HR 141352 : The Concentrated Organic Solar Energy Reform Act Of 2015

Coal is simply beautiful, highly concentrated, organic solar energy.

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10 Responses to HR 141352 : The Concentrated Organic Solar Energy Reform Act Of 2015

  1. Surrender your carbon, address to be provided.

  2. gator69 says:

    I spent two days last week helping a neighbor harvest wood for his wood-stove. We cut, split and stacked about three cords of wood the proper size for an efficient modern stove. No longer than 12″ and about as wide as the fat end of a baseball bat. We were mainly working with Red Oak, sections about 30″ in diameter on average, with some Osage Orange as well. He is a mechanic and not much of a scientist, so I took the time to explain that when he burned his wood, he was releasing stored solar energy. He thought that was pretty cool, heating his home with solar, without the goofy expensive panels.

    And I learned something from him as well. The Osage Orange burns so hot, as hot as coal, that you have to be careful not to melt your metal flue, or damage your stove.

    He has some amazing trees on his property, some of the largest I have seen outside of a National Park.

    More CO2 + solar = more heat in the winter, and lower utility bills.

  3. Elaine Supkis says:

    If it were not below zero much of the winter it would be even nicer.

  4. gregole says:

    Fossil fuels have been historically, and continue to be mankind’s best way out of brutal poverty.

    It is a horrible crime against humanity that wealthy nation’s governments are systematically denying the poorest of our brethren access to electricity through fossil fuels. A great injustice.

    • Menicholas says:

      Maybe the real plan is to…keep it from them and …save it for us!
      Because, and lets be real here, the day we need it or else freeze/starve, I will guaranfreakintee that we are going to use it.

      • Chris Barron says:

        Perhaps the reason it is being saved is because ‘the dark shadowy men behind curtains’ already know that the world is cooling

        • rah says:

          Heck neither we nor those “dark shadowy men behind curtains” know how finite the supply is. New vast sources keep popping up all the time. Possibly 100 billion barrels near London? Even the quantity of oil shale/sand reserves is unknown. And then there is the constant march of the technology for extracting it.

          Nope, it is all about control and power IMO. Attributing such ultralong term planning and conscience to those “dark shadowy men behind curtains” just cannot be supported by our history.

          Have you ever noticed how much more diesel costs than regular unleaded gasoline? Why? Why does a less refined product cost 30 to 70 cents more per gallon?

        • Chris Barron says:

          “Possibly 100 billion barrels near London? ”

          It’s all poker….a way to tell Putin ‘We don’t need your energy, we have plenty of our own mate’

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