The Doom Continues

The southwestern US has received far above normal precipitation over the past year, as Katherine Hayhoe collects huge sums of money to lie about a drought – and Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico tells people that all their trees are going to die.

12mPNormUS (1)

Snowpack in Northern New Mexico is almost 200% of normal.

ScreenHunter_1946 May. 19 13.01

And it is really heating up in Fort Collins – “Feels like 37 F”

ScreenHunter_1944 May. 19 12.57

ScreenHunter_1945 May. 19 12.58

Someone should probably remind Katherine Hayhoe about the “bearing false witness” thing.

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14 Responses to The Doom Continues

  1. Psalmon says:

    Steve, Why does that Pecos # not line up with this? One source is fishy. USBR?

  2. David Blake says:


    You may have already seen this (apologies if so). Trying to get round the “robots.txt” blocking the old data I was looking at Nasa data and on (some interesting stuff there…) and saw this document about what was “normal” temperature and precipitation according to NOAA:

    Click to access climatesoftheworld.pdf

    I also saw this:

    “The same settings were applied to the real world observations and confirmed that the raw data
    show too little warming since 1895 “It is much more likely that the U.S. surface temperature record warming is underestimated than that it is over estimated , especially for maximum daily temperature,” according to Dr. Peter Thorne, Senior Scientist for the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites – North Carolina. ”


  3. omanuel says:

    The National Academy of Sciences controls the budgets of federal research agencies by budget review for Congress, but the basic flaw in federal research programs dates back 152 years ago when President Lincoln established the NAS:

    The National Academy of Sciences cannot now be held accountable for

    2. USING NAS REVIEW OF BUDGETS of federal research agencies to deceive the public about the energy that provides heat and light to planet Earth and sustains our lives, because . . .

    Although the Sun is undoubtedly the pulsar remains of the supernova that made our elements and birthed the solar system five billion years ago, the National Academy of Sciences is not at fault for deceiving Congress and the public because: “The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a private, non-profit society of distinguished scholars. Established by an Act of Congress, signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, the NAS is charged with providing independent, objective advice to the nation on matters related to science and technology.”

    Can the present descendants of “a private, non-profit society of distinguished scholars” from 1863 be accountable for “providing independent, objective advice to the nation on matters related to science and technology” in 2015 ? Obviously not !

    NAS did not become responsible for reviewing annual budgets of billions of dollars for all the federal research agencies until after Eisenhower established the gigantic federal-military-industrial-research complex in the 1950‘s.

    Who is to blame? Perhaps President Abraham Lincoln erred by assuming that the distinguished scholars of 1863 were altruistic and unselfish, but WE ARE ALL TO BLAME for assuming, one hundred and fifty-two years later, that descendants of this original group of scholars could unselfishly review the budgets of federal research agencies for Congress.

    Now is the time for the National Academies of Sciences worldwide to gracefully acknowledge and start correcting factual errors in:

    #1. Standard Nuclear Model: The force between neutrons is repulsive.

    #2. Standard Solar Model: Ordinary stars make and discard hydrogen.

    #3. Big Bang Cosmology: The cosmos has no known age/space limits.

    #4. Anthropologic Global Warming: The pulsar-centered Sun controls the climate of every planet in the solar system.

    • omanuel says:

      Essentially all of the public tax funds that Eisenhower poured into building the federal-military-industrial-research complex in the 1950’s have, under the budget review guidance of the National Academy of Sciences, been used to build an Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Scientific Truths:

      SNM – The Standard Nuclear Model
      SSM – The Standard Solar Model
      BBC – The Big Bang Cosmology
      AGW- CO2 Climate Model
      . . .

      and all of these are Orwellian lies.

  4. Gary H says:

    Hope it’s OK that I post this one again. From the US drought monitor. Shows the imporvement in drought status over the past 12 months:

  5. annieoakley says:

    !4 inches of snow overnight in Fairplay, CO. Cold rain in Ft. Collins with lots of the EPA controlled puddles on formerly private property.

    • wyoskeptic says:

      Yep Annie. Here in the north east corner of Wyo it is now snowing. It has been a cold rain all day and it just turned white a little bit ago. I am starting to wonder if this is going to be another one of those years where I see snow in all twelve months of the year.

  6. KTM says:

    The alarmists look at that graph and interpret it to mean that New Mexico and Texas are in the worst fossil-fuel powered drought since the Dust Bowl, and that fossil-fuel powered warmth on the upper East Coast increased the moisture in the air causing catastrophic amounts of heavy, wet snowfall.

    How they say it with a straight face, I don’t know.

  7. It’s disconcerting to hear those in charge say they will act because of the “climate crisis”.
    It’s even more worrisome that at least part of the electorate believe there is a climate crisis.

  8. ClimateOtter says:

    I’ll leave her another ‘serial 9th-commandment breaker’ tweet, just, not sure she’s getting them.

  9. kamas716 says:

    after this past week of precip in the Dakotas I find it hard to believe we’re still in a drought condition. While we had a pretty mild/dry winter, this spring has seemed quite wet.

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