Judy Curry Predicted 115 Degrees In Atlanta

Judy Curry is being attacked by Democrats for being a skeptic. Skeptic Curry predicted 3-10 degrees global warming and 115 degrees in Atlanta

The earth is getting warmer, and scientists conducting research on global climate change  overwhelmingly agree: most of the warming since the mid 20th century has been caused  by humans, primarily through burning fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum. Climate  model projections suggest that average global temperatures could increase from 3 to 10  degrees Fahrenheit by 2100

In the 2080s, the average summer high will probably be 96 degrees in  Atlanta, with extreme temperatures reaching 115 degrees


Georgia summers were hotter prior to 1960, and as far as I can tell they haven’t had any legitimate temperature readings above 110 degrees since 1952. One was recorded at Glenville in 2001, but it looks bogus.

The last three summers were all cooler than normal.

ScreenHunter_8413 Apr. 06 10.50

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37 Responses to Judy Curry Predicted 115 Degrees In Atlanta

  1. Winnipeg Boy says:

    So +8C in 65 years. Going to have to light some fossil fuels directly under the weather stations to accomplish that.

  2. Bob Greene says:

    Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. attributed to Niels Bohr

  3. gator69 says:

    The Allman Brothers Band – Hot ‘Lanta ( At Fillmore East, 1971 )

    • AndyG55 says:

      Now those guys could play 🙂

      • rah says:

        Sure could. Listen to them while on the road often. Just as I did when I was a kid.

        • gator69 says:

          I have Gregg Allman’s performance at Sturgis for the Buffalo Chip’s 30th Anniversary on my DVR, and it sure sounds good in my roadhouse, while sipping on a cold one.

    • Hugh K says:

      Sweet Gator. First time I saw them was in the summer of 69 in Piedmont Park more or less by accident. Next year saw them at Love Valley (NC) and next thing I know they are playing to 500K plus at Atlanta Motor Speedway the same year. Amazing how fast they reached the big time….but well deserved. Saw them again before Dwayne & Barry died at Jubilee Festival in Chapel Hill, NC. Saw them again at RFK Stadium in ’73 without Dwayne & Barry….just wasn’t the same – Dwayne was one of a kind. RIP Dwayne & Barry….
      Thanks for posting Gator…good memories.

  4. It’s those damn models. They assign too much weight to CO2 affect on tempurature and are probably missing whole fields of study that have affects.
    I doubt she trusts the models as much as she used to.

  5. BallBounces says:

    From the graph, it looks like climate science will always have its ups and downs. Problem is, only the ups “count”.

  6. omanuel says:

    After seven decades of deceit about the source of energy that powers the Sun from its pulsar core, yesterday NASA scientists backed away from political correctness and admitted that a potential Solar Armageddon could abruptly alter life on planet Earth.


  7. darrylb says:

    When did she say this? Yes, she was once considered “The First Lady of Global Warming”
    But too her credit she engaged Steve McIntyre which made Michael Mann and his ilk furious.

    She has admitted she was fooled, she definitely thinks the IPCC should be abandoned.
    and she now kinda rides in the direction of unknowns.

    Those who have taken an open look and are gradually changing their mind should be given credit. She has stated that her change in thinking means she will never be given any kind of award she might have gotten, but her long time relationship with some science magazine editors means she can continue to be published. She has also stated that she has several sources of income.

  8. Fool me once………..

  9. Robert Austin says:

    PDF shows a 2008 date. Judith Curry seems to have evolved since then from card carrying member of the “we are all going to die” club to a skeptic, probably of the luke warmist variety. She is straddling the picket fence of climatology, which though extremely uncomfortable, allows one to jump to either side easily.

    • rah says:

      I hope she is just going to go the way the scientific evidence takes her no matter who she pisses off.

      • ristvan says:

        My many direct interactions with her, both public (blog) and private (email, critiques of possible guest post submissions) tell me that is exactly what she is doing, and has been since Climategate shook her to her scientific core. (Quite certain of this based on private communications leading up to her Foreword to my newish ebook.)

