Completely Implausible Deniability

1. Step one. Make up fake surface data, and claim hottest year ever.

ScreenHunter_1508 Apr. 14 11.30

2. Step two, ignore more accurate satellite data, which shows that you are lying.

ScreenHunter_1509 Apr. 14 11.31

3. Step three, announce that the contradictory satellite data confirms the fake surface data.

ScreenHunter_8600 Apr. 15 07.46

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34 Responses to Completely Implausible Deniability

  1. billw1984 says:


    His March data really only show three things even if taken at face value.

    1. The warming trend is 0.8 C per century.

    2. The trend is the same for 50 years before CO2 was
    elevated and 50 years after.

    3. It means winters are slightly milder (in March)
    or that Spring is coming sooner in some places
    since 1890!

  2. gator69 says:

    0.518 degrees over 37 years? Really? I’m supposed to panic and raise taxes over this cherry picked near non-existent warming?

    So even assuming linearity of climate, and assuming they did not start the trend during an ice age scare, in 100 years the global mean will be 1.4 degrees warmer. I only wish we could be around so our great-grandchildren could thank us for the milder weather we allegedly created for them.

    • Somebody needs to take this to Court…

      I’d compare this to the battle over Food Labeling… folks DO have a right to know what gets stuffed in their processed food… just like folks have a RIGHT to know what gets stuffed into these Charts put forth as Fact…

      Every NASA, NOAA, EAU, Government Chart or data needs to have an Asterisk at the bottom of it listing the ingredients (assumptions and alterations) which make up the Chart… These guys are lying, manipulating data, putting a lie out as truth, and scaring the shit out of our Children..

      • omanuel says:

        Yes, LIES was the strategy adopted in SEPT 1945 to:

        1. Save the world from possible nuclear annihilation

        2. Hide the source of energy in cores of heavy atoms

        The Divine Sense of Humor today mocks arrogant world leaders by revealing THE FORCE OF DESTRUCTION in cores of heavy atoms is THE FORCE OF CREATION in cores of stars and galaxies.

  3. timo soren says:

    Although I like your short articles but in this case I believe that step three is not in chronilogical order to the process! But still … it IS how they think!

  4. scott says:

    “…2014 was likely the warmest year on record…Scientists have confirmed the lower part of the Earth’s atmosphere has warmed too.”.

    Wow, it was likely the warmest… Finally! Solid proof! But wait, there’s more! Scientists also confirmed the lower part of the atmosphere warmed too!! Confirmed? If so, this is big news. Big.

  5. annieoakley says:

    ISIS isn’t Islam, Iran isn’t an enemy, the Economy is in great shape, not a smidgen of corruption in DC. I think I see pattern.

    • Neal S says:

      Iran has as much as admitted to desiring to remove Israel from being a nation, and they would gladly kill all Jews and Christians and are eager to destroy the USA which is the ‘Great Satan’ to them and does not want to acknowledge that Israel has a right to exist.

      Yet the traitorous administration wants us to believe that Iran is not going to want to acquire and use nukes against the USA or Israel, and would have us believe that any deal with Iran will be worth the paper it is written on.

    • Well put… what’s down is up and what’s up is now called down..

      Welcome to 1984 .. !!

      • gator69 says:

        I remember 1984 quite well thankyou, and those were great times compared to today. 😉

        • Winnipeg Boy says:

          I could go to the bar for lunch in grade 12, legally.
          Good times.

        • gator69 says:

          I collect vintage breweriana. It started when I needed some colorful graphics for my ‘roadhouse’ (what urbanites call a man cave), and I wanted a vintage feel. I already had a 140 year old church pew from a historic church (totally lucky find!) and was building my bar. So I have an amazing collection of beautiful vintage graphics (mostly serving trays) like this Miller tray from the 1950’s…

          … and being a history buff I wanted to learn more about the history of the breweries, Prohibition, and pre-Prohibtion attitudes toward alcohol. This is a pre-Prohibition ad for Lemp Beer of St Louis, who was bigger than Anheuser Busch…

          … it was a Christmas ad, showing newsboys having a cold one in an alley after their deliveries had been made.

