We Have A Winner!

We have a winner for dumbest tweet of the day!

ScreenHunter_9370 May. 18 23.28

I removed all of the years before 2007 to help out our simple minded friend

ScreenHunter_9369 May. 18 23.27

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43 Responses to We Have A Winner!

  1. Jon Lonergan says:

    what?? either I’m the dumb one or he’s had one too many lobotomies.

  2. Time for a new eraser..lol

  3. Dave1billion says:

    I googled Yetsuh and it looks like he makes his living in the Green Industry. If that’s considered stalking I apologize, but it seems he’s proudly out there. I actually looked up yetsuh because I was curious if it was a Chinese word (my best guess) that meant something significant.

    Maybe he’s viewing the graph through a green filter that makes it appear different? Kind of like those red films we put over coded messages to read them when I was a kid.

    I assume the green filter will remove dates prior to 1979 and block any trend counter to the AGW “consensus”.

    To be fair, I had some trouble reading the first graph too and initially mistook 2010 for 2014. But, as they say, if you’re gunning for the king you’d best not miss. And he missed by a mile.

    • Justa Joe says:

      Show me someone that’s out there promoting the AGW hoax, and I’ll show you somebody that’s got an ulterior political or financial motive (or both).

      • I believe you are right about most of them, especially the top tier. I can’t prove a negative about the rest but history shows there are zealots and head cases that get no benefits discernible to other men.

        • Justa Joe says:

          Yeah, they’re called useful idiots or suckers. They’re the ones that rail against Joe Blow’s SUV while simultaneously defending AlGores private jet(s).

    • GeologyJim says:

      This video is hilarious and deserves to be broadcast far and wide to illustrate the utter failure of the AGW narrative when confronted with the FACT of the PAUSE

      Stuttering, stammering, hemming, and hawing, trying desperately to appear knowledgable – – and yet clearly exposing her cluelessness

      “basic physics” – CHECK
      “pollution in the air” – CHECK
      “toxic chemicals” – CHECK
      “frogs in the pond” – – WTF???

      • inMAGICn says:

        A ribbit-ing presentation.
        She only goes kneedeep into the intellectual pool.
        Here’s hoping her ideas croak.
        (Sorry. Crazy morning)

  4. The Writers Studio Reading Series presents

    Yetsuh Frank

    reading “The Last Whale Safari”

    Greenwich House
    March 16, 2012

    This was a time when the planet gave up on itself.

    From the vantage point of a satellite, high enough to make out the whole immense globe but near enough to discern the spine-like mountain ranges, the patchwork forests, the intricate coastlines in our proud cities, from on high like this it was clear that the world was dimming. The bright blue oceans were greyer, the shining ice sheets at both poles smaller and the whole thing seemed to turn more slowly in space as if day and night were growing in length. Like an old dog that has laid down in the road the planet had run out of steam. Rivers ran only sluggishly, fire raged through parched empty forests and every month the tides were weaker.

    Amidst this a bank clerk received a phone call from the hospital informing him that his wife had died.

    • Chris Barron says:

      I kept jumping the film forward 2 minutes at a time and am surprised to find out that he sounds as bored throughout as I feel having to listen to it…

      • Man, you don’t get it. He is not bored. He’s burning with desire to save the planet that gave up on itself. He’s saving it from the Man.

        He pretends being bored because of the venue. The hipster Greens reinvented themselves as neo-beatniks. They meet in alternative cafes, do readings and snap fingers in approval.

        Also, how are you supposed to sound if you plagiarize Kafka and Melville?

    • R Shearer says:

      Fortunately, the clerk was a lying cheating liberal and hated his wife but had the foresight to insure her life for millions.

  5. Dave N says:

    The irony of Yetsuh not being able to read graphs: it burrrrrnsss!!

    (or he has trouble engaging his brain before tweeting)

  6. Tel says:

    Seems to me (zooming in) that this year’s ice is a touch thicker than it was in 2007, so the more correct statement would be “… thickest it has been since 2006”.

    I guess Yetsuh is trying to point out that you were one year too conservative in your statement.

  7. Jim Hunt says:

    At the risk of repeating myself Tony, look carefully at all these pretty pictures:


    Here’s an overview of the data for the dumbest amongst us:

    • northpole says:


    • Stewart Pid says:

      Jim … how do they get 1978 PIOMAS data … is it legit or is someone just fudging it to the best of their abilities? And I suppose I should say that PIOMAS is already heavily bastardized by the WAGs that go into it’s calculation.

      • Jim Hunt says:

        Those graphs are based on “gridded” rather than the headline overall PIOMAS data. Any fudging or bastardization is down to the PIOMAS team and no-one else!

