Australia Used To Be Hotter

Prior to 1940, hot days in Australia were much more common.

ScreenHunter_9326 May. 16 09.26 

Over the course of the full year, afternoon temperatures in Australia were warmer in the 1880’s than in the past decade.

ScreenHunter_9327 May. 16 09.29

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16 Responses to Australia Used To Be Hotter

  1. David A says:

    Tony, are these “continuously active” stations?

  2. Andy DC says:

    The great increase in UHI effect,with time has probably not been accounted for either. If it is anything like the good, old USA, they cool the past and warm the present, when they should be doing just the opposite.

  3. SMS says:

    Having lived in Australia for a time I found that, like the US, there is a small but very vocal group of people who will find any temperature exception and point to these in a very hysterical way as a sign of CAGW. None of the temperature exceptions they were agitated about were outside the known temperature record history. They just had to find something.

    I don’t know if they’ve changed it yet but I can remember looking at Adelaides different temperature sites and these sites acknowledged that UHI existed. The official temperature site was in Kent Town not too far from the CBD. Comparing temperature records to the airport you could see the UHI signal. But the CSIRO has been fiddling with the records so much you don’t know what is what anymore.

    • AndyG55 says:

      BOM, not CSIRO , does the temperature fiddling.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Stewart Franks has always maintained that nothing experienced recently (last 20-30 years) in the way of weather in Australia is anywhere near “unusual” for this wonderful climatically diverse country of ours.

      Dorothy McKellar noted our extreme range of weather conditions… nothing has much changed.

  4. SxyxS says:

    Of course Australia was hotte -and that many many times.
    There’s a reason why almost the entire continent is such a desert.

  5. Eric Simpson says:

    Prior to 1940, hot days in Australia were much more common.

    And the same is true for the United States. And undoubtedly most of the world. This is because of global warming and our unabated CO2 output. This is because we have just gone through a century of runaway warming as the hockey stick graph clearly shows. This out of control warming is also to blame for all this snow we are getting in May. Man is to blame. Cut CO2 to the bone!

  6. shortchanged says:

    To the man made global warming crowd. The Earth is constantly changing, if it did not would mean it is dead, which it obviously is not. Records going back thousands of years confirm this. One thing I agree with that Mr Abbott has done, is the recognition of this fact and the funding and empire building of these man made climate change groups.
    There are many dedicated scientists who want the world to know this but are prevented by some political correction groups. These groups will never admit it but they are wrong, and history will prove them wrong.

  7. Rational says:

    I know, snow is frozen, warming melts snow! Hey?

  8. shortchanged says:

    You’r Rational, Rational ??

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