Men – Destroying The Climate For 10,000 Years

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28 Responses to Men – Destroying The Climate For 10,000 Years

  1. gator69 says:

    I thought the Earth was only 37 years old?

  2. Jaime says:

    Bet you all thought the end of the Last Ice Age was natural didn’t you? Wrong. It was ‘out of Africa’ Homo Sapiens who moved north about 40,000 years ago and displaced the Neanderthals who were much adapted to the frigid conditions existing at the time. They didn’t need too many camp fires, but the wimpy invaders from Africa did. They lit so many just to keep warm that they completely melted the Eurasian and North American ice sheets and caused sea-level to rise hundreds of feet. There never was a Holocene, that’s a Koch Brothers/Big Oil myth – it’s all Anthropocene, always has been.

  3. Yeah, but women told them to stop doing it. Look at the guilty expression of the one in the middle.

  4. DavidS says:

    Raw, unlined furs are so stylish!

  5. SMS says:

    The proxy record of temperature for the past 10,000 years shows that it is extremely variable. One could say that this variability is due to the CO2 added by ancient man as he tried to exist and not due to other outside influences…………like the Sun. It would be a lie, but there are people stupid enough on the left to believe it.

  6. John Smith says:

    what ‘ya have to understand is the humans are special
    4.5 billion years, billions of species, ’til ‘ya get to us…special
    that’s the rub, there’s nature, then there’s us
    those cave guys may have perpetrated the very first unnatural acts
    beaver dam…natural
    Hoover dam …unnatural
    it’s science
    I’m gonna have some granola now, you know, made with all natural ingredients

  7. Andy DC says:

    I am sure DeCaprio and Gore would love to live their lifestyle.

  8. Psalmon says:

    The cartoon that you retweeted Steve really said it all today:

  9. gator69 says:

    And we just keep screwing it up…

    This past winter broke tons of low temperature records across the eastern seaboard, but would you have guessed the Northeast just had the snowiest winter since the “Little Ice Age”?

    “Looking back through accounts of big snows in New England by the late weather historian David Ludlum, it appears for the eastern areas, this winters snowblitz may have delivered the most snow since perhaps 1717,” wrote seasoned meteorologist Joe D’Aleo with Weatherbell Analytics.

    “That year, snows had reached five feet in December with drifts of 25 feet in January before one great last assault in late February into early March of 40 to 60 more inches,” D’Aleo wrote. “The snow was so deep that people could only leave their houses from the second floor, implying actual snow depths of as much as 8 feet or more.”

  10. Robertv says:

    Fresh water is mysteriously disappearing from the Sacramento-San Jose Joaquin River Delta, amid California’s worst recorded drought. The blame is being pointed at farmers, who have used the water resources for irrigation for generations.
    Following complaints from two state agencies, the Department of Water Resources and the US Bureau of Reclamation, an investigation has been launched into how much water Delta farmers are taking.
    However, California’s century old water right system is doubtless complicating the situation. Historically, people with senior water rights can take as much water as they want, even during a drought.
    The state governor Jerry Brown has said that if the drought continues, the water rights system, which is built into the Californian law, may have to be overhauled.

    But Delta farmers are likely to resist any changes.

    “If there’s surplus water, hey, I don’t mind sharing it. I don’t want anybody with junior water rights leapfrogging my senior water rights just because they have more money and more political clout,” said Rudy Mussi, a Delta farmer.

  11. richard clenney says:

    Gator69–how about starting your own blog?? I am getting carple from looking for your remarks.
    serious—- I think the warmists have CMDA-S4( congential, malignant, DUMB ASS, stage 4). We
    will NEVER change their minds.

  12. smamarver says:

    Yeap, that’s right! I’m thinking especially on man’s action over the oceans, especially in the past 150-200 years. Here’s an idea about how we’ve change climate:

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