Desperate Imagery From The Southwest Permanent Drought

Avert your eyes if you are sensitive. New Mexico and Texas are beyond repair.

ScreenHunter_1920 May. 17 16.19ScreenHunter_1919 May. 17 16.16

I was skiing behind Taos Ski Valley on the day Mt. St Helens erupted – which was 35 years ago tomorrow.

ScreenHunter_1921 May. 17 16.26


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12 Responses to Desperate Imagery From The Southwest Permanent Drought

  1. markstoval says:

    My God! Those photos show a veritable Hell on Earth! You should warn a person so we can avert our eyes.

  2. Heh. We were both in Taos that day and probably both skiing, since I skied most weekends (it was a Sunday I think) and quite a few weekdays for that matter. Might have even shared a chair lift for all I know. Weird world.

  3. Gary H says:

    Not a heck of a lot (LOL) of media attention to how the drought situation in Texas and much of the South West has improved from one year ago. From the Drought Monitor (hope this link works):

  4. emsnews says:

    Yes, we are unusually dry here in the Northeast mountains. Hope it rains!

    And Texas is so wet it is like Ireland! Which is very cold right now, by the way. Will be near freezing here again in two days.

    California isn’t so dry anymore, either. Some effing drought.

    • Anthony S says:

      A couple stages of the Tour of California last week ended up quite soggy, and one even had to be relocated because of snow and temps in the 20’s. Quite a contrast to last year when one of the stages involved climbing through a furnace like canyon with temps in the 110’s.

  5. Tron Smart says:

    Arapahoe Basin in Colorado is open and still receiving snow.
    I know some folks that live up near there and I am hearing that the residents in the towns of Breckenridge, Dillon, Keystone and Avon are quite upset that the resorts shuttered their doors so soon.

    They have a decade of lower spring snowfall amounts and their owners bought into to the global warming science so much that they no longer contract employees to stay past the second weekend in April. They have lost out on millions in revenue the past several years because of this.

  6. Dave says:

    Definitely been a cold May for the southwest. It actually seems more like fall on some days.

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