    • Latitude says:

      at least the dumbest amongst us knows the difference between thickness and volume

    • JonikPel says:

      Seems the point still needs to be made: The “pretty picture” for April indicates that, over the last 7-8 years there has been either an increase or no net change in the PIOMAS volume at 6 of the 9 regions.
      That said, there’s an awful lot of date cherry-picking that goes on in this field. 2007/08 seems to be a convenient place to start for skeptics like me. 2013 is certainly convenient for Jim’s chart above. In fact, 1978 is a conveniently cold time to start the charts referenced by Jim in his link.
      Partially due to bias and partially due to human omnignorance, there’s no living human being that knows what the hell he (or she) is talking about when it comes to long-term climate change (IMHO, of course)…

    • Chris Barron says:

      That’s just April……What about August, September and November ? , not quite the catastrophe April seems to be made into.

      Why pick a springtime month, when all you might get is a representation of a one off early onset of spring. Look at autumn/winter months (when the cold is more predictable) and the assertion that there is more ice seems to be the most correct.

      Also picking 2013/2015 for comparison, (not using 2014 or 2012) seems to be an attempt to make the situation appear worse than it is when an annual or a 5 year average is used.

      December 2013/2015 looks to show the winter ice has both stabilised from a decline and now appears to be increasing (last 2 year period)

  8. SMS says:

    Take that plot back to 1970 and see how it changes. 1978 was picked for a reason, and wasn’t to find the truth.

  9. Mac says:

    Yetsuh, she’s my baby,
    Nosuh, I don’t mean maybe,
    Yetsuh, she’s my baby nowwwwww…

  10. Brian H says:

    What relevance does the change from 2013-15 have to a comparison with 2007?

    • Jim Hunt says:

      Just in case you blinked and missed it, the September 2012 minimum extent was significantly lower than that of 2007.

      • Dave1billion says:

        So to paraphrase:

        Q. What does the price of apples have to do with the price of oranges?
        A. Avocados cost less than oranges.

        Got it.

        PS – I do think your website is makes some interesting points and will visit it occasionally (that’s not sarcasm)

        • Jim Hunt says:

          Thanks for your kind words Dave. In my experience they are few and far between in this particular establishment!

        • Dave1billion says:

          Lest you think my kindness is unalloyed, the Q & A above refers to your answer higher in the thread re the 2012 minimum (the avocados are the September 2012 minimum) 🙂

          While I may disagree in general with your hypothesis, the few articles that I scanned on your site seemed to be fairly well put together and not unreasonable. You may disagree, but I see the same type of arguments and data sets (maybe cherry picked, but not unreasonably so).

          The thing about cherry-picking data is that it is much more useful in disproving an allegedly proven hypothesis than reinforcing the same hypothesis.

          If they say it never rains in Southern California and I send you a picture of me soaking wet in Santa Barbara in early December and you respond with a picture of you sunburned in August, then I’d argue that my cherry-picked data set is more relevant than yours.

        • Jim Hunt says:

          Dave – Please can you direct me to the “cherry picked data” on my site. There’s certainly lots of data there! In what way do you perceive it to be “cherry picked”?

      • Gonzo says:

        [ September 2012 minimum extent was significantly lower than that of 2007.] Yeah and that monstrous cyclone had nothing to do with it right?

      • AndyG55 says:

        “the September 2012 minimum extent was significantly lower than that of 2007”

        So what !!

  11. Oh, WOW!

    Good thing I have great color vision, because this “Yetsuh Frank” fella must be seriously color-blind to not see it. It took me a bit of searching too, but I found it!

    Maybe you should have given separate graphs for the separate years? Nah! All the foul-cryers would STILL be making sorry excuses for answers.

    Go get’em.

    • Michael 2 says:

      Color challenged is hardly anything to ridicule. Point-source red/amber/green LED’s are particularly difficult for me since their spectral purity is poor and falls in the region of overlap triggering both red and green sensing cones.

      For wiring CAT-5 I keep a little white-light LED flashlight handy; dim green dirty fluorescent lamps lacking “red”, common in telco rooms, make it almost impossible since the “red” component of brown disappears leaving the green component of the brown wire the same color as the green wire. Hit it with a little white LED and viola, color!

      • Anthony S says:

        For me, I can see color fine except for my thick glasses which cause excessive chromatic aberration when I’m not looking directly at something. So if I’m looking at something out of the corner of my eye, I might see it in double or triple with each being a different color.

  12. rah says:

    Maybe the poor sot is just color blind?

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