Two New Government Funded Research Papers

1. Did A Butterfly Cause Hurricane Sandy?

The chaotic nature of Hurricane Sandy could only have been caused by a butterfly flapping its wings. Climate justice demands that butterflies be exterminated.

– Dr. Mannkel E. Mike   State Penn University

2. 1930’s Unemployment Caused By Soup Lines

Reanalysis of economic data shows that high unemployment in the 1930s had 97% correlation with soup lines, and unemployment lines lag soup lines by 50 days. The key to keeping unemployment down is to ban soup lines.

Dr. Seremy D. Jhakun  Lostin College

ScreenHunter_1771 May. 07 20.03

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18 Responses to Two New Government Funded Research Papers

  1. amirlach says:

    Have no Fear! Captain Presnit is HEAR!!!…

    • amirlach says:

      To save us… Yep!

    • larrygeiger says:

      Hulk SMASH!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • These 2 studies are total academic hogwash… crap… can you believe Grants are used to pay for such BS??

      Today, the same ‘Science’ is telling us the Unemployment Rate is 5.4%…. all while less people are working as a % of able bodied adults… its a Recovery!!

      • DD More says:

        See if you can spot the problem.

        Week Ending Initial Claims
        4-Apr-15 = 282000
        11-Apr-15 = 295000
        18-Apr-15 = 296000
        25-Apr-15 = 262000

        Total Apr-15 = 1,135,000

        Click to access data.pdf

        Initial unemployment claims.

        US economy rebounding with solid if unspectacular job gains
        AP Economics Writer

        WASHINGTON (AP) — Rebounding from a dismal start to the year, the U.S. economy added 223,000 jobs in April, a solid gain that suggested that employers are helping fuel a durable if still subpar recovery.
        A story on new hires.

        Oh, there are massive soup lines, they are just hidden by the use of EBT cards.
        America has over 44 million people on Food Stamps. The food stamps program’s real name is Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

        The Food Stamp program is “hidden” from view through Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards that work just as credit cards. This article visualizes the size of the program and the vast amounts of people participating.

  2. Super computers cause globe to warm:
    Now proven by repeated coincidental occurrences, the operation of super computers by NASA, NOAA & the Met office have significantly warmed planet earth. It’s unclear whether it is directly by heat from the computers or from the greenhouse effect of the methane emanating from the huge pile of BS.
    G. Issmyass.

  3. Ron Scribner says:

    Global warming Colorado springs this morning!! …………

    • Ernest Bush says:

      It was 56 degrees this morning in Yuma, Arizona, and the high is expected to be 77 degrees. We are all digging out long sleeve shirts and jackets here. May will be cooler than March was. It has been in the mid to low 80s this week. and may dip back into the 80s mid-week next week after rising to 91 degrees for a couple of days. Truly freaky weather here.

  4. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for using your keen analytical mind and your innate BS detector to confront government lies that have been disguised as “consensus science.”

  5. Warren D. Walker says:

    I suppose both Institutions offer degrees B.S.

  6. Mannkie Mike should be in the State Penn for what he did to science.

  7. Global warming is caused by sweating. There is a 97% correlation between hot days and human sweat, and a new medical procedure that removes sweat glands from skin has successfully finished clinical tests at State Penn University by team leader Dr Mann Piltdown DS (doctor of sweatology)

  8. Robertv says:

    Jobs Jobs Jobs.

  9. Robertv says:

    Jobs Jobs Jobs

  10. Robertv says:

    Jobs Jobs Jobs

  11. johnbuna says:

    Reblogged this on John Hargrove’s Weblog.

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