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Democrats/Vatican Make Their Merger Official

Congressional Democrats refuse to listen to Dr. Roy Spencer, because he is a Christian. Instead, they invited the Pope to come speak about climate science.

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Wrong Way Jimmy Got Antarctica Exactly Backwards

In Hansen 1984, he predicted that peak sea ice loss from global warming would occur in the Weddell Sea of Antarctica, and that all of Antarctica would lose sea ice. pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/1984/1984_Hansen_etal_1.pdf Instead of losing sea ice, Antarctica has been gaining … Continue reading

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Gavin Following In Jimmy’s Footsteps

James Hansen is famous for lying to the press, and his protege Gavin Schmidt is following in his footsteps. “Long-term trends in Antarctic temperature are perhaps slightly rising over the continent as a whole, but are quite variable,” Schmidt told Live … Continue reading

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