      • stefano filippelli says:

        I’m confused here , (don’t hate me for it) but I thought Judith was a skeptic this sounds otherwise. Am I miss reading it?

  10. cheshirered says:

    Tony Juniper (FoE loony over here in the UK) was on TV the other week claiming a 4C rise by 2060. At some point those making this type of absurd ‘claim’ deserve to be held to account. They have no basis to make such claims. W*****s to a man.

    • rah says:

      If it were a just world with real journalists asking the questions they wouldn’t get away with such crap. As Doc Spencer says: “Since climate models cannot even hindcast what has happened (let alone forecast), they clearly have no handle on multi-decadal temperature changes brought about by natural effects. There does not even need to be any forcing — e.g. the sun, volcanoes, etc. — in order for climate to change because the ocean-atmosphere system is nonlinear and dynamical — in a word, chaotic. It can change all by itself.”

      Any honest person with a little worldly knowledge could put such Pseudo-Intellectual buffoons that claim to have prescient knowledge in their place by asking just a few questions to which they already know the answer.

  11. gator69 says:

    Interesting ‘Hot Weather Notice’ advert for ‘Bevo’ circa 1916…

    The Anheuser-Busch company started brewing Bevo when alcoholic beverages were prohibited in 1916 [1] by the United States armed forces. Production rose greatly with national prohibition in 1919, and Bevo was by far the most popular of the many “cereal beverages” or “near beers” of the time. At the peak of its popularity in the early 1920s, more than five million cases of Bevo were sold annually.

    In 1930 Anheuser-Busch built a series of boat-bodied cars in its St. Louis shops called the “Bevo Boats” which were used for promotion. Seven are believed to have been built on Pierce-Arrow 8-cylinder chassis while one surviving example was based upon 1930 Cadillac 353 V8.

    (I cannot imagine what this could be worth today!)

    In the late 1920s smuggled bootleg beer and liquor as well as “homebrew”, cut into Bevo’s marketshare. With sales flattening to 100,000 cases by 1929, Anheuser-Busch stopped production.


    As soon as Prohibition was enacted, the Treasury department issued official ‘prescriptions’ for alcohol consumption. All one had to do was find a Dr, explain your need for medicinal alcohol, and then take your prescription to your local druggist. Sound familiar?



  12. Andy DC says:

    The big question is why there was a significant drop between 1940 and 1960. In fact, very little net change since 1920,

  13. stefano filippelli says:

    I’m confused here , (don’t hate me for it) but I thought Judith was a skeptic this sounds otherwise. Am I miss reading it?

  14. not happy Jan!
    some of you guys are too stupid for words. I name you ‘the sludge’. you get in the way of the real issue.
    for climate websites, Judith Curry is second only to Anthony Watts ‘watts up with that’. she is in front of Jennifer Marohasy Jo Nova and Christopher Brenchley, however they’re spelt. undoubtedly the real science moderators will be able to provide a more accurate list.
    in case you hadn’t noticed, sceptics are under attack. they are being fired,
    Indeed, the UN is looking to censor not only sceptics but the internet altogether. this site would be gonski (that’s an oz reference).
    look her up. she’s a head of department, middle of the road academic. reading her site is like attending uni. she’s trawling for insight. maybe she’s developed since I last read her.
    as others have said, she has moved from ;warmist’ to ‘luke-warmist’
    the question asked in this post is ‘is the punishment of leading sceptics okay?’
    and what are you going to do about it? watch a movie ?

    • William, I read your remarks several times and I’m still having trouble understanding what in the thread above made you so cranky. Frankly, I’m not quite sure what you were trying to say.

      Are you suggesting that Steven Goddard or the commenters don’t know who Judith Curry is?

      Or that people here don’t know about the US and international efforts to control and censor the internet?

