US Hurricanes Have Plummeted As CO2 Has Risen

President Obama says that rising CO2 causes more hurricanes, when in fact the data shows the exact opposite of what he says.

$29 billion of peer-reviewed science appears to be incapable of spending five minutes doing simple analysis with a spreadsheet.

ScreenHunter_8758 Apr. 21 08.21

HURDAT Re-analysis Chronological List of All Hurricanes

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17 Responses to US Hurricanes Have Plummeted As CO2 Has Risen

  1. Chris Barron says:

    I remember reading a few years ago how the Met Office and the BBC were going to change their opinion that the sun does not affect the weather.

    i wondered what they thought caused the weather before then ?

    The problem here is when will someone in the public media arena hold up graphs like the one above and ….well …just holding it up ought to be enough on its own ?

  2. This site has plenty of good news that correlates with rising CO2:

  3. gator69 says:

    Was Rev Malthus Obama’s pastor?

  4. RMB says:

    The question the President needs to ask himself is “does the ocean’s surface obey the laws of thermodynamics”or put simply, can heat transfer through the surface into the ocean.
    If the ocean obeyed the laws of thermodynamics the ocean surface temperature in for example the coast of New South Wales in high summer would reach 35degs with ease, the trouble is cyclones are triggered by a temperature of 26.5degsC. The place would be uninhabitable. Fortunately for us the ocean’s surface does not obey thlaws of thermodynamics

    • Antonio says:

      Are you really suggesting that our current president consider to understand thermodynamics? Doesn’t he have enough problems with his golf swing to waste time on scientific pursuits?

    • Heat transfers through the surface of the ocean all the time. That is why it is warm.

      • RMB says:

        The thing that is not understood is that the sun radiates energy into the ocean which heats the ocean but what you can not do is heat a gas and have that heat enter the ocean in ADDITION. You can not build up heat in addition to the sun’s rays. That is why the models are all wrong and Trenberth can’t find his heat. Some time ago I decided that I had never seen water heated through its surface so I got myself a heat gun and applied the heat to the surface of the water. The water rejected the heat completely and remained stone cold. As long as the heat being applied to the surface is radiated heat it will penetrate the surface but heat from a gas will not be transferred into the water by convection. AGW is complete nonsense rgds.

      • RMB says:

        You sent me the following comment and it deserves a reply. “heat transfers through the surface of the ocean all the time. That is why it is warm”.In fact heat does not transfer through the surface of the ocean, we assume that it does but we never actually check. You can put heat into water via radiation, you can float a metal pan on the surface and transfer heat via conduction. What you can not do is heat a gas such as co2 and have that heat transfer through the surface of water by convection In ADDITION to the radiated heat.I suggest you grab a heat gun and check this for yourself. The sun has gone to sleep, hurricane activity is at historic low despite rising co2 the climate models don’t work and Trenberth can’t find his heat All because surface tension blocks heat. AGW is complete nonsense. There should be a bucket of water and a heat gun in every house in the land starting with the White House. rgds

  5. I can guarantee that when a CAT 3 or higher hits a US city, the Alarmists will be all over the media saying..”See I told ya so”

  6. menicholas says:

    Is the plural of doofus “doofuses”, or “doofi”?

  7. Antonio says:

    OK, help me here. Looking at the graph, it would appear that there are years in which the number of hurricanes is fractional !! How can this be?

  8. inMAGICn says:

    I’m sure a standard answer is ready: the graph is only US hurricanes. Someone will state that the total number of hurricanes HAS gone up but they’ve missed the US.

    • The trend of global hurricane frequency is essentially flat while that of tropical storms has decreased somewhat. Dr. Ryan Maue of Weatherbell Analytics has been staying on top of this pretty well.

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