Tories To Slash Climate Scam Funding

More good news. The climate criminals in academia and government agencies are losing funding all over the world.

The Independent understands that the Department of Business and the Department of Energy and Climate Change, previously run by the Lib Dems, will be among the biggest casualties in terms of spending reductions.

Unshackled from Coalition partners, Tories get ready to push radical agenda – General Election 2015 – UK Politics – The Independent


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53 Responses to Tories To Slash Climate Scam Funding

  1. ren says:

    Some of the highest elevations of the Rockies can expect well over a foot of snow by the time the storm winds down. This snow comes a little too late for any skiing, as all of the ski resorts except Arapahoe Basin have closed for the season. Still, this storm is going to cause major travel delays from California to Colorado, as it dumps snow and heavy rainfall today through Sunday.

  2. Oh this is great news. But maybe part of their agenda. Most pensions are invested in their scam. A setup perhaps!

  3. myrightpenguin says:

    We’ll see, but the logic makes sense of the small majority making Cameron take note of sentiment of his backbenches more than when he had the LibDems for cover.

  4. thojak says:

    Sounds great ! 🙂
    However, I’ll believe it as soon as I see it…

  5. “….So we held up our hands, saying that we would pay,
    If our governments would make it all go away.
    So taxes were raised, and grants were paid out,
    (But not to those who cast any doubt).

    Vast funds for the scientists, to give us salvation,
    As they promised to save our next generation.
    But surprise, surprise, no warming came,
    And summers and winters remained just the same….”

    Read more:

  6. When there is no money in lying, most people would rather just tell the truth.

  7. ren says:

    Volcanic earthquakes at Mount Hakone increased their frequency on 26 April. Since then, May 4, there has been about 790 aftershocks of magnitude 2.6 on the Richter scale. But on Tuesday magnitude shocks has increased significantly, which felt Ovakudani residents in the valley.

    Hakone is an extinct volcano, located 80 km from Tokyo, part of the National Park Fuji-Hakone-Izu. In its crater there are a couple of young volcanic peaks and Lake Ashi. The last time this ancient volcano erupted in 1170.

  8. AndyG55 says:

    “Tories To Slash Climate Scam Funding”

    All I can say is.. SWEEEEET !

    About bl**dy time, too . 🙂

  9. rah says:

    They are also going to cut way back on the green energy funding. Chris must be concerned right now. Haven’t seen him posting for a few days.

    • Gail Combs says:

      He is busy selling off all his stock and writing his resume….

      • Chris Barron says:

        The richest wind company in the UK was started by a new age hippy with a single home built turbine. His business model of 80% reinvestment for growth is sustainable without subsidies, it’s the big energy companies who only reinvest at 10% (and even less) rate who need to do some business remodelling

        We’ll see what will happen won’t we , The big traditional high profit companies will suffer worst of all.

        If it causes the collapse of the wind industry and it’s loss of tens of thousands of jobs the Tories will need to resolve that issue….but i can’t see it even happening.

        Won’t it be funny if the subsidies are withdrawn and the wind businesses who are doing well don’t go bust….that will shut up the naysayers forever.

        And hopefully the subsidy on nuclear will get pulled too, even without the subsidy it is too costly

        • Billy Liar says:

          If it causes the collapse of the wind industry and it’s loss of tens of thousands of jobs the Tories will need to resolve that issue….but i can’t see it even happening.

          I feel sorry for all those Danes who will be out of work. Of course, being highly efficient the existing windmills only require a tiny, tiny labor force to maintain them.

        • Chris Barron says:

          Do we employ Danes in the UK ? !

        • Billy Liar says:

          Vestas Spare Parts & Repair

          Langelandsvej 8
          8940 Randers SV
          Phone: (+45) 97 30 00 00

        • Chris Barron says:

          I can imagine that there will be very little change there.

          When the turbines need refurbishing at end of life the multitude of engineering specialist who rebuild them will still be going in post-subsidy days.

          unless I’m wrong and everyone else is right….and so the Chinese rare earth metal industry must also face destruction 😉

        • DD More says:

          What if the 3.7 jobs lost per 1 job gain can be reversed. That will lead to more jobs, or has your magical ‘green energy’ jobs shown up at the 60,000 over 9 year time span.