      Did it you rub you the wrong way to say that even reasonable people can sometimes make wild unsupported claims?

      Or was it pointing out that moderate establishment warmists come under attack by the alarmist media machine led by the White House if they question their most extremist claims?

      You packed what looks like a list of grievances into your comment—without much care, spell checking or punctuation—but you did not quite say with whom and about what you are disagreeing (other than “some of you guys” whom you call “the sludge”).

      And how did you come to the conclusion that this post asked “is the punishment of leading sceptics okay?” I totally missed that. Where is it?

      Which part of the work that Steven Goddard is doing do you not like? I’ve been participating in the CAGW discussion since the 1980s and I know there are many differences among skeptics about how to fight the alarmist nonsense but your post didn’t exactly enlighten me what is on your mind.

      So, what is the real issue? And what should we do about it? Do you want to give it another try?

      • gator69 says:

        Thanks Colorado! You saved me some time. That rant was all over the page, and incoherent.

      • thanks for your reply Colorado.
        some of you (commenters) have interesting names (that is a side issue).
        ‘is the punishment of sceptics okay?’
        “Judy Curry is being attacked by democrats” she is being punished. is that not clearly the issue here and now? e.g. Wilie Soon, Bob Carter, have lost their jobs, others are too frightened to say anything, warmists are calling for the censorship and jailing of sceptics, peer review is heavily biased. no-one here has picked up on that.
        gator69 (now there’s an interesting name – how would you like a gator performing a 69 on you???) would rather share his favourite music with you, and some quaint pictures, albeit with a slim temperature connection. several other commenters followed in his wake. is this site a social club?
        you are being misinformed with the title that she is predicting 115 in Atlanta. some commenters have accepted this misinformation and are baying for her blood. has this post given them an accurate representation of her position, or the opposite? as another commenter has pointed out she has moved on considerably since 2008. she probably believed in Santa too. would you attribute that to her current beliefs?
        I do acknowledge that I mistook 3-10 degrees mentioned in the opening statement as being in Celsius, my accustomed reading of temperature. nevertheless the intent of the headline is to vilify Judith Curry.
        so here is this post, misrepresenting and bagging Judith Curry. I guess I should have paid more attention to the ‘just having fun’ qualifier. I do note that others have jumped to her defence.
        re my spelling and punctuation ‘mistakes’. I re-read my comment and counted 2 mistakes; the use of a semi-colon, and an omission of the letter ‘a’. however, you are being too pedantic. the message is the important part.
        language evolves. you don’t have to start sentences with capital letters, you don’t have to skip a line between paragraphs, you don’t have to use punctuation marks. I type in a style that I prefer.
        I am not in the habit of vilifying people, especially by name. however you have forced my hand, and I am upset that Judith Curry, one of our leading lights, is being attacked, not only by democrats, but also with misrepresentations and commenters on this post.
        As a younger adult I would go to demonstrations and be annoyed by people turning up and treating them as an excuse for a party. we are not here to enjoy ourselves. I say get annoyed !

        • gator69 says:

          gator69 (now there’s an interesting name – how would you like a gator performing a 69 on you???)

          Well, we can see where your Rorschach test scores fall! 😆

          FYI – “Gator” was already taken on Gravatar, as was “Gator1”, “Gator2”, etc…

          I chose 69 because of my car, perve.

          And what kind of name is “William Martin” anyway? 😉

  15. well Gator69, at least you’re annoyed, if we could only now point it in the right direction.
    we could call you ad hom because that’s what you’re doing now.
    but thanks for the reply.
    notice that I did not initially name you as ‘sludge’ and that my hand was forced. my apologies for doing so.
    below is a link to an indication of the sort of person I am. I haven’t done this before so I don’t know if it will work.

    • gator69 says:

      William! Lighten up! I was having some fun.

      I do get annoyed with Progressives and Grantologists, and regularly do battle with them.

      One of the main reasons most people visit this site is because our host has a sense of humor.

      hu·mor ˈ(h)yo͞omər/Submit – noun 1. the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.

