Australia Permanent Drought Update

Seven years ago, BOM announced that the drought was permanent

ScreenHunter_5996 Jan. 12 09.27This drought may never break – Environment –

Here is the latest update from BOM

ScreenHunter_9216 May. 13 06.34 ScreenHunter_9215 May. 13 06.34 Wild weather set to hit Victoria, with blizzards, snow and hail forecast – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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9 Responses to Australia Permanent Drought Update

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    its been icy cold even in the lower sth east of the state. lighter rain falls but the winds were bad.
    the woodfire is being fed 🙂 the horse is in a padded rug 🙂
    its cold!

    • SMS says:

      How can that be? Tim Flannery has spoken, and like the Great and Powerful Oz; his words must be heeded. You are in a deep drought and it is getting hotter. Don’t forget that.

      Tim Flannery, voted Australian of the Year. You must be so proud. But I’ll do you one better. We have a president who was given a second term for incompetence and the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.

  2. michaelspencer2 says:

    But! But! This must surely be propaganda! After all, the ‘experts’ have pronounced ….. 🙂

  3. Hugh says:

    And yet another proof of climate disruption from climate risk denialists. /sarc

    Frankly I’m not sure what the alarmists do if Australia starts getting more rain; they probably try to say it is a bad thing for endemic plants.

  4. Ted says:

    Watch out down there. You’re really going to get it now:

    Pastor Kevin has spoken. “What we are seeing is unprecedented, a sort of double El Nino.”
    If you want to see how impossibly, unprecedentedly, disastrous this latest El Nino is, take a look at the latest graph:

    Scary, isn’t it? We’re all doomed. Doooooooooooooommmmmmmmmed!

    • AndyG55 says:

      Perhaps if they realised that El Nino is a release of energy fro the ocean to the atmosphere, ie.. A COOLING EVENT, they wouldn’t get so exited.

      While the sun was powering away during the latter half of last century, these releases caused small step changes in the atmospheric temperature,.. particularly the major on around 1998…


      the El Ninos that have occurred this century have only cause a brief spike, WITHOUT the general upward step.

      The world can only warm when it is getting sufficient energy from the outside, ie Sol, and at the moment, it isn’t.

      • Dmh says:

        The following graph shows SST step-changes corresponding to recent El-Ninos

        (from this post:

        The last one after the 2009-2010 El-Nino could look like it caused a further increase in world’s temperatures and SST, but the slight upward change was not caused by the El-Nino itself, it was the maximum of the present solar cycle (2011-2014).
        To see this more clearly, compare e.g. with the strong decrease in SST in 2008, *exclusively* due to the Sun.
        Also, the present (weak) El-Nino is not bringing any increase on the SST, or world’s temperatures, which are in fact *decreasing* since the beginning of the year,

        ENSO certainly is an important factor of local climate instability, but it’s the solar radiations that determine the new level of energy (temperature) after the oscillation ends.

  5. scott allen says:

    you fail to understand that the rain and snow fall (no matter how much they get) is just weather and and the really, really long term, say 500 years is for a drought and we are right and you should be arrested because. you don’t agree with us.
    oh and you’re going to burn in hell because the pope said so, because you don’t believe in global warming. I bet he’d change his mind if every who gave the church money, said that they were redirecting their donation to the global warming effort.

  6. Billy Liar says:

    I love the photo caption:

    Victoria’s alpine areas, including Mount Hotham, have already had snow falls before the start of the official season.

    That’s lucky! Otherwise there wouldn’t be anything to ski on when the season starts!

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