          Government support for the renewable sector in Scotland is costing more jobs than it creates, a report has claimed.
          A study by consultants Verso Economics found there was a negative impact from the policy to promote the industry.
          It said 3.7 jobs were lost for every one created in the UK as a whole and that political leaders needed to engage in “honest debate” about the issue.
          The Scottish government called the study “misleading” and said 60,000 jobs could be created by the sector by 2020.

  10. Chris Barron says:

    It’s a pity that it was the conservatives who also pretty much closed down the coal industry causing over a decade of high unemployment and the destruction of many families due to poverty….makes me wonder what the long term plan is

  11. Chris Barron says:

    If cuts make common sense we have to applaud them…..the problem is that cuts aren’t necessarily cost effective…

    David Cameron’s savage welfare reforms are in chaos, with a record ­number of disabled ­people winning appeals against their ­benefits being slashed.

    New figures show that 65,600 claimants went to court last year and 25,700 – 39 per cent – won back disability allowances which had been wrongly taken away.

    David Cameron’s savage welfare reforms are in chaos, with a record ­number of disabled ­people winning appeals against their ­benefits being slashed.

    New figures show that 65,600 claimants went to court last year and 25,700 – 39 per cent – won back disability allowances which had been wrongly taken away.

    That is a record high, up from 19,000 appeal wins in 2010.

    Cases cost an average of £239 each and the shambles is costing up to £50million a year, with ­admin and overheads accounting for £13million a year.

    Courts are so overrun that the Tribunal Service, which manages benefit appeals, is being forced to hire hotels for hearings.

    Doctors are paid £50 an hour to attend them and ­occupational therapists are paid £30 an hour to sit on the panels.

    Eighty new judges on £100,000 a year and 170 medical panel members have been drafted in to help clear a backlog of cases.

    And claimants, whose benefits are stopped until their case goes to court, face waiting up to two years for their hearing.

    The fiasco follows the launch of an aggressive Government campaign to cut benefit fraud, which costs the taxpayer £3billion a year.

  12. Chris Barron says:

    Despite there being at least 150 years of coal left (allegedly)…the Tories closed the coal business…They seem to have a record for closing things when ti makes least sense to do so

    QUOTE (Daily Record, 2014)

    DAVID Cameron was yesterday told to apologise after Tory lies about their secret plot to close Britain’s coal mines was finally exposed.

    Newly released Cabinet papers from 1984 show miners’ union leader Arthur Scargill was right to claim there was a secret hit list of more than 70 pits marked for closure despite Margaret Thatcher’s denials.

    And yesterday the son of former Scottish miners’ leader Mick McGahey said the Prime Minister owed the miners and the whole country an apology.

    Mick McGahey jnr, who was a worker at the Bilston Glen colliery in Midlothian during the strike, said: “David Cameron should apologise to the British public for Margaret Thatcher’s lies.

    “We have always known the truth, now the whole of Britain knows the truth. They lied and lied again. The miners’ strike was not planned by Scargill, it was planned by Thatcher.

    “David Cameron and his Tory ministers should share the shame and be big enough to apologise for the lies and the deceit.”

    Before the strike began in April 1984, National Union of Mineworkers leader Scargill said that there was a secret hit-list of more than 70 pits marked for closure.

    But Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government and the National Coal Board claimed they wanted to only close 20.

    However, documents from the time reveal a plan to shut 75 over three years.

    McGahey jnr, who is now a branch secretary with the union Unison, said: “The miners knew that was the case. The Tory government stockpiled coal.”

    • A C Osborn says:

      It just goes to show how litle Mr Barron understands about the history of Coal Mining in the UK and how much coal is still left.
      80% of all coal mining jobs were lost between 1920 & 1980, before Maggie even got in to power.
      She crucially closed most of the remainder.
      There is between 3 & 23Trillion Tons of Coal under and around the UK, enough to power us for Centuries

        • Chris Barron says:

          That’s old news…old technology, with well know risks…

          Quoted material below

          UCG’s polluting past history

          Irrespective of the risks, due to the potential resource which might be harvested, UCG is an attractive technology for economic pundits. What has confounded their optimism is that while various companies and governments have tried to get UCG working for over 80 years, most have ending in failure.