          One of the older collectors whom I have befriended, talks about going to the corner bar with his dad’s growler (basically a tin bucket) at the age of 7, to have it filled at the tap and then returning it home to his father. Our attitudes toward alcohol consumption have changed so much over time, that most people have no clue what life was like a generation ago, much less a century.

          I plan on donating my collection to a museum some day, as I hate to see this much history lost forever. It all matters, the good and the bad.

  6. The climate record revisionists got to Japan too?!?

  7. gator69 says:

    John Stossel for POTUS!

    John Stossel ✔ @FBNStossel
    Today, in defense of #commoncore, @HillaryClinton called education a “non-family enterprise.” I really don’t want to live in HER village.
    3:18 PM – 14 Apr 2015

  8. Steven et al…. I’d be interested to read what folks on here think of THIS:

  9. Eliza says:

    I think we owe J Curry an apology here she appears to be more skeptical than SG himself LOL

    • gator69 says:

      Quoting JC testimony…

      While there are substantial uncertainties in our understanding of climate change, it is clear that humans are influencing climate in the direction of warming. However this simple truth is essentially meaningless in itself in terms of alarm, and does not mandate a particular policy response.

      … it is clear that humans are influencing climate in the direction of warming.

      No, it isn’t. Anyone who says this is deluded, and not making truly scientific statements. She is no Einstein.

      • Gator, you’re right and wrong. Right that there’s no controlled experiment that can be cited in support of such a claim. Therefore, by technical standards, she’s talking through her hat.

        But you’re wrong that she is no Einstein. Einstein did exactly the same thing. The only difference, thus far, is that he had sufficient integrity to admit (albeit when death was near, but better late than never) that he had made it all up.


        • gator69 says:

          “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.”
          -Albert Einstein

          “If I were wrong, then one would have been enough!”
          -Albert Einstein

          She is no Einstein.

        • I’ve pointed out the relevant similarities between them. They both made up their conclusions, which were entirely without empirical support. Einstein worked very hard to convince people that he had the truth about the universe. This implies that he was certain he was right. Later, he admitted his theory was impossible and untrue.

          The second quote you provided bolsters what I’m saying, because by using the subjunctive tense he implies that his concept is already ‘known’ (by him) to be true. If one weren’t certain, one would use the present and future indicatives, “If I am wrong, then one will be enough.”

          Whether he really believed it, or was just trying to make others believe it, is of course another question.

          You don’t just make something up that is true by its own definition(s) and devoid of physical meaning, and then claim scientific validity “because it hasn’t been disproven”. That, in and of itself, is not science, nor is it rational.

          And again, his statement that no experimentation can ever prove him right is further sophistry.

          The reason why is as follows.

          There are some propositions (I’ll call them set ‘1’) the truth of which can be known beyond any doubt, through experimentation.

          There are some other propositions (‘2’) that cannot be disproven because they are mere sophistry, true by definition and thereby devoid of physical meaning.

          And there are also some propositions (‘3’) that cannot be disproven experimentally but can be easily disproven by showing internal constistency.

          Einstein’s concepts of relativity are examples of both 2 and 3, so they fail for two independent reasons. And the existence of set 1 disproves the proposition that science mandates unprovable theories as the only acceptable or “scientific” answer to any question.

          I hope that helps you see the matter in a better way.

          – RT

        • gator69 says:

          Curry unequivocally blames man for warming.

          Einstein recognized doubt.

          Big diff.


  10. Dave1billion says:

    4. Step 4, PROFIT (with an apology to the South Park Underwear Gnomes)

  11. R. de Haan says:

    Inside view what happens behind our backs: Execution of UN Agenda 21

    Click to access Horasis%20Global%20Arab%20Business%20Meeting%202011%20-%20programme.pdf

  12. billw1984 says:

    My comment has been in moderation for 6 hours. Not sure why.

