Climate Disruption In Colorado

As spring has progressed, temperatures in Fort Collins have plummeted ten degrees.

ScreenHunter_9414 May. 20 14.06

If this trend keeps up, temperatures will be in the 50’s by July, and below freezing by winter.


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21 Responses to Climate Disruption In Colorado

  1. Pathway says:

    Here on the Upper Colorado Plateau we are one inch above the mean for moisture for the year and had the wettest April on record. Rain forecast for Friday, Saturday and Monday. I need to rent some goats to control lawn growth.

  2. Dave1billion says:

    LOL. Well done.

  3. KTM says:

    90 degree days will be a rare and exciting event!

  4. omanuel says:

    It is very cool and wet here on the West Bank of the Mississippi River in Missouri.

  5. phodges says:

    Same story here in the Eastern Sierra. We’ve gotten more snow in May than in Jan-Mar.

  6. Barbara says:

    May is still cold, even early morning freezing temperatures a few times in some low areas, lots of high winds, very unusual weather along the Mexican border in Arizona. Probably Yuma is an exception, and Phoenix and Tucson have inched up to 80’s in the afternoon. Maybe 90’s this week.
    In other words, I’m still waiting for “global warming”! Fifty plus years here, and I cannot ever remember having had to turn on heat in May.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Yuma had a high of 69 degrees Friday. That is a record for that day. We have also been experiencing highs in the 80’s for most days this month. We are going to warm into the 90’s next week. It is an extremely cool May for recent decades.

  7. joelobryan says:

    In Tucson, my pool’s water temperature regressed in the first half of May. It has never done that (it is 35,000 gallon pool). On May 1, it was 77ºF, on May 14 it was 69ºF. It has managed to eek back up to 75ºF w/i the past week. Global warming, where have you gone my friend?

    On the plus side, the weather has been so mild here in Tucson that I have not used my HVAC system since March 11, and I may make it to end of the May without turning on the AC. Unprecedented for me.

    • rah says:

      Here in Indiana the way it works. It was in the low 80s Sunday but nice. As the hot air piled up in front of the approaching cold front on Monday it was hot and humid enough that my A/C going pretty strong. But there was enough wind that I had to go out and fix my large (5′ x 8′) Stars & Stripes I put up for the coming Memorial day twice. At 9 PM that night it got cool enough I opened our bed room windows. At 2 Am Tuesday morning I got called out for a run down to TN and closed the windows before I left because it was too cold. I didn’t get back until 05:00 Wed. morning and the temp was in the low 40s but it just had the feel like it wanted to snow. Still cool outside and overcast and drizzling.

      Seems like attendance for the Indy 500 this weekend will be exceptional. Much more hype than I’ve seen for many years. About every year Indy wins the title for the largest sporting event in the world but it appears this year will be the real deal. Even the motels around where I live 32 miles from the track are full. My girls tried to attend an Indianapolis Indians baseball game today and it was absolutely sold out because of the out of towners here for the race.

      Here in my town they run a sprint car race on Anderson Speed way every year the night before the Indy 500. It’s called the “Little 500”. The track here is almost as old as the brick yard though it’s a 1/4 mile (measured on the inside) high banked oval asphalt track. They put 33 sprint cars lined up 3 wide on that track for the race and only the length of a straight separates the front pole sitter from the last row when they start. It too is sold out. Kinda like old times. I like it!

      • phodges says:

        Sounds like an awesome race! Asphalt oval racing can be a little boring but that must be some serious mayhem.

        • rah says:

          Even that race gets boring by about half way (lap 250) and it’s near impossible for a fan in the stands to keep up with where a car is running if it’s not in the top 3. That’s why I haven’t been to it for a number of years.

          In fact I plan on going to the Lincoln Park dirt track in Putmanville, IN to watch the sprints and midgets run Saturday if weather allows. It’s a good track the management knows how to run it and the stands are set up with concrete so one brings their own lawn chair to sit in and watch the races. Plenty of leg room. $20.00 gets you in. Their concessions have good and reasonably priced food and drink. On the downside they want $30.00 for a pit pass so we don’t go down into the pits at that track.

    • wayne says:

      Same here in Ok. It’s 60°F at 5 p.m. and I used to, in the late 1990’s, sit on the patio in January at a better 75°F regularly. Haven’t hit the AC in the last two years until early July here. Yep, it’s reverting back the the 60’s & 70’s type of climate without a doubt. And the rain… it’s been raining nearly daily for weeks and with seven more in the forecast it’s getting hard to know when you can even get a break to mow. ;0

  8. rah says:

    That’s what those straight trend lines do for you!

  9. Barbara says:

    Wayne, I got to experience OK rains and tornado activity around OKC over Mothers Day weekend.
    Having lived in So. Az for practically forever, so much rain was amazing. On Mothers Day, we drove down to Houston. There was blinding rain (had to follow the tail lights of cars in front for about 6 hours). I think I prefer Az. storms.

  10. annieoakley says:

    33F in Fort Collins this am. Haven’t seen the sun since Saturday. Mowing lawn every four days. Weeds are knee high. Bunny rabbit population exploding. Mud and puddles everywhere. Snow for Mothers Day. No dry eye, dust, allergies so there’s that.

  11. Exactly as the Models Predicted… so what’s the issue here…?? ..

    LOL !!

  12. Mike says:

    I believe the second half of your prediction will prove correct. With this type of rapid cooling, we may find our air liquifying in a matter of a few short years. – Que Demanded Panic and Immediate Redistribution of Western Capitalist Tax Dollars to Socialists Thugs World Wide. Problem Solved.

  13. Brian H says:

    Call the airport. Their jets have their streams in the wrong places.

  14. Ernest Bush says:

    Be careful with your predictions. They might come true, but it will bring no comfort. LOL. Cool rainy summers have been the rule for the last few years south of Nederland where friends live.

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