Scamming For Climate Money

Tuvalu was one the first countries to realize they could extort climate money from stupid western countries.

ScreenHunter_8301 Apr. 04 12.02

The rest of the world should act immediately and together to cut down on its use of greenhouse gases,” says Paani Laupepa, an assistant secretary in Tuvalu’s Department of Foreign Affairs, headquartered on the second floor of a private home in Funafuti.

The United States, with a small percentage of the world’s people, uses 25 percent of the world’s resources,” Laupepa goes on. “You Americans have a good lifestyle, all the conveniences, three or four cars per family. You need to appreciate the impact that has on our lives here.

Will Tuvalu Disappear Beneath the Sea? | Travel | Smithsonian

Let’s look at that impact. Sea level isn’t rising at Tuvalu.

ScreenHunter_8300 Apr. 04 12.00

Data and Station Information for FUNAFUTI B

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8 Responses to Scamming For Climate Money

  1. Anything is possible says:

    Totally O/T (sorry, Steve), but Lionel who?

  2. omanuel says:

    Smithsonian promoted the false AGW fable as science?

    Yes. At the 1976 April Annual AGU Meeting in Washington, DC, an astronomer from Harvard’s Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory was belatedly inserted into the published schedule of speakers to claim (without abstract) the explosion of a nearby supernova made excess Xe-136 that had been reported in the Allende meteorite in December 1975.

    The astronomer overlooked the fact that excess Xe-136 accompanied all primordial He in the Allende meteorite:

    Twenty years later when the Galileo probe enter Jupiter in 1995 and found the same excess Xe-136 in Jupiter’s He-rich atmosphere, NASA hid the xenon isotope data until 1998, when CSPAN News captured the NASA Administrator, Dr. Dan Goldin, ordering the Administrator for Solar System Exploration to release the data to the public within 24 hours.

  3. gator69 says:

    Well, let’s see who is adding to the ‘problem’ by overpopulating…

    Tuvalu: 23.74 births per thousand citizens

    World Average: 19.4 per thousand citizens

    United States: 12.7 per thousand citizens

    Tuvalu better be careful, they could capsize, or even sink that tiny nation under all those babies!

  4. Andy DC says:

    Under that theory, the US should pay reparations for every cyclone, typhoon or whatever that takes place in every God forsaken place in the world.

  5. kentclizbe says:

    Lakena, Nanumea, Tuvalu: 1943

    Lakena, Nanumea, Tuvalu: 2007, after 64 years of massive SUV, man-made carbon pollution

    The heart-break of it all. I parked my SUV today. Never again….oh, the humanity.

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