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Arnie Saving The Planet, 7 MPG At A Time

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The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

Jerry Brown says that evil global warming deniers are keeping rain from falling in California, through their wicked thoughts. Forty years ago, he said that the drought was a “disaster of immeasurable magnitude.” That drought was blamed by the National Academy … Continue reading

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Messing With Texas

Government climate experts didn’t like the 120 year decline in Texas temperatures, so they simply reversed it. They accomplished this reversal through a spectacular hockey stick of data tampering. The climate refuses to cooperate with their $29 billion/year scam, so … Continue reading

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Experts Report Declining Spring Snow Cover

New England maple syrup is doomed by global warming

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Progressives Celebrate The Crucifixion

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Sharpening The Message

Republicans are getting slightly more bold, but need to sharpen up their message. Senator Blunt: Americans’ Voices Will Be Heard In President Obama’s International Climate Agreements – News – United States Senator Roy Blunt Obama is not making a climate … Continue reading

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Obama : “I Did Not Have Nuclear Relations With That Country”

Obama: Iran deal blocks ‘every pathway’ to development of nuclear weapon | US news | The Guardian There can be little doubt that 6,000 centrifuges refining U235, blocks all paths to a nuclear weapon. Monica’s boyfriend made the identical deal with … Continue reading

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Scientists Warned Australia – Did They Listen?

Scientists warned Australia not to reject the carbon tax. Australians ignored, and look what happened. There has been a sharp increase in the amount of sea ice on earth. Professor Chris Turney got stuck in the excess ice. Arctic sea … Continue reading

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Reverse Exodus

Moses led the Jews out of slavery and into the promised land, and Barack Obama is hoping to do the exact opposite.

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After NCDC Adjustments, This Was Kentucky’s Biggest Win On Record

Thanks to NCDC adjustments, Starbucks won’t have to hold a conversation about race and basketball tomorrow.

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