25 Years Of The Identical Nonsense From Hansen And Gore

In 1990, Hansen was 99% sure of global warming, and Al Gore said it was the biggest environmental problem ever and would kill us all.

ScreenHunter_1832 May. 13 11.01ScreenHunter_1831 May. 13 11.00

Global temperatures have hardly changed since 1990, other than a dip the early 1990’s caused by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. These buffoons continue to push the same scam 25 years later.

ScreenHunter_1835 May. 13 11.36

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5 Responses to 25 Years Of The Identical Nonsense From Hansen And Gore

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Gore & Hansen sacrificed their honor and honesty for a life fame, wealth and popularity.
    Guys like Mann & Schmidt, craving a 1st Class seat on the Fame Train did the same and hopped on for the ride.

    History will be very unkind to them. Their actions provided the scientific cover for the hijacking of public policy and the diversion & wasting of $$$$$Trillions of public dollars on useless Eco scams & schemes.

    Crimes against the god of humanity.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    If you want a real belly laugh watch this to the end:

    • Anthony S says:

      As a resident of southeast Connecticut, those messages ring true. It’s rather sobering that we no longer have lower taxes than NY, and in fact NY is bombarding the state with commercials touting all the business taxes the state has cut or removed completely.

  3. “….The time has come to open our eyes;
    The time has come to question the lies;
    The time has come to challenge the claims being made,
    The time has come to stop being afraid!”

    Read More: http://wp.me/p3KQlH-4m

  4. Hifast says:

    “Spokesman for Potential Trouble–James Hansen” = Boy Who Cried Wolf

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