Rebuilding The Berlin Wall On Pennsylvania Avenue

During the 1970s we felt sorry for people living in Communist countries, because they were constantly lied to by their government propaganda agencies. Then the Berlin Wall came down, and they moved it over here to the US.

US government agencies claim that Arctic sea ice extent is at a record low, when in fact it is quite close to normal. But you have to go agencies from other countries to find this information out.

Like Denmark.

icecover_current (32)

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Or Norway

ssmi1_ice_extssmi1_ice_ext.png (3333×2500)

BTW – One of the most interesting bike rides in this area is from the White House to the Capitol Building – up the center of Pennsylvania Avenue.


The White House has a global warming agenda, and the last thing they want is for actual facts or science to interfere with it.


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8 Responses to Rebuilding The Berlin Wall On Pennsylvania Avenue

  1. Warren D. Walker says:

    A bike ride to Nowhere – either direction.

  2. Peter says:

    Its sad. US alarmism and extremist policies is leading to a massive loss of confidence in the US administration. They are giving there leadership away. Even my sycophantic Australian Government is being driven away.

  3. gator69 says:

    Why are they still using a “1979-2006 average”? I never knew Norwegians were so fond of cherries!

  4. Is that you on the folding bike Steven?

    A Brompton??

  5. Progressives scold common sense… they say Fences don’t work … defying Thousands of years worth of History… apparently the Chinese wasted their time building the Great Wall… every Fort ever built was useless… Berlin never happened and Fences don’t work in Israel…

    At the White House, however, fences ARE being used to keep people out and Protect what’s inside… but I doubt it will work..

  6. whalnar says:

    So, what is the normal? Are there any established normals for Arctic sea ice cover?

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