95% Probability Tom Karl Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About

Fifteen years ago, Tom Karl said there was a 95% chance that warming from 1997 to 1999 was due to Mann-made global warming.

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Google News Archive Search

There hasn’t been any warming since 1997.  Only a climate illiterate  would suggest that the 1998 El Nino was indicative of a trend.

ScreenHunter_9245 May. 14 09.31

Even Tom Wigley understood this at the time.

ScreenHunter_9247 May. 14 09.36


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10 Responses to 95% Probability Tom Karl Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About

  1. Gail Combs says:

    “95% Probability Tom Karl Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About is paid big bucks to lie”

    There fixed it for ya.

  2. darrylb says:

    Kudos to Tom Wigley

  3. SMS says:

    I remember 1998 quite well. It was a bell weather year for climate scientists. It was the year they hung their hats on as proof that CAGW was occurring. The red flags went up and the preaching began. They had their CAGW indicator.

    Here it is 16 years later and their proof went down the toilet. Now they have to massage the data until it yells to get even a whimper of proof. Poor bastards. They must be shaking in their boots knowing that someday the public is going to become aware of all the deceit and want their pound of flesh. But it’s going to take longer than it should because the media is covering so well for them. Standing behind the media are the democrats. So maybe I’m being a little optimistic on the pubic getting their pound of flesh anytime soon. Maybe someday.

    • Gail Combs says:

      We have to be very careful in the coming elections to make sure we get a REAL conservative instead of a RINO. The more I learn the more I realize what an up hill battle we have a head of us.

      Pam Geller has managed to shove a wedge in the elites fortress which is why I support her and her stand for free speech. She has literally put her life on the line for our freedom.

      see my comments:

    • DD More says:

      Glad to hear someone else remember it like I do. Do you also recall how they road that 1998 spike for several years to say their models were working because the spike got temperatures in to the bottom of the 95% significance zone?

      • Gail Combs says:


        You can actually SEE what they did to cheat. Tom Nelson shows NOAA lowered past global temperature by more than 4F since 1997.

        If we are barely a bit warmer according to them, it means the earth is really cooling (by their data)

        • Neal S says:

          To me the temperature ‘adjustments’ are an indication of some combination of
          lying and/or incompetence either then and/or now or both. Considering that it
          has to be at least one of those, there is no combination which reflects well on
          the adjustment gang. I don’t think you could pay me enough money to be
          one of them. (But please try as long as I don’t have to agree, and don’t have
          to give the money back either)

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