A Climate Mitigation Success Story

For $100, I was able to fully recover from yesterday’s fossil fuel powered thunderstorm!

ScreenHunter_1917 May. 17 16.05

This seems like a better option than spending trillions of dollars, giving up our freedom, money and energy security, and not changing the weather one iota.


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10 Responses to A Climate Mitigation Success Story

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    You are derailing the climate gravy train!

  2. I’m not convinced. I mean… a hundred dollars of MY money… I’d rather the government spent a trillion. That has nothing to do with me after all. 😛

  3. Warren D. Walker says:

    I hope you don’t fix flats using CO2 cartridges.

  4. Andy DC says:

    The Weather Service warmed the public of more fossil fuel powered thunderstorms yesterday in the DC area, but they failed to materialize. Thus people stayed in and wasted a perfectly nice afternoon and evening. More today are being forecast.

  5. AndyG55 says:

    Just for you SG ! :

    ENJOY !

    • Robertv says:


      The Netherlands has slipped slightly in the rankings for friendliness to cyclists in the rankings published every two years by the European cycling union.

      Having shared top spot with Denmark in 2013, this time the Dutch have slipped to second, leaving Denmark still at the top of the rankings, broadcaster Nos reports.

      The list is based on five criteria: safety, the importance of biking tourism, the number of bikes sold, the number of people who are members of a cycling union and the percentage of the population that uses the bike as the main means of transport.

      The Dutch are still ahead of the Danes on most use of the bike as transport, safety and biking tourism, but overall the Danes do just that bit better.

      The report showed Luxembourg is the safest country in which to cycle and most bikes are sold in Slovenia.

    • Anthony S says:

      That’s some serious bike control. Reminds me of Peter Sagan when he won the Tour of California this weekend, but much more so.

  6. Is a Carbon Frame bike even More GREEN??

    Carbon… removed from the environment and captured in the frame and wheels of my bike… its like a Prius compared to a Suburban…

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