President Obama’s Earth Day Visit To Florida

Over the past decade, more people in Florida were killed by George Zimmerman, than by hurricanes or sea level rise. President Obama is flying there tomorrow in a CO2 spewing jet to warn them about the immense dangers of CO2 induced hurricanes and sea level rise.

Hurricanes occur in Florida half as often now as they did during the low-CO2 19th century.

ScreenHunter_1590 Jan. 12 09.22

HURDAT Re-analysis Chronological List of All Hurricanes

The beaches of Florida are essentially identical to 55 years ago.


ScreenHunter_4022 Oct. 25 08.20 


ScreenHunter_4023 Oct. 25 08.22

‘Where the Boys Are’ Disproves Rising Seas Scare

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12 Responses to President Obama’s Earth Day Visit To Florida

  1. gator69 says:

    Skeeter is just going for the golfing, and to celebrtae Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. But of course he could not do that on the public dime, or say that publicly, so he is using the fasified hypothesis of CAGW as an excuse for the trip.

  2. Mohatdebos says:

    You will enjoy this — how to write a long article on stupidity of people in Washington, DC drinking the global warming cool-aid, and then learning that extremely cold winters in are not unusual in Washington. For some Washington-area gardeners, paradise lost

  3. scizzorbill says:

    The Global Warming scam is nearing the end of its career. It’s not really a good scare tactic, as it depends on Mother Nature to support it. This is not happening, and the con artists pushing ClimateGeddon dates farther into the future are boring to the public. But not to worry. The next scam is already prepared, and ready to go viral. Sustainability is the new unbeatable buzz word. Actually, the Earth, and ultimately the Universe is not sustainable, but ‘scientists’ will not go there. Sustainability is flexible, and does not rely on a disprovable claim since nothing is sustainable. The government(s) will decide what is sustainable, and what is not. This might make us long for the days of GoreBull Warming.

    • gator69 says:

      “Malthusianism is a school of ideas derived from the political/economic thought of the Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus, as laid out in his 1798 writings, An Essay on the Principle of Population, which describes how unchecked population growth is exponential while the growth of the food supply was expected to be arithmetical. Malthus believed there were two types of “checks” that could then reduce the population, returning it to a more sustainable level. He believed there were “preventive checks” such as moral restraints (abstinence, delayed marriage until finances become balanced), and restricting marriage against persons suffering poverty and/or defects. Malthus believed in “positive checks”, which lead to ‘premature’ death: disease, starvation, war, resulting in what is called aMalthusian catastrophe. The catastrophe would return population to a lower, more “sustainable”, level.[1][2] The term has been applied in different ways over the last two hundred years, and has been linked to a variety of other political and social movements, but almost always refers to advocates of population control.”

      Malthus failed to be a visionary, and did not foresee technological advances that have allowed humanity to prosper under populations far beyond his imagination. Technology and industrialization have not only saved humanity, but have also assisted in saving the natural world around us. We can now produce the same amount of food that we did in 1960, on a third as much land, leaving more room for nature. It is estimated that we have passed “Peak Farmland”, and that we can continue to support humanity on less farmland.

      Sadly there are still many adherents to 18th century alarmism, and proselytes of Rev Malthuis with us to this day, and they call themselves “sustainability” advocates.

      The following 10 minute video is inspiring, and well researched, and the message is that our grandchildren will be just fine, provided the governments let us be.

    • Disillusioned says:

      “Sustainability” is one of the KEY terms of Agenda 21

  4. Gail Combs says:

    I consider Sustainability to be the code word for Agenda 21.

    Sustainability is actually a substitute word for two other “S” words Serfdom and S*l*a*very.

    ” If you cannot own property, you are property.”
    (Interesting that g*o*ogle no longer shows the origin of that quote.***)

    ….What unites the many different forms of Socialism.. is the conception that socialism (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) must be handed down to the grateful masses in one form or another, by a ruling elite which is not subject to their control…

    *** Origin of the quote

    Varifrank’s Laws

    Here are just a few:

    You don’t get paid by how hard you work, but by how hard you are to replace.

    A man without enemies is a man not living up to his full potential.

    The core idea of western civilization is the phrase “none of your business”.

    The collapse of civilization begins when your next door neighbor takes an interest in whats on your side of the fence.

    If you cannot own property, you are property.


    I am getting the usual will not post comment B.S. so delete *

  5. Dave N says:

    They’re filming a sequel: “Where The Sea Level Rise Isn’t”

  6. gator69 says:

    Fox News producer Jesse Watters asked Earth Day concert attendees in Washington, D.C., Saturday which is a bigger threat: climate change or terrorism?
    “Climate change,” one woman said.
    “Climate change at the moment,” another echoed.
    “I mean, I would go with climate change,” one more said.
    Watters shot back.
    “A lot more people have died because of terrorism,” he said.
    “Yeah, but I’m not a people person,” the woman replied.

    Video and more of the story found here

  7. Stefan Zeiss says:

    Dr. Goddard,

    I am an engineer with decades of experience in measurements and metrology. How is it that NOAA’s recent claim that March of 2015 was hotter than March of 2014 by just 0.05 degrees C credible when the most common accurate fractional temperature sensor, the platinum resistance temperature device (P RTD) is only capable of an error of +/- 0.1 degrees C max, not counting root mean sum squared errors relating to electronics and installations?

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