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The Amazing Things You Learn On Twitter

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Judy Curry Predicted 115 Degrees In Atlanta

Judy Curry is being attacked by Democrats for being a skeptic. Skeptic Curry predicted 3-10 degrees global warming and 115 degrees in Atlanta The earth is getting warmer, and scientists conducting research on global climate change  overwhelmingly agree: most of the … Continue reading

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Makes Nixon Look Like A Boy Scout

When the White House is threatened, they simply issue an indictment to take someone out. They did it with Petraeus, and now with Menendez. ABC’s Karl: Menendez Indictment Likely to Quell Challenges to Iran Deal – Breitbart “Nobody is suggesting a … Continue reading

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Hiding The Decline In Oklahoma

Gavin and Tom didn’t like the cooling in Oklahoma, so they broke out the tampering hockey stick, and made it disappear.

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Coldest April Day On Record In Maine

Heidi says that winters in Maine are getting red hot.

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Obama Offers A “Once In A Lifetime Deal”

Last week Obama threatened to throw Israel under the bus at the UN. This week he is “absolutely committed” to Israel. Rouhani: we negotiated for nothing less than sanctions removal Bill Clinton gave us the same once in a lifetime … Continue reading

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US Government Warns That The Arctic Will Be Ice Free in Three Weeks

All of our top authorities say the Arctic will be ice-free by May 2, or shortly thereafter. White House warned on imminent Arctic ice death spiral | Nafeez Ahmed | Environment | The Guardian

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Joe Romm Eagerly Awaits The Apocalypse

They hate global warming, but eagerly await it. We may be witnessing the start of the long-awaited jump in global temperatures. There is “a vast and growing body of research,” as Climate Central explained in February. “Humanity is about to … Continue reading

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All It Takes Is One Nukie To Ruin Your Entire Day

Obama’s rhetoric has gone beyond farcical. He added: “The same is true with respect to Iran, a larger country, a dangerous country, one that has engaged in activities that resulted in the death of U.S. citizens, but the truth of … Continue reading

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