National Wildlife Federation – Inspiring Americans To Lie To And Frighten Children

ScreenHunter_9092 May. 09 07.58
ScreenHunter_9094 May. 09 07.59
ScreenHunter_9095 May. 09 08.00

Global Warming and the Great Lakes – National Wildlife Federation

Great Lakes ice cover was third highest on record this winter. last year was the highest.

ScreenHunter_9090 May. 09 07.54


Lake Erie water level is the same as 60 years ago.

ScreenHunter_9096 May. 09 08.07

GLWLD – Great Lakes Water Level Dashboard

As always, not a single word of the global warming rhetoric is correct.

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4 Responses to National Wildlife Federation – Inspiring Americans To Lie To And Frighten Children

  1. darrylb says:

    I have to go about debunking a long article in the Minneapolis Tribune, which has a bottom line that the reason for the decline in walleye fishing in Lake Mille Lacs MN, (large enough so one cannot see across it) is because of global warming killing off one of the walleye’s favorite foods.
    More doggone research.

  2. darrylb says:

    One thing I am doing is checking the long term temperature record of sights near the lake.
    Also, they did not mention, as I suspected before I read the article, anything about water temperatures. If any info comes my way, I would appreciate it. It was in the paper on Friday May 1st, top of front page.

  3. ossqss says:

    How were those Great Lakes formed again?

    • gregole says:

      Nice graphic. You have to wonder though, how Mankind between 14,000 and 4,000 years ago managed to cause the wanton destruction of all that glacial ice; since we all know that climate change has to be attributed to Mankind. Settled science and all.

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