Obama Offers A “Once In A Lifetime Deal”

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Last week Obama threatened to throw Israel under the bus at the UN. This week he is “absolutely committed” to Israel.

Rouhani: we negotiated for nothing less than sanctions removal

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Bill Clinton gave us the same once in a lifetime deal with North Korea

Published: October 22, 1994

Oct. 21 — After almost four months of difficult negotiations, the United States and North Korea signed an agreement today to end their dispute over North Korea’s nuclear program

After the signing today, North Korea’s chief negotiator, Kang Sok Ju, described it as “a very important milestone document of historic significance” that would resolve his country’s nuclear dispute with the United States “once and for all.”

He said the agreement, once put into effect, would resolve “all questions of the so-called nuclear weapons development by North Korea” that have raised “such unfounded concerns and suspicions.”

We have neither the intention nor the plan to develop nuclear weapons,” Mr. Kang said.

At a news conference in Washington, President Clinton said the treaty was “a good deal for the United States.”

The United States and international inspectors will carefully monitor North Korea to make sure it keeps its commitments,” he said. “Only as it does so will North Korea fully join the community of nations.

U.S. and North Korea Sign Pact to End Nuclear Dispute – NYTimes.com

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7 Responses to Obama Offers A “Once In A Lifetime Deal”

  1. omanuel says:

    Obama is a puppet of those that took totalitarian control of the world in 1945 and agreed to rule the world by deceit, as George Orwell predicted in Nineteen Eighty-Four because Stalin convinced world leaders we would all be BETTER RED THAN DEAD

    FEAR of nuclear annihilation was the reason for forming the United Nations in 1945, FEAR of nuclear annihilation was the reason for destroying the foundations of physics, and FEAR of nuclear annihilation is the reason for current negotiations with Iran.

  2. Pathway says:

    Another act of treason by the Little Dick.

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