I’m Just Back From CVS

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15 Responses to I’m Just Back From CVS

  1. Llanero says:

    Hope you scored some phat loot!

  2. Warren D. Walker says:

    Did you squeeze?

  3. Truthseeker says:

    Explanation for those of us from out of town?

  4. omanuel says:

    If you view the looters as inferior members of the human species, rather than as your equals, them you may have some comprehension of the contempt that world leaders have for those they can manipulate and control by inciting racial and religious violence and making certain both sides have access to drugs and alcohol.

    • LeeHarvey says:

      What if I see the looters as the natural consequence of multiple generations being told that they’re not smart enough to live their lives without a Democrat government ‘looking out’ for them?

  5. zip adee says:

    That will come in handy when you need to take a Gore and wipe your Hansen.

  6. LeeHarvey says:

    I’m honestly surprised that we didn’t hear about the symbolism of wiping one’s ass with white toilet paper.

  7. Cornelius says:

    I can imagine the admonishment from a group of annoyed women shoppers: “Mr. Whipple, please don’t loot the CVS!”

    Hey, even the venerable Mr. Whipple needs to be given some room to destroy and loot once in a while. He was already a serial fondler … rather a creepy character, in retrospect.

  8. rah says:

    Ya’ll do realize that they were stealing TP because CVS doesn’t see or stock cigarettes anymore. Speaking of which. For about 6 months of my driving career I delivered to CVS stores. I was paid $1,500 a week. I would pick up a 53′ trailer having product for 2 to 4 stores in it. Besides driving it there I set up roller conveyor and it was my job to load the stuff for that given store onto that conveyor and the store took it from there.

    About the only things you find in those stores that I didn’t deliver were the national brands of beers and liquors and of course the sodas. That stuff was handled by the Distributors for those particular products. But I was delivering everything else, including everything from all classes of pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, to plastic lawn furniture, to bottled water, off brand beers, wines, and tobacco products.

    I would make two runs a week usually taking only one or at the most two days per run. Now if you think I was being over paid, think again. On a 90 deg F day it easily gets up 120 deg F in one of those trailers. It was not unusual for me to consume a 1/2 gallon of Gatoraid or water at each stop on a hot day. Sure did keep me in shape though.

    But getting to the point. Tobacco products are high value and there is a whole lot of pilferage down through the chain. So when CVS goes on about dropping cigs for your health don’t believe that BS for a minute.

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