George Stephanopholus – An Impartial Newscaster For Over 20 Years

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13 Responses to George Stephanopholus – An Impartial Newscaster For Over 20 Years

  1. Bob Greene says:

    Did anyone really think he was anything but a Dem/Clinton partisan?

    • Andy Martin says:

      Nope. They all lie it just depends on whether they get caught or not.

    • Yes. I know plenty of such people around town. I even know some who say he’s a right-winger. This is The People’s Republic of Boulder.

    • Frank K. says:

      There is nothing new here. That the MSM is in the tank for the extreme left wing progressives and the Democrat party is very OLD NEWS. The only thing new is that he was caught and will now (like many in the self-absorbed Hollywood elite class) attempt to rehab his image as a likeable but flawed person who is trying to do the right thing…

      (Remember – forgiveness is something these people don’t offer to ANYONE on the right…).

  2. rah says:

    And now caught in conflict of interest ABC has refused to fire him for a $75,000 contribution to the Clinton personal “Charity” ……. um I mean slush fund. The revolving door between big government and the major media outlets has a lot to do with the miserable credibility of those outlets.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    O/T but of interest.

    Yesterday I mentioned the UK is having a major problem with people leaving the UK to fight for ISIS and then to return to the UK. Scotland Yard’s top counter-terrorism officer warned there was a “massive threat on the streets of the UK” from jihadists who were returning from fighting with Islamic State and engaging in “barbaric” atrocities.

    I mentioned I though we would be seeing something similar here in the USA. Well it has happened but the MSM will not give it wide coverage and our wimpy government doesn’t toss the guy in the indefinite detention without representation pile. (That is reserved for us I guess.)

    …A Mesquite, Texas, man who pledged allegiance to ISIS and lied to the FBI about it was arrested on Thursday, according to a criminal complaint.

    Bilal Abood, 37, a licensed security guard, is charged with making a false statement to the FBI. He faces up to eight years in prison.

    Abood was born in Iraq and migrated to the United States in 2009. He was a naturalized U.S. citizen….
    Abood tried to travel to Iraq from D/FW International Airport on March 29, 2013, but was not allowed to board the flight. He was interviewed by FBI agents….

    The following month, he left DFW for Mexico and traveled through various countries to get to Syria. When he returned in September 2013, he admitted to FBI agents that he had stayed in a Free Syrian Army camp and fought with the group, the complaint said….

    In July 2014, the FBI obtained a search warrant to search his computer. The search found that Abood had pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on June 19, 2014 and had viewed videos of atrocities such as beheadings and had tweeted information on al-Baghdadi, prosecutors said.

    In his interview with FBI agents, he denied he had pledged allegiance to ISIS, and that denial was the basis of his charge.

    It was not clear why agents waited nearly a year to arrest him.

    Abood does not face a terrorism charge and there is no allegation he was planning any attacks in the United States.….

    WTF!!!!! Eight years MAX?!? The guy was in the army of a terrorist group, declared enemy of the USA and he is not facing the death penalty as a F..King TRAITOR!!!!

    This is the real problem in the USA, at least with our so called leaders.

  4. rah says:

    Now Stephanopholus has “apologized” and he and ABC continue the fiction that the Clinton Foundation is just another Charity. And THAT is where the real lie is. IF it was “just another charity” his having donated would not be a big deal. But the fact that it has been used as a personal slush fund for the Clinton clan and in illegal foreign trade deals makes it NOT “just another charity”. Any “news” organization worth the title would be all over this.

  5. NoMoreGore says:

    Why the GOP would even allow ANY lefty news org to moderate is beyond me.

  6. SMS says:

    George Stephanopholus is no different than the rest of the leftist leaning media. What difference is there between what he did to Peter Schweizer recently in an interview and what Candy Crowley did to Mitt Romney? Were either fair and balanced? Brian Williams lies about his life experiences and so does Hillary. The left sees this as alright and anyone who criticizes either of them must be a Republican operative.

    There is a huge double standard in the media. In the media’s eyes It is alright for the left to demonize and lie about the conservatives but it is not alright for the right to show the political biases of a left leaning media.

    I get my news from the internet and on occasion from Fox. But even Fox gets it wrong sometimes. I never watch the major news networks. I’ve worked in industries that have been targeted by environmentalists and the left. I am appalled at the lies that are allowed to be passed onto an ill informed American public as if they were the truth. The media is lazy and politicized and the news they put out is no more than propaganda.

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