    I think I actually posted it this morning early so it may be approaching 12 hours
    since I tried to post it. Just FYI.

  13. gator69 says:

    Speaking of completely implausible, Dirty Harry made this hilarious statement today…

    “It shows the credibility of Rush Limbaugh, he’s the guy that got all this started,” Reid replied. “Why in the world would I come up with a story that I got hurt in my own bathroom with my wife standing there? How could anyone say anything like that? And I think a lot of people, as I read, they kind of don’t like me as a person and I think that’s unfortunate.”


  14. gator69 says:

    Happy Tax Day everybody! How about a trip down memory lane, with Calvin Coolidge…

  15. gator69 says:

    Also of note, this is the day Lincoln passed as a result of Booth’s bullet, and I have a family connection to that ill conceived plot.

    Lewis Powell was one of my ancestors, and it was because of my childhood curiousity about a grandfather I never knew, and a father my father never knew, that we discoverd this dark part of our family’s past. My grandfather passed from injuries sustained from a plane crash 4 months before my father was born. Grandma had packed all her late husbands personal items into old steamer trunks and tucked them away in her attic before dad was old enough to know she had done so. On a visit to dad’s childhood home I asked permission to poke about, as I was bored, and found those trunks. I immedeiately went and asked if it would be OK to explore the contents, and was given a reluctant thumbs up.

    Granddad had been a Navy man, and a pioneering radio operator and designer in his short time on Earth. I found his old flight suits, service revolver, and journals in which he had designed more efficient radios for the Navy, and later Pan Am. Then I found a very old photo of four people hanging from a gallows.

    It wasn’t this photo, but was a much more up close shot that my mother has preserved. To say the least, for a 12 year old boy, it was rather intriguing and quite a mystery. I took it to my father, and it took him nearly 3 days to get his mother to tell him the story of our long lost cousin Lewis Powell. The family refused the body, and it was buried without ceremony, and as far as I know his body is still missing. But his skull was kept…

    For nearly 100 years, the skull of Lewis Thornton Powell rested in an attic storage bin at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. Soon, it may be buried next to the Geneva grave of his mother.

    Eventually his skull was laid to rest by his mother’s grave…

    Powell’s job that fateful night was to assassinate the Secretary of State, Willaim Seward. Seward survived the kinife attack, but bore the scar for the rest of his life.

    Not all our ancestors were heroes. But it is wrong to deny our history, we must own up to it and never forget, lest we repeat the same mistakes.

  16. amirlach says:

    Small world indeed Gator, while i have no direct relations to that event, i knew two relations of the Harold who was hung that day. I am unsure how closely related they were exactly.
    Ben Harold and his son Steven. Steve was the same age as my father and they worked together on many jobs over the years, they apprenticed out of the same shop.

    Steve told me their family had left the US for Canada because the Harold name was “Dirt” in the US. I was too young and uninformed about the assasination to put it together then. The story was the older Harold still had some Confederate money and artifacts, like newspaper clipings and so on stashed away.
    And Steve bore a striking resembalance to David Harold. The one thing i remember the most about him was how he would giggle when recounting one of his many evil plots. He was notorious for laying traps for his coworkers and

    Steven and his son were both killed in a head on collision near Sunnybrook Alberta about 25 years ago.

  17. Eliza says:

    Google may be broken up might teach them a lesson re global warming bias

  18. Heber Rizzo says:

    Could you please make a comparison between satellite and balloon temperature data? I think it is really important.

  19. Andy DC says:

    The rate of warming has not changed since 1910, though the increase of CO2 has been much faster in recent years. Thus a logical conclusion is that CO2 has little effect on the rate of warming, even if you accept that chart, which is totally fraudulent to begin with.

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