An Accurate Climate Model Forecast

In 1999, Pat Michaels made one of the very few accurate climate model forecasts

ScreenHunter_9284 May. 15 09.29

Bangor Daily News – Google News Archive Search

His forecast was spot on.

ScreenHunter_9286 May. 15 09.35

Climate Analysis | Remote Sensing Systems


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9 Responses to An Accurate Climate Model Forecast

  1. SMS says:

    How far off is that climate model going to be when we go into the next ice age?

  2. That is a great article, pointing out how corrupt the process was, and still is. And Michaels is dead-on with every claim. Amazing.

  3. dmacleo says:

    one of the few things the BDN (my local paper) got right I guess.

  4. David A says:

    I would be curious to see the 99 model, and how they have changed. Of course the current model match fairly well until after 1998, is likely due to hind-casting with particulates, and to adjusting surface data.

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