Spectacular Recovery Of Arctic Sea Ice Over The Past Four Years

A few years ago, experts announced that the thick, multi-year ice had disappeared from the Arctic

Multiyear Arctic Ocean ice is effectively gone, expert says

David Barber, Canada’s Research Chair in Arctic System Science at the University of Manitoba, said the ice was melting at an extraordinarily fast rate. “We are almost out of multiyear sea ice in the northern hemisphere,” he said in a presentation in Parliament.


The amount of thick multi-year ice in the Arctic has increased by 75% over the last four years, and now covers nearly half of the Arctic basin. Green is three year old ice. Yellow is four year old ice. Red is five year old ice.

This is the big story in the Arctic. Why is NSIDC ignoring their own data in their press releases, and instead opting for BS about “record low maximums?”

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16 Responses to Spectacular Recovery Of Arctic Sea Ice Over The Past Four Years

  1. De Paus says:

    This is news from February this year, but somehow the MSM have overlooked it. We should read the Arctic Journal more often, I guess.
    “Cold wave
    Any which way but warm
    An extended cold snap has left some Greenlandic communities looking for ways to keep the water flowing and the food on the shelves. February 17, 2015 – 4:27pm – By Kevin McGwin.
    Greenland is a place most people associate with cold. But the country currently finds itself in the grip of an intense cold snap that is trying the patience of even some of its hardiest residents.
    How cold has it been? Extreme, say meteorologists. American scientists at Camp Summit, located at the highest point of the ice cap, 3,216m above sea level, measured a temperature of -64C on February 12. The temperature was just 3 degrees above the base’s record low of -67C.
    Temperatures at the base, which is staffed by a crew of five during the winter, average around -45C in February.
    Although temperatures along the coast, where the island’s 56,000 residents live, are significantly higher, the weeks-long stretch of daytime highs in the -20s and -30s has disrupted life in a number of ways.
    Worst off is Attu, a settlement on the western coast. Since the beginning of February, its 300 residents have been without running water due to frozen water distribution pipes.
    According to KNR, a public broadcaster, as soon as the pipes froze a repair crew was dispatched. Although it did succeed in getting the water flowing, just a day later the pipes had frozen again.
    Since then, Attu has been without running water. Nukissiorfiit, the national power and water company, has been able to secure water for local health authorities. Fresh water for the rest of the settlement must be gathered from a frozen lake located three mountaintops away, however.
    As if the cold and lack of water weren’t enough, the lake water, one resident said, was softer than the settlement’s normal water supply, which makes it more difficult to clean up with.
    Nukissiorfiit expects to be able to helicopter in a crew in the coming days and, as long as temperatures don’t get worse, it expects to have the water running again before the weekend.
    Residents along the country’s north-eastern coast have been given a longer time horizon for their bind to be eased. There, frozen inlets have forced Royal Arctic Line, a steamship company, to cancel the final two planned calls this winter to many settlements, most of which are not served by air. Service to remote locations typically ends in mid-winter once ice conditions make it impossible to approach ports, but with coastal ice thicker than normal at this time of year all remaining scheduled service has been cancelled until spring.”

  2. gator69 says:

    A doomer is one who believes that problems of ecological overshoot, such as over population, climate change, pollution and especially peak oil, will cause the collapse of industrial civilization, and, a significant human population die-off.


    • Disillusioned says:

      It is ironic that many doomers concerned that those “problems” will cause “significant human population die-off” – also believe that there is overpopulation now, and that a collapse of industrial civilization and a mass-culling of the population would be a good thing for Mama Gaia.

      • rah says:

        If they really believed all that crap they would go jump off a cliff.

      • Brian H says:

        Check the UN Population Survey, Low Fertility Band (the only one ever close to accurate) projections. Peak at 8bn around 2045, declining steadily thereafter!

        Androids will have to pick up the slack.

  3. Warren D. Walker says:

    “Why is NSIDC ignoring their own data in their press releases, and instead opting for BS about “record low maximums?”
    Because The BIG Lie works – I’ve met several people recently who believe the Artic is melting.

  4. Last April, NSIDC showed the sea ice age charts, giving the proportions of multi year ice. They have done this every April in fact.


    Mysteriously, they do not show it this year!

    • I discussed that with Julienne many times, and kept pointing out that there was going to be a large increase in five year old ice last year. Suddenly they lost interest in the amount of old/thick ice.

    • gator69 says:

      Arctic sea ice at fifth lowest annual maximum

      Fifth place generally does not trophy, and certainly is not a headline.

      • Dave1billion says:

        And to make it even more special, it’s fifth place out of a statistically insignificant (IMO) 25.

  5. Dave1billion says:


  6. Tel says:

    Why? You know why, we all know.

    Goalposts move as necessary.

  7. Look at the first image…

    Yep.. a horned creature is crossing the RTIC…. now the second image looks like a giant Salamander…. exactly as the Models predicted… Salamander is battling Horned Creature for control of the RTIC… just as well funded Scientists predicted…

    Its all about ScIEnce…. the sciENcE…

  8. Tony

    Where did you get the map from?


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