White Is The New Green

Twenty years ago, climate experts reported that Antarctica was greening and that the world’s climate was “at serious risk”

ScreenHunter_8283 Apr. 04 09.06

Flowers and grasses are spreading rapidly in Antarctica, and British scientists say that global warming is responsible.

Researchers at the British Antarctic Survey — (the body which discovered the ozone hole over the continent a decade ago — will shortly report on the “greening of Antarctica“, as the ice recedes, summers lengthen, and the climate warms up.

A paper to be published later this year will say that a flowering grass is now 25 times more common than it was 30 years ago. Other research has found that new species are appearing in the area as long-frozen seeds are freed from the melting ice.

Last week, the official Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change met in Maastricht, the Netherlands, to complete a report warning that the world’s climate is still “at serious risk”.

19 Sep 1994 – Antarctic greenhouse evidence

So what does all that green look like at midsummer? 100% zinc oxide white. Where is this green located?

ScreenHunter_8281 Apr. 04 09.04

This is what green looks like from space.

ScreenHunter_8286 Apr. 04 09.14

Experts get stuck in the ice, have to get rescued, and then come back and claim the ice is disappearing.

ScreenHunter_8284 Apr. 04 09.11

Academic’s careers depend on funding, and many will say whatever lies are necessary to keep the funding coming in.

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11 Responses to White Is The New Green

  1. Owen says:

    Where is the green located?

    In the Climate Liars wallets !

  2. Emperor penguins can maintain an incubation temperature of 31°C (87.8°F) in an environment that is -60°C (-76°F). [must be cold in shade under all of those palm trees growing in the Antarctic]
    The greatest single cause for reproductive failure in some species is the mistiming between parents for nest relief during incubation. This usually occurs when the female fails to return from a foraging trip before the male deserts the nest. A male will spontaneously leave the nest and eggs when the motivation to feed overcomes that for incubating eggs. From http://seaworld.org/en/animal-info/animal-infobooks/penguin/reproduction/

    • If somebody told me last night I would have an enjoyable Saturday morning drinking coffee and learning new things from a guy with a huge chunk of cheese on his head … 🙂

      And about emperor penguins, of all wretches? The guys who must pay for a brief moment of pleasure by standing with an egg between their legs in the darkness and howling wind of an Antarctic winter? I like snow and “normal” winter—and as a young man I did the usual silly things to attract the females of our species—but such demands would have made me join a monastery. We don’t appreciate how good we have it.

      When I read the bit about emperors and kings being the only marine birds reflecting ultraviolet light off their beaks I was thinking, “That’s interesting but what good does it do?”

      Then I learned most birds could see UV of which I was completely ignorant all my life. And the beaks of sexually immature male penguin youngsters don’t reflect UV? Presumably sending a signal to the females to go looking elsewhere no matter how much trumpeting and head swinging the boys do? Makes me wonder what the ladies deduced from my own beak on the dance floor when I was still very young and tried mixing in with the grownup crowd. It sure would have explained some awkward moments of kind but firm disregard back then.

      God’s creations are an unending source of puzzlement and wonder.

  3. gator69 says:

    I thought Green was the new Red, and now White is the new Green? So is White the new Red?

    Well, at least MSM jouralism is still yellow

  4. johnbuk says:

    The green? Its a tricky par 4 on the peninsular. A low cutter off the tee of about 2 miles gets you to the elbow and a high 7 iron over the trees and feathered into the apron should see you home with 2 putts for your par.
    I think Leonardo DiCaprio might be building more holes in the next year or so to rival the one in the Arctic.

  5. Neal S says:

    Well they did write ” a flowering grass is now 25 times more common than it was 30 years ago”. And anything times zero is still zero, so they could just as well have written 50 times, but then who would have believed them?

  6. oz4caster says:

    I like that NASA Worldview website. At least they get a few things right. Just wish they would add the new VIIRS imagery along with the MODIS imagery there.

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