Erasing The Unanimous Consensus

Fifty years ago, there was unanimous consensus that the planet was getting colder.

ScreenHunter_7304 Feb. 19 06.36ScreenHunter_7303 Feb. 19 06.36


ScreenHunter_8150 Mar. 27 08.50

This cooling didn’t suit the political agenda of the White House, so NASA simply made it disappear.




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6 Responses to Erasing The Unanimous Consensus

  1. sully says:

    Here in Eastern Canada spring is slow in coming. Still over 6 feet of snow in the woods. Expecting 6 more inches of snow this weekend. Glad I didn’t listen to the warmists, and cut an extra 4 cord of hardwood last spring. Been giving it away to the old folks to get them through.

  2. ren says:

    Very much snow will fall now in the Alps.

  3. gator69 says:

    Skeeter is a world renowned magician, much like “The Amazing Randi”!

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