Climate Scientists’ War On Reality Continues Unabated

Scientists say that Greenland is getting dark, and is melting down due to rising temperatures.

ScreenHunter_8891 May. 03 06.35

Darkening ice speeds up Greenland melt, new research suggests | Carbon Brief

At the actual Greenland which exists on this planet, they are buried in bright white snow.

ScreenHunter_8890 May. 03 06.32

Hendriks webcam i Tasiilaq

ScreenHunter_8892 May. 03 06.56summit:status:webcam

There has been no net warming in Greenland over the past 90 years

ScreenHunter_8893 May. 03 07.13

Greenland is completely covered with bright white snow

ScreenHunter_8894 May. 03 07.17

Greenland has gained 500 billion tons of snow this year, and every year more snow falls than melts off the surface during the summer

ScreenHunter_8895 May. 03 07.19

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Glacial ice gets dirty because glaciers grind up rocks as they move. That is how Yosemite Valley was formed.

ScreenHunter_8896 May. 03 07.23

What does happen every summer, is that a small area of ice along the west coast of Greenland gets dark from dust and soot blowing on to it. This has nothing to do with global warming, and happens every summer.

ScreenHunter_8898 May. 03 07.27

Climate scientists need to keep their funding coming in, and they know very little about science, so they make up stories about things like Greenland melting down and feed them to the press – who eagerly lap them up.

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17 Responses to Climate Scientists’ War On Reality Continues Unabated

  1. jdseanjd says:

    Keep on trucking, Steve.

    • omanuel says:

      Yes, you are making headway against the world’s most powerful human forces.

      Only last night did I realize that Pope Pius XII may have joined forces with Joseph Stalin in 1945 to avenge for the embarrassment of Copernicus and Galileo ~300-400 years earlier and thus end the rational scientific revolution by inserting the irrational BBC (Big Bang Cosmology) at the beginning.

      • omanuel says:

        The link to the 1951 address by Pope Pius XII to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is posted here:

        Has the PAS had pontifical status in the international organization of NAS (National Academy of Sciences) since 1951?

        • omanuel says:

          Wikipedia lists the NAS (National Academies of Sciences) worldwide that endorse the Nobel Prize winning tale of AGW by Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC:

          This looks suspiciously like the list that also endorses Pope Pious XII’s BBC and creationism.

        • omanuel says:

          “Since 2001, 34 national science academies, three regional academies, and both the international InterAcademy Council and International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences have made formal declarations confirming human induced global warming and urging nations to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.”

          This is how tyrannical governments deceive the public with government lies disguised as lock-step consensus science.

        • jdseanjd says:

          Thanks, Omanuel.
          I’d ask, please, for any feedback on this author himself & his book:
          John L. Casey & Dark Winter, claiming an upcoming, indeed already started, 20 – 30 year cold period through low sunspot activity, & more.

        • omanuel says:


          Global cooling seems much more likely than global warming because solar activity is unusually low and the Sun controls the climate of every planet in the solar system.

  2. gator69 says:

    Sea levels fell during the LIA, and have been slowly recovering. The RWP and MWP saw higher sea levels. Climates change, sea levels change, and ice sheets change. The only thing that does not change, is the stupidity and dishonesty of alarmists.

  3. Eliza says:

    Keep it up. And keep repeating until it gets through. It will of course over time. It will be a slow process. It took ~100 years to get rid of communism (and still some in China, N Korea and Cuba believe in it (but this will fizzle out as well.) Actually I think Cuba will completely drop it within the next 10 years.

  4. Pathway says:

    Looks like a couple of brave souls were out playing the front nine this morning but they may have to dig a tunnel to get back into the clubhouse for afternoon cocktails.

    • Andy DC says:

      Looks like some unseasonable, early morning frost on the green at the Greenland Country Club. A couple hours of sunshine shoud take care of that.

      Tiger will have to wear an extra layer of underwear to keep his “equipment” from malfunctioing or freezing, but otherwise conditions look ideal for golf on this fine May day!

  5. Hugh K says:

    Serious Question — At any point in history, has such a large number dwelt in fantasyland?
    Follow up — I thought the internet was supposed to make us smarter (or was that smarmier)?!?

  6. “…After the rain, when the sun comes out,
    It will be the hottest day ever;
    Computer models will confirm that this is the case;
    These climate scientists are so very clever.

    But what happens, instead, on a day full of clouds,
    With neither any sun nor rain?
    Then the scientists will know that this is a sign,
    That it will never ever snow again!

    If it does snow again?; then that’s just further proof,
    That the oceans are storing the heat.
    This climate science witchcraft is such clever stuff,
    Mother Nature could never compete!…”
    Read more:

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