Skyrocketing Electricity Prices Could Have Prevented Malia’s Asthma Attack

A peek inside Obama’s spectacularly twisted brain

ScreenHunter_8468 Apr. 09 00.57

Obama says climate change is personal to him because daughter Malia had an asthma attack as a toddler | Daily Mail Online

So Obama wants to make electricity prices skyrocket, because he thinks that will somehow reduce wildfires and prevent asthma attacks. His proposed solution will cause millions of children to go hungry in cold houses, and many to become homeless.

Only a complete lunatic would believe that raising electricity prices will reduce wildfires, but it is worse than it seems. The number of forest fires in the US is plummeting.

ScreenHunter_8478 Apr. 09 07.42

National Interagency Fire Center

There were 60,000 forest fires last year – compared to 185,000 in 1938. Fires are down two-thirds since the 1930s.

Obama operates in a plane of complete mental disorder. There appears to be no logic behind anything he does. He wants a “legacy” and there is  essentially no limit to how far he will twist sanity to achieve it.

Same story with Iran

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30 Responses to Skyrocketing Electricity Prices Could Have Prevented Malia’s Asthma Attack

  1. The Obama administration with hindsight may be equivalent with the Roman Emperor Gallienus who destroyed the Roman Empire in 8.6 years. He accomplished that stunning goal by wiping out the CONFIDENCE in government. Obama is accomplishing the same process in what appears to be two terms of 8 years. Maybe he is the reincarnation of Gallienus?

  2. AndyG55 says:

    CO2 is a bronchial dilator. !

  3. gofer says:

    She had the attack at the circus and she has a peanut allergy. Circus= dust, animal dander, and peanuts. He also used smog and pollution as an example in his contorted logic.

  4. Jon Lonergan says:

    Wow those figures are impressive. Better remodel them before someone finds out.

  5. Skynet says:

    Climate change and asthma? yep, uhhh huh, umm k. And Obama’s smoking habit had nothing to do with it.

  6. mat says:

    “Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning killed a single father and his seven children in their one-story Maryland Eastern Shore home on Monday, police said.

    Lloyd Edwards told The Associated Press that his stepson, 36-year-old Rodney Todd, had bought a generator after the power was shut off to the home in Princess Anne, about 60 miles southeast of Annapolis. Edwards told the AP that the victims included Todd and Todd’s two sons and five daughters.”

    • Disillusioned says:

      Some people don’t know the difference between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. smh

      • mat says:

        Was actually both in this case, but the point being, what happens when people can’t afford it, and have their power turned off…

        Although I think I saw something about him never having had it turned on in the first place…

  7. TDK says:

    Let’s put this together.

    1. We have global warming happening
    2. Years ago my daughter had a bad asthma attack
    3. Recently (after ‘the evidence is all around us’) she’s had no attacks

    Ergo global warming causes asthma to get worse.

    Forgive me, but I don’t follow the logic

  8. Bloke down the pub says:

    Are they sure it was asthma and not a panic attack brought on by the sudden realisation that Barry and Michelle were actually her parents?

  9. Cam says:

    Your forest fire data is incorrect. That’s the number of fires to this point in the year. There were 63,612 fires last year. In my link below, go to page 13.

    Click to access wildfire_charts_tables14.pdf

  10. gator69 says:

    Higher electricity prices means less A/C usage. Less A/C usage means more open windows in summer. More open windows in Summer means more pollen in the house. More pollen in the house means more suffering from asthmatics.

    I have a friend with real asthma, and his wife complains because they can never open windows. She loves visiting here, because I keep mine open most of the Summer, and I often catch her napping in my favorite rocking chair enjoying the breeze in the roadhouse.

  11. Alec, aka Daffy duck says:

    His daughter’s asthma attack was 2002, in Illinois….. -0- warming for 80 YEARS for illinois 1932-2002

  12. higley7 says:

    Her asthma is most likely from breathing all the BS that her father is constantly throwing into the air. Or it’s street-induced asthma from when she realizes that, if his lips are moving, he is lying. In other words, she is a victim of the environment in which she lives.

    • gator69 says:

      It is the ‘company’ you keep. Just consider the people that poor girl…

      Recently, a major, federally-funded research project looked for allergy producing substances in the homes of several hundred children with asthma living in several major cities across the United States. Specifically, they measured the amount of cat, dust mite, and cockroach allergen in the bedrooms of these children aged 4 to 9 years. The results were quite striking.

      Cockroach debris is an powerful allergen.

      The most important allergen in these inner-city homes came from cockroaches. And the worst asthma was found in those children who had both the allergic tendency to make reactions to cockroach allergens and exposure to high concentrations of those cockroach allergens in their homes. Children in heavily cockroach infested homes who did not have an allergic sensitivity to cockroaches were not as likely to have severe asthma. Similarly, children who had the tendency for allergic reactions to cockroach parts but lived in homes with a low burden of cockroach allergens were also less likely to have severe asthma. It was the combination of both the allergic tendency and the allergen exposure that put the children at the greatest risk for troublesome asthma.

  13. NancyG says:

    My youngest child used to have asthma attacks when she was a child. She had to get nebulizer treatments and carry an inhaler. The doctor recommended she be tested for allergies. She was allergic to dust mite feces and long haired dogs. Exercise also set off an attack.

    We had no long haired dogs and we got rid of the wall to wall carpet, bought sheets over 350 thread count because it blocks allergens in beds and pillows, and over time she outgrew her allergies. I can’t remember the last time we had an inhaler in the house, she’s 20 now and she exercises like a fiend with no problem.

    So not all asthma is due to air outdoor air quality, and not all asthma is a life sentence.

  14. leftinflagstaff says:

    Obama is incorrect. Global warming causes both more asthma and less asthma.

  15. amirlach says:

    More on Leftist Logic!
    New Brunswick Liberals expect oil jobs to save the province, yet ban fracking.

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