          There are two small plants, in Uzbekistan and South Africa, but thus far they have not transparently report the impacts of their operations.

          Trials in Britain during the 1950s, then the USA during the 1970s, then Europe during the 1990s, and most recently Australia during the 2000s, were abandoned – usually leaving behind a contaminated environment.

          In the USA the trials caused varying levels of pollution and environmental contamination. The sites were declared ‘superfund’ zones to pay for their clean-up.

          More recently all three test plants in Australia have shut due to concerns about environmental pollution, or the ability to safely decommission the site once operations ceased.

          In Queensland the plant operators have been, or currently are in court facing prosecution for the pollution they have created. Linc Energy have also allegedly exposed workers to dangerous substances, and leaked documents claim irreversible damage to the environment.

          Within the last few weeks it appears – following the discovery of high levels of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide (components of UCG syngas) – that the Linc Energy site may have polluted the ground with toxic gases over a wide area.

          The Queensland state government has declared a ‘no dig’ exclusion zone over 320 square kilometres of land to protect the public from the risk of exposure to the gas.

        • Chris Barron says:

          The company doing the UCG work in Tynesdie is Five Quarter….listed at the start of 2014 with a value of a mere £693,000 Net Worth
          Read more at:

          Their listed address is the same as 195 other companies…IE it is a mailing service

          I wouldn’t invest in a company which lacks a head office, would you, AC Osborne ?

        • Chris Barron says:

          Okay I take that back….they work out of here, where managed offices can be had for £300/month

          An office worthy of their financial confidence ? Hard to say, but they haven’t produced any gas yet, they merely hold licences

      • Chris Barron says:

        My understanding of the well documented 20th century mine closures goes along the lines of the majority were closed due to a lack of coal (1920-1980) . The Tories closed the majority of the remainder not due to a lack of coal but for financial reasons, which amounts to a different reality. I don’t know if you see those as the same thing, my perception is that they’re different, because clearly there is no point keeping a mine open if there is no product to recover

        ‘Between 3 to 23 trillion tons’ …..not a bit vague is it….written by a global warming alarmist who estimates sea level rises for a living perhaps ? 😉

  13. Chris Barron says:

    In the late 90s, while the wind industry was pre occupied with where the next round of subsidies were coming from, we came up with the concept of ‘Merchant Wind Power’.

    Basically it’s about building windmills on industrial sites. Providing green electricity at the point of use – and so avoiding the costs of using the grid for delivery. This, we reasoned, would enable us to build wind turbines without subsidies and sell the power without a premium.

    It took us a couple of years to get the idea off the ground, and in 2001 we built our first Merchant Wind Power project at Sainsbury’s cold store and distribution depot near Glasgow.

    In the process we built the UK’s first fully commercial wind turbine, perhaps the world’s first.

  14. Chris Barron says:


    Existing wind farms and those already with planning permission would be protected from the change but energy minister Michael Fallon said these would be enough to meet 2020 targets set by the EU – meaning any further developments should not be subsidised.

    Instead, the money will be used to back other renewable technologies as part of a mix of energy supplies.

    SO – they’re scrapping the wind subsidy and giving the money to other renewables.

    Everything I have already said about needing a broad energy mix seems to be getting the support of the much loved Tories 🙂

    At this point I expect to see some backtracking – “Oh it was only wind subsidies I objected to, etc etc”

  15. ren says:

    The lower stratosphere shows that you will not too warm in Europe (except Spain).,68.24,442

    • Chris Barron says:

      It’s the Spanish F1 grand prix tommorrow…..Ferrari will run well in those conditions. ….though they might not quitr be able to catch Mercedes

  16. rah says:

    This article from American Thinker claims that Labor got slammed because of high energy prices resulting from subsidizing “renewable” energy sources.

    British Conservatives Win
    By Chriss Street

    Unappreciated by most Americans so far, the Conservative Party’s running the table in the latest UK general election was an underlying wave of public support for Prime Minister David Cameron and his party’s pledge to go ‘all out for shale gas.’ With UK residential consumers in 2014 hit with a +$26 higher monthly electric bills to subsidize renewables and the nation’s energy grid on the verge of rolling blackouts, the British public rebelled against the Labour Party going all out for its climate-change agenda.

