Dumb And Dumberer In Texas

“Climate is changing faster than it has in the history of Western civilization,” (Hayhoe) said.

Less than four weeks ago, Katherine Hayhoe announced climate doom for Texas.

APRIL 22, 2015

environmental activists and reporters began to ask whether “drought”—a temporary weather pattern—was really the right term for what was happening in the state, or whether “desertification” was more appropriate. “We’re on our fourth year of drought,” Katharine Hayhoe, director of the climate science center at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, told the industry magazine Meatingplace. “In order to replenish depleted reservoirs and soil moisture, we don’t need just a normal year or just a single rainfall. We need an unusually wet year to get back to normal conditions.” But the early months of 2015 have seen less than 1.4 inches of total precipitation—not even a third of what is considered normal rainfall, much less enough to replenish surface water and groundwater resources.

What Climate Change Is Doing to the Texas Cattle Ranch | The New Republic

Lubbock has had close to double their normal rainfall over the past year.


Current Climate Summary Maps – Powered by ACIS – High Plains Regional Climate Center

No part of Texas is experiencing drought.


pdi20150509-pg.gif (650×534)

Texas temperatures peaked in 1921. There is nothing even the slightest bit unusual going on in Texas, other than a long hurricane drought.

ScreenHunter_9358 May. 16 23.27

Like most climate scientists, Katherine believes that all random neuron discharges in her brain actually mean something.


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19 Responses to Dumb And Dumberer In Texas

  1. omanuel says:

    The climate scam has simply confirmed George Orwell’s final warning:


    • omanuel says:

      None of us imagined in 2009 that the Climategate scandal would widen into an indictment of the once most-respected space research agency – NASA – and the once most-trusted scientific organization that reviews annual budgets of federal research agencies for Congress – the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

      • Moors710 says:

        I have worked with Space Command and NASA when I was at AFIT and Boeing. Space command always had a mission to defend the USA, NASA the mission was to continue funding for the ever increasing bureaucracy.

  2. They are doing the same thing in California. Yes the past few years have been lower than normal but in most places it’s been over 60% of normal. http://weather.sfgate.com/auto/sfgate/geo/precip/index.html

  3. Bobbi Fox says:

    We also need to be cognizant of the potential alternative causes of any of these so called ‘droughts’. Some more rational explanations include this one, for both Texas and California:

  4. Bob722 says:

    Read her whole article, with barf bag close at hand. After I finished gagging, I observed that you have to give ole Hayhoe credit; as she even managed to fit in a slam on the Koch Brothers, those twin demons of terror, that are the current Democratic Party #1 boogeymen, after Dubya Bush, and Rush Limbaugh.

    Her latest fairy tale should be good for a few new 100K+ grants, to “study the problem further” from an adoring EPA….

  5. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    Classic example of why I’m a “climate science sceptic” ~ Bald-faced climate lies from ‘experts’ like Katherine Hayhoe to push an ideological and/or political agenda.
    Disgraceful corruption of science, yet this is the stuff lectured and printed by our ‘expert’ scientists. So wrong.

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Goebbels

  6. The think that scares me about Kathy Hooey is she’s always so happy about global climate catastrophe. Why? It’s the money.

  7. She’s happy, but you’re not supposed to figure it out.
    KH, Koch Heiress

  8. “….We can laugh at their ignorance, why were they so daft,
    To be persuaded by priests to believe in witchcraft?
    But today it’s no different, same crazy hysteria,
    Priests replaced by politicians and mainstream media.

    The days of burning witches have long since gone,
    Now it’s grants and taxation and Agenda 21.
    We don’t challenge this nonsense, we just chose to “believe”,
    Just like our forefathers we’re still so naïve.

    Man now controls climate, Mother Nature’s no more,
    We’re ignorant and arrogant, right through to our core.
    Yes, we actually believe it; yes, we’re truly that daft,
    Man-made global warming, 21st century witchcraft…..”

    From “Climate – Denying the Witchcraft” Read more: http:///wp.me/p3KQlH-wE

  9. Kathy Hooey says she’s not a progressive. Her proof is “Lubbock is the second most conservative city in the US”. The second most? Like there’s a list?

    • AndyG55 says:

      “Kathy Hooey says she’s not a progressive”

      Nope, She’s a regressive. Proof of devolution. !!

  10. drcrinum says:

    I live in SE Texas. This spring has been unusually wet. My pond is overflowing, and I have yet to be able to mow my 16 acre field because of all the rain. The branch of the Pine Island Bayou located several miles from my home is well out of its banks.

    • drcrinum says:

      Another 0.75 inches of rainfall again this afternoon. Weather forecast has >50% probability of rain for 5 of the next 9 days.

  11. Brad says:

    Have we heard from the Aggie lately about the “permanent” drought?

    I’m an alumnus of Texas Tech and this woman is an embarrassment to the institution but apparently, they don’t care.

  12. MikeW says:

    Note the US Drought Monitor on the same NIDIS website as the Palmer Drought Index. According to the website, the Drought Monitor is obtained by adding expert government “judgment”, “review” and “revisions” to the Drought Index. At first you may be surprised that any “revision” always indicates a worse drought condition than the Index. But remember, this is the same government that also lies about historical temperature record “adjustments” to make them more compatible with climate alarmist propaganda. Thus the Drought Index becomes a useful tool for the climate alarmist media types.

    • MikeW says:

      Sorry, last sentence should read “Thus the Drought Monitor becomes a useful tool for the climate alarmist media types”.

  13. Menicholas says:

    I was wondering when we would hear the next “It is worse than we thought” story. Had been almost a full day since the last one.

  14. Mark Bowlin says:

    We’re drowning in desertification in north Texas. Lake Grapevine, our closest lake, is 25′ higher due to drought than 6 months ago.

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