Climate Change And Evolution

In 2011, former monkeys turned climate experts announced that all of Texas would become a desert.

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They ridiculed Rick Perry for pointing out the obvious fact that the rains would return.

we’ll be fine. As my dad says, it’ll rain. It always does.”

– Rick Perry

Texas Drought Worst in 50 Years | TakePart

Well Rick Perry was right, and the lower primates known as “progressives” among their Neanderthal superiors – were wrong.

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12mPNormUS (1)


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9 Responses to Climate Change And Evolution

  1. Shazaam says:

    That was a rash comment: former monkeys turned climate experts and will likely to get all the monkey advocacy groups in quite an uproar over such an insult to the intelligence of monkeys.

    The monkeys of the world have been most grievously insulted and demand an apology!!!

    The “climate experts” however are basking in the glory of that particular compliment. (best they’re likely to get this year)

  2. sabretoothed says:

    NASA hoping for a hurricane (even though at record low for many years)

  3. When there are nine years without a major storm it is “luck”. But if one does hit the U.S. It is proof of global warming. NASA must recruit their statisticians and modelers from the local zoo.

  4. drcrinum says:

    Meanwhile at the swamp which Southeast Texas has become, the current long-range weather forecast this morning calls for rain on 9 of the next 10 days.

    • rachase says:

      As soon as the sun comes out again the alarmists will renew their “desertification” press releases and the lock-step uninformable public & Obama will gobble them up as unassailable fact.

  5. inMAGICn says:

    “In a state where evolution is a theory…”
    Isn’t evolution, as in “Theory of Evolution,” a theory everywhere?”

  6. Mann: That Provisional Data will have to be adjusted…
    Jones: Yep, I’m on it, using a Macro in Microsoft Excel (my Climate Model) to adjust everything below Normal…
    Gavin: No matter how much it rains… its STILL a Drought !!
    Mann: LOL!!
    Jones: Let the skeptics DENY this !!…

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