    The shock and awe of the Conservatives winning 43 percent more seats than the Labour Party has dumbfounded the media. But the election saw Ed Davey, the UK’s Energy Secretary and a Liberal Democrat Party leader; lose his seat in parliament to Conservative rival James Berry after Davey campaigned on a platform of “Keep Britain Green.” Davey wanted to expand the Green Investment Bank that he set up to invest public money into renewable projects, Berry won by promising to end it.

    The most recent UK Department of Energy and Climate Change “Public Attitude Tracker” released on April 28 revealed that “The proportion of people that rank energy supply (20%) and climate change (15%) as the top three challenges facing Britain has significantly dropped (from 31% and 22% respectively in March 2014), and now rank in the bottom three.

    The Labour Party totally embraced the global climate change agenda in 2008 by passing the ‘Climate Change Act’ (CCA), shortly after Gordon Brown was installed as UK prime minister. The CCA mandated an 80% carbon emissions reduction by 2050, with an interim target of 40% of electricity from low carbon sources by 2020. The Labour government required the adoption of five-year “carbon budgets” based on recommendations from the highly-politicized “Committee on Climate Change,” whose “unbiased” experts’’ home page states, “A balanced response to the risks of dangerous climate change.”

    Labour said they had abandoned the “Old Regime” controlled by “Market Logic” were now embracing “transition pathways for a UK low carbon electricity future.” They promised a “New Regime” led by “Civil Society Logic” and “Government Logic.”

    Labour’s manifesto, ‘The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan,’ states “There will be costs to the transition. But they are far outweighed by the costs if we didn’t act and faced the expense of adapting and coping with dangerous climate change.”

    Labour expected the British public to pay for “carbon transition” though “feed-in tariffs” (FIT) to promote renewable energy production. The huge cash incentive subsidies were so lucrative, that over the next 7 years renewable energy production in the UK more than tripled to 22 percent of all electricity supplied to the UK National Grid.

    Despite historically benefiting from cheaper coal and domestic offshore oil production, British electrical rates due to renewable subsidies are now the third highest in Europe. The reason UK electrical rates are almost 50 percent higher than France’s 10.74 cent per kilowatt hour, is “FIT” pays renewables an average subsidy premium of +6.92 cents per kilowatt hour above the price paid for fossil fuel generated electrical power. Even more expensive, the UK Supreme Court in 2012 upheld under FIT, “small scale” renewables must be paid a premium of +33.30 cents per kilowatt hour.

    The British success in subsidizing higher production of renewable energy supplies caused consumer monthly electric bills to rise by +$26 England & Wales, $10 in Scotland, and $28 for the poor with bad credit who pre-pay for residential electricity.

    With the ‘Climate Change Act’ undermining the building or maintaining of non-interruptible fossil fuel plants, the UK National Grid was required to take “emergency measures to prevent blackouts this winter” as British standby electrical capacity has relentlessly shriveled to just 4 percent of capacity. With renewables unable to produce energy in periods of low wind and overcast skies, the National Grid predicts their “buffer” capacity will fall to 2.8 percent next winter. Anytime a series of power plant breakdown or go offline for any reason, the UK could suffer widespread blackouts.

    The British Geological Society has already completed 15,000 miles of seismic soundings across the Midlands and estimates that the range shale gas in place is between 49.4 and 134.6 trillion cubic feet and the range of shale oil in place is between 3.2 and 11.2 billion barrels. The area is known as the British industrial rust-belt and has long been plagued with high unemployment and poverty.

    Energy policies were not seen as a priority during recent election, but the British public knew there was a clear policy choice between the Conservatives’ support for a fracking boom in the Midlands and Labour’s determination to prevent it.

    American Conservatives should take a lesson for the British election. The way to run the tables in national elections is to have the guts to risk asking the voters to choose between promises of a “New Regime” led by “Civil Society Logic” and “Government Logic,” supporting the “Market Logic” the offers prosperity and personal freedom.

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