets to work restoring those islands to their original state.

    My prediction is : “Prepare to be amazed”

    • RossP says:

      Absolutely. Vegetation will be looking fairly healthy within a month or so.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Yes, This is no worse than a spring thaw followed by a hard freeze wiping out the tree buds just flowering and leafing in the USA. Actually it is a heck of a lot less dangerous.

      The reason the homes are flimsy is the people know these storms come regularly so why put a lot of energy and material into something that will probably not withstand the storm? Better to build one very sturdy A frame for each village and rebuild a flimsy structure after the storm passes. After all this is the tropics where you are not going to freeze to death. Roofs collapsing in Japan and Buffalo NY are much more devastating and dangerous

      So where was Eric Holthaus when the Blizzards were collapsing Japanese roofs???


      Has ANY US Media carried these stories?

      Japan has been plastered with snowstorm after snowstorm with the heavy snowfall causing some buildings to collapse. Japan snowfall levels the last two winters are far greater than in previous years.

      There was a Heavy Snowfall Dec. 4 The city of Nayoro was buried in 70 cm (27 inches) of snow, while 46 cm (18 inches) fell in Horokanai and 40 cm (16 inches) in Otaru. By the 18th of December 2014, the Niigata Prefecture Tsunan had a snow height of 207 cm (6 ft – 8 inches), The town of Nagano Nozawaonsen got about six feet of snow and Gunma Minakami got about five feet, seven inches of snow. At least eleven people had died as a result of heavy snowfall. Over 20,000 homes were without electricity.

      Last spring also saw record snowfall amounts with the snowstorm in January leaving 900 injured and at least one dead. A record breaking snowstorm in mid February (2013) passing through Tokyo left hundreds of people have to be evacuated from their homes, roofs collapsing, hundreds injured, and at least 13 dead. Another storm hitting at the end of February causing damage or destruction of 14,099 vinyl greenhouses costs totaling more than ¥50 billion in Tokyo and four other prefectures.

      The winter was not done with Japan as another storm hit on the Spring Equinox leaving a record snowfall for March (2013) of 115 cm (45 inches) in Nemuro, Hokkaido. Hokkaido, Aomori, Niigata and Nagano prefectures all had unseasonably cold weather. Hachinohe in Aomori saw 40 cms (16 inches) of snow.

      According to one story 120 households in Tokushima were cut off by snow. I mentioned this to my Husband and he was very surprised that south central Japan had got plastered. Tokushima (lat. 34.0° N) is mild semi-tropical sort of like South Carolina (lat. 34.0° N) but not as hot.

      Snowstorms have continued to plaster Japan. Around Christmas 2014, the town of Tsunan saw about six feet, eight inches of snow. The town of Nagano Nozawaonsen got about six feet of snow and Gunma Minakami got about five feet, seven inches of snow last week. Another storm hit in mid January and on 2 Mar 2015 “Weather officials warned of strong winds, significant snowfall and strong waves in the region, while the low pressure system approaches, DPA reported. The Meteorological Agency predicted snow accumulation up to 80 centimeters in parts of the island in a period of 24 hours.’

      Information from: http://iceagenow.info/?s=japan

  7. D. Self says:

    This BS is just going to get worse as more mindless and blind followers jump on the bandwagon. Just wait until a major Hurricane hits Florida.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Lets pray Mother Nature holds off on the hurricanes for another two years while contineing to plaster the USA and the EU with blizzards.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Has he had his vasectomy yet?

    Oh. Oops. Apparently not. Bummer, there goes his carbon footprint.

  9. Dave N says:

    Shameless *and* ignorant.

    Still waiting for alarmists to conclusively prove the difference between this one and the others is due to humans.

    If the whole scam wasn’t centred around the facade of “saving the world from ourselves”, the msm would be jumping down their throats for an explanation; a la chasing down scam artists who defraud regular Joes for things like bogus investments.

    The integrity of many left the planet somewhere around the early 80’s.

    • RossP says:

      It seems to me there are a lot egos at play. Guys like Eric , because of the ease of communicating via the various social media platforms just “spout off” for the sake of it and the more outrageous the better for their ego.

  10. Andy DC says:

    Everytime a weather event happens anywhere in the world, it is always a result of “climate change.” I wonder what caused weather events before the term “climate change” was invented?

    • lance says:

      Witches! 🙂

      • AndyG55 says:

        No, Thor, Odin, Hera, Frigg, Freyja……. et al..

        Those were the days….
        And climate science™ seems to be going back to them !!!

    • Eric Simpson says:

      I wonder what caused weather events before the term “climate change” was invented?

      “global warming”

    • sfx2020 says:

      “I wonder what caused weather events before the term “climate change” was invented?”

      Since this a very old thing, blaming weather on something, or somebody, there is a long list of things. In the fifties atomic bomb testing and cloud seeding were popular. In the seventies air pollution. Much earlier, people would blame the sun, and volcanoes.

  11. Thin non cohesive soil, steep uppermost slopes, excessive tropical rainfall.
    Not really that astonishing.
    Although the astonishment is astonishing.

  12. Robertv says:

    I just hope for the people living there that they don’t get the same sort of ‘help’ as the people of Haiti after the earthquake.

  13. richard says:

    what the IPPC say about cyclones and Tornadoes.

    Interesting what the IPPC have to say about Tornados-

    “There is low confidence in any observed long-term (i.e., 40 years or more) increases in tropical cyclone activity (i.e.,
    intensity, frequency, duration), after accounting for past changes in observing capabilities. It is likely that there has been
    a poleward shift in the main Northern and Southern Hemisphere extratropical storm tracks. There is low confidence in
    observed trends in small spatial-scale phenomena such as tornadoes and hail because of data inhomogeneities and
    inadequacies in monitoring systems”

  14. richard says:


    “The uncertainties in the historical tropical cyclone records, the incomplete understanding of the physical
    mechanisms linking tropical cyclone metrics to climate change, and the degree of tropical cyclone variability provide
    only low confidence for the attribution of any detectable changes in tropical cyclone activity to anthropogenic influences”

  15. richard says:


    “Current datasets indicate no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency over the past century”

  16. richard says:

    Pacific Island wiped of the face of the earth back in 1905 –


    Have to add, it is now growing back and in fine fettle!!!!

  17. markstoval says:

    “Eric Holthaus blames damage from a cyclone on global warming”

    Has no one told the lying fool that there has been no warming for nearly 20 years?

  18. Stephen Richards says:

    So Holthaus the penisless is also mind less. Makes sense

    • Gail Combs says:

      When we geld our horses, sheep and goats we comment that we have cut off their brains….

      Same seems to apply to humans.

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