Oldest/Thickest Arctic Sea Ice Has More Than Doubled Since 2012

Mark “Death Spiral” Serreze at NSIDC always puts a graph of multi-year ice in his April sea ice news. The point of this graph is to show how old/thick ice is disappearing from the Arctic. This year he forgot, so I decided to chip in and lend a hand.

The percentage of sea ice five or more years old has more than doubled since 2012.

ScreenHunter_8450 Apr. 08 06.55

The animation below shows the huge increase in multi-year ice in the western Arctic over the last two years



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11 Responses to Oldest/Thickest Arctic Sea Ice Has More Than Doubled Since 2012

  1. omanuel says:

    Has Mark “Death Spiral” Serreze at NSIDC expressed his appreciation for your assistance?

  2. Elaine Supkis says:

    But it is still warm and dry in Los Angeles! The world is going to end! Think of all the unhappy reality TV stars in peril there! 🙂

  3. Lotta good that ice does to California. The arctic is local, not global. California is global.

  4. gator69 says:

    It’s just old rotten ice. 😉

  5. Elaine Supkis says:

    Yes, it is snowing in Northern California and Oregon as well as Utah, etc.

    Not to mention here on the East Coast, more snow/ice this week!

  6. Ben Vorlich says:

    If the trend continues then in only 20 years 25% of the Arctic Sea ICe will be over 5 years old.

    Can I have a research grant to link this to CAGW?

  7. Brian H says:

    Who needs Arctic ice? Not polar bears or me. Bring on the warming! A few millennia of the Holocene Optimum revisited.

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