National Wildlife Federation Predicts Lake Superior Will Become Ice-Free In Winter

As Great Lakes ice soars to record levels, Michael Oppenheimer predicts they will become ice-free in winter.

ScreenHunter_9002 May. 06 08.00

Global Warming and the Great Lakes – National Wildlife Federation

ScreenHunter_9000 May. 06 07.59

A better question might be whether they will continue to be ice-free in summer.

ScreenHunter_9003 May. 06 08.04

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11 Responses to National Wildlife Federation Predicts Lake Superior Will Become Ice-Free In Winter

  1. “…One after another
    Threats of doom and disaster;
    More and more propaganda,
    Spewed out faster and faster.
    Yet not one of the predictions
    Have ever come true;
    Perhaps a pause for thought
    Is long overdue?”
    Read more:

  2. Steve Case says:

    Dr Seuss

  3. Marsh says:

    Just maybe, they are confused with another Lake Superior, perhaps the one in South Africa. Only a complete Moron, would suggest the Great Lakes now have warmer Winters ; when the reverse is the case. How does it go,,, “You can fool all the people some of………….” ?

  4. Hope Forjohncleese says:

    My family is lucky enough to have a beach house on the East shore of lake Michigan. The water temperature can always “turn” over-night and drop to 52 degrees for a day or 2, but last year was the first it was too cold for me to swim at all during the summer. Anywhere near the shore it has been like someone left a giant refrigerator door open.

  5. oeman50 says:

    Just wait another 30 years and then say it will take another 30 years. Predictions that far into the future are unverifiable, so they can get away with saying just about anything.

  6. Dave1billion says:

    Yet again I learn that time started (or thermometers were invented) 30 years ago.

    Or maybe that’s when they dug the Great Lakes.

    It’s so hard to keep track of when the universe started nowadays. But I do know that the most common timeframe seems to be centered around 1979.

  7. Eric Simpson says:

    1 to 3 inches of snow predicted for Big Bear in socal for Friday. May 8th.

  8. rah says:

    Oh come on now. What do you expect? The morons from Salon and Slate were claiming that the strong lake effect snow Nov 18th in Buffalo was caused by warming lakes that should have been frozen by that time. Temps for all the Great Lakes were below normal for all of 2014 after a tough winter and a rather mild summer. On average Lake Erie only attains 90% ice coverage 7 out every 10 winters and that 90% level when met, usually occurs in early Feb.

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