      Try it some time! 😆

      Please do not take offense, we only tease the ones we love (but not in the creepy way). I personally welcome you to become a regular, our host is at the cutting edge of exposing the largest scam in the history of this planet, and you will get pertinent info here not found anywhere else. We have serious discussions, occasional serious disagreements, and fun! But that is life, it is meant to be enjoyed.

      I have an extensive background in Geology, was a Climatology student, and have a Remote Sensing degree. Judith Curry is what I would term a lukewarmist, and friendly toward skeptics.

      My deceased father was a huge Florida Gators fan, and I own a 1969 Buick. The name was chosen to honor his memory, and I had to pick a number, so I went with my 1969 Buick. The reason I use a nom de plume is because I am protecting family. My namesake nephew works in DC for the government, and my brother is a high level NASA employee who has had to testify before Congress on more than one occasion. Our surname is easily identifiable, and my mother frets that my non-PC opinions could have negative effects on other family member’s careers.

      Pull up a chair and stay awhile, and laugh for crying out loud!

  16. well gator69, or whatever your real name is, I’ll check in again later to see how we’re doing.
    ‘William Martin’ is my real name and I have enough guts to use it, unlike you.

  17. thanks Gator69, for your last comment. cheers

    • gator69 says:

      All the best my new found friend!

      “”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
      -Edmund Burke

      Keep up the good fight, but please enjoy life, it is a gift of inestimable value.

    • William,

      A couple of points to your earlier response further above, hopefully without going too heavy because we clearly agree on so much:

      – Some people use pseudonyms. Some have very good reasons for it. Gator explained his and it doesn’t have to do with “having guts”. It would not take much courage to use my own name if nothing could really happen to me but it could endanger other people, would it?

      – Concerning Goddard’s style and this blog in general: You probably know that on WUWT—which I admire, regularly read, support and comment on—your post starting with

      some of you guys are too stupid for words. I name you ‘the sludge’.

      would probably end up looking like this

      [SNIP: Over the top. No name calling. -MOD].

      Anthony Watts runs a different blog and has more volunteer support. Steven Goddard doesn’t use moderators and lets a lot of things stand on their own. On this blog you can obviously say what you did but the ‘stupid sludge’ did not respond in kind, did it? Think about it.

      – The post was not about Judith deserving to be punished. It was about political swine that will attack even a moderate member of the establishment who doesn’t toe the line.

      – You like your writing style and call me “too pedantic”. OK then but reread my comment above. I mention punctuation only in passing while making a point about something else: Write whichever way you like but organize your thoughts to make yourself clear. You may know Willis Eschenbach’s maxim: Say what you want but quote the words and be specific about what you disagree with. Vague attacks don’t cut it.

      – Finally one bit of advice from an old pedant to a younger man: If you are not paying someone to do a job, don’t tell them what they can or cannot do. We are not here to enjoy ourselves, you say? Young man, besides many decades in business dealing with thousands of people, I’ve also done a lot of unpaid work in several countries, cultures and languages; lots of it running against similar swine like the AGW gang, under my own name, sometimes in dangerous conditions. You don’t have an idea how many times I thought that others could do things differently, sometimes even that they were more of a liability than a help. I engaged them, tried to figure out where they were coming from, tried to make them understand my reservations. I learned a lot from it but I hope I never told anyone: “We are not here to enjoy ourselves!” It would have just pissed them off. Style matters, and I don’t mean grammar and punctuation.

      Take Gator’s advice: Keep your passion but lighten up, our newfound friend, and find time to enjoy life. The fight never ends and I think you suspect that CO2 is by now just a tired pony they will ride until they find a fresher one. The onslaught never ends. If you are not going to have some fun, you will burn out. I’ve seen it happen to good people before and it always breaks my heart.

      And come back again: You will see there are plenty of serious subjects being discussed, besides some horsing around.

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