Understanding The Global Meltdown

NASA experts say that the ice around Antarctica is disappearing, and that Arctic ice is already gone. This makes perfect sense given that global sea ice area has been averaging above normal and increasing for the past two and a half years.

ScreenHunter_1938 May. 18 19.00arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008


Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014

ScreenHunter_1940 May. 18 19.06

Ice melt in part of Antarctic ‘appears unstoppable,’ NASA says – CNN.com

“Glaciologist” Rignot is an electrical engineer like me, only he doesn’t have my geology background. But he is an expert because he is willing to spread mindless dishonest propaganda for the government.

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21 Responses to Understanding The Global Meltdown

  1. geophysicist says:

    The graph needs to be redone. There is a bias introduced by start and stop dates that are not the same days of the year. Notice that the end of the graph is at the top of a cycle and the start is at the bottom of a cycle. Start the graph at 2013.4 and then draw the line.

  2. omanuel says:

    Figures don’t lie, but . . . .

  3. sabretoothed says:

    Fellow of American Geophysical Union 2013.
    NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal 2012.
    NASA Group Achievement Award, IceBridge Mission, 2011.
    NASA Group Achievement Award, Ice Sheet System Model, 2011.
    National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Service Medal, 2009.
    NASA Group Achievement Award, Warm Ice Sounding Explorer Team, 2009.
    Bowie Lecture, American Geophysical Union, 2008.
    Nobel Peace Prize, co-author IPCC AR4, 2007.
    NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, 2007.
    JPL Edward Stone Award for Outstanding Research Publication in 2004.
    JPL Level A Award for Technical Achievement, 2004.
    NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, 2003.
    Nomination of “Rignot Glacier, Antarctica” by U. S. Board Geogr. Names, 2003.
    JPL Edward Stone Award for Outstanding Research Publication in 2002.
    JPL Director Lew Allen Award for Excellence in 1998.
    IEEE Geos. Rem. Sens. Soc. Award for Best Journal Paper published in 1994.
    IEEE Geos. Rem. Sens. Soc. Award for Best Oral Paper at IGARSS’90 Symposium.
    12 NASA Certificates of Recognition between 1988 and 1993.

    Lots of awards for saying the right thing lol

    • Gonzo says:

      Boy that’s some CV. Rignot must have really done/doing so much for humanity. Consider Jonas Salk who came up with the polio vaccine never received a Nobel prize nor was he even invited to join the National Academy of Science. Seems many dismissed his work as “kitchen chemistry”! He didn’t fit in with “consensus”.

    • They are good at awarding themselves….

      I wonder if Tony will get an award for finding all this data fraud in the Models?? … and published data…

  4. sabretoothed says:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rignot_Glacier wow and get a Glacier named after you for saying they will all melt during record sea ice

  5. Dave N says:

    “NASA video shows ice melt”

    Except that’s a computer animation of what they think is happening.

    • Ben Vorlich says:

      Dave N
      not quite right
      Except that’s a computer animation of what they think might be happening.

  6. “….After the rain, when the sun comes out,
    It will be the hottest day ever;
    Computer models will confirm that this is the case;
    These climate scientists are so very clever.

    But what happens instead, on a day full of clouds,
    With neither any sun nor rain?
    Then the scientists will know that this is a sign,
    That it will never ever snow again!

    If it does snow again? Then that’s just further proof,
    That the oceans are storing the heat.
    This climate science witchcraft is such clever stuff,
    Mother Nature could never compete!

    The polar icecaps continue to grow,
    As clear proof that the end is in sight.
    We can stop all of this by paying more taxes,
    We know the politicians are right…..”

    from “Alice in Wonderland Revisited” Read more:

  7. markstoval says:

    “But he is an expert because he is willing to spread mindless dishonest propaganda for the government.”

    That is getting to the heart of the matter.

  8. SMS says:

    I don’t have an electrical engineering degree but I do know how to run a tube checker.

    I also have a healthy skeptical mind and know when smoke is being blown up my butt. Rignot has a six pack a day habit.

  9. cfgj says:

    Sea levels are rising. This is not very surprising given that the oceans are warming and glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets are losing mass.

    • Brian H says:

      A small 1-3 mm/yr trend since the 1800s, the end of the LIA . We’ll cope with a foot per century just fine.

      • Skiff says:

        You are making the incorrect linearity-assumption. Greenland started to shed weight real fast after about 1990…now if West Antarctica still accelerates things could get interesting. Of course, predicting the future is trickly.

    • SMS says:

      How much of that rise is due to aquifer depletion? Then compare current rise to the historical record of sea level rise for the past 15000 years. It would suggest we are almost at a static moment.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Those statements have so many distortions and lies behind them that I can’t bring myself to once again dredge up the data that refutes what you are trying to generalize into a truth. Suffice it to say that ice doesn’t melt when the air temperature is multiples of ten below zero unless heat is being applied under it as is happening with the West Antarctic ice sheet. You will die of old age before that sheet melts The middle of the Antarctic continent was -106 degreesF the other day and it was snowing.

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