Eleven More Climate Change Victims

The next door dyke’s dogs broke through the rain swollen fence this morning, and killed eleven out of fourteen hens. They only ate one of them, and killed the other ten for fun. The other three hens flew over the fence, or they would have been killed too.

More victims of the Colorado permanent drought.

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12 Responses to Eleven More Climate Change Victims

  1. rah says:

    That’ll cost her. In some countries it would not only be the cost to replace the chickens but also she would have to pay for the cost of all the Chickens could have produced during their remaining lives as assessed by the magistrate.

    • darrylb says:

      One time a weasel, about as big around as a brat got into the hen house. Killed dozens, just for the fun of it I think.
      Bit them in the neck and sucked the blood out of each. ,

    • omanuel says:

      Thanks for the reminder of the personal human tragedies behind Memorial Day celebrations.

    • David, UK says:

      Yeah, good to remember the misery and suffering and loss of life our governments cause on the international stage. Never forget. But God bless Uncle Sam, wooooo! (I need an ice cream.)

      • rah says:

        Our Memorial Day is about the people that have passed and especially those that paid the ultimate price in the various services and not the government(s) or administrations or even any particular dick heads which are/were in power at a particular time.

        Obamas lack of understanding or caring about that fact has been well noted and it certainly is not unexpected. I mean we’re talking about a toad that closed the WW II memorial for no reason. But the fact is he doesn’t amount to a pimple on the ass of those which Memorial Day is really about nor even those that survived and carry with them the memories of those that did not.

        When a person joins the military they are essentially signing a blank check for any amount up to and including their very lives. This day is really about honoring and remembering those that paid the highest price that could be put on that check though it is also used by many to honor and remember those they have lost that we’re close to them.

      • gonewiththewind says:

        I do not understand how the people who say ignorant things like what David said never understand or acknowledge the reasons “Uncle Sam” decides to interfere when some despot decides to kill their people by the tens of thousands. Perhaps there is a legitimate arguement to be made to simply let murderous communist regimes and fascist dictators kill hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of their people but I have never heard anyone make that arguement. Instead what you hear is the empty minded comments like David’s Gutless, ignorant ranting of someone who not only wouldnever sacrifice anything to save another but also seemingly resents that any other human would consider such a sacrifice. If indeed David is from the UK perhaps he has forgotten that it was thanks to Uncle Sam that he is not speaking German today.

        Remember those who gave their all, those who were wounded and came back sometimes to a heros welcome and sometimes to being spit on by people as bitter and ill informed as David is. Remember too those who served and were not wounded and those families and civilians who served at home by supporting the troops.

  2. Elaine Supkis says:

    My father-in-law was a medic at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Plane used to transport patients was shot down three times and he survived it all to live to be 90. He is in the hospital today. But the nurses all know what he did in WWII and are treating him really nice this weekend.

  3. chuck725 says:

    I stopped a dog attack on our hens and ducks as a kid. I had to shoot one of the dogs with a 410. I hated to do it but the only birds not being killed were the geese. The dog scooted off very quickly.

  4. Harry says:

    …”On Memorial Day we honor our sons and daughters who gave their lives when their nation called on them.

    “Today the sacrifice of over 218,000 American servicemen and servicewomen is memorialized in military cemeteries in twenty-four different overseas cemeteries in eleven different countries. The boundaries of Jefferson’s EMPIRE OF LIBERTY, therefore, stretch around the world.”…”


    “Si vis pacem, para bellum.” If you want peace, plan for war” A column worth reading, as usual.

    Happy Memorial Day 2015, Steve and all who lurk and labor here, and support the ideals of American Freedom, and America!….

  5. Dave1billion says:

    This happened to my friend’s brother also in semi rural Indiana. It was two golden labs, not the type of dog you’d expect to do this stuff. But get dogs together in a pack and their behavior changes.

    He shot the two dogs. The owners expected him to be arrested, but the sheriff said that the dog owners had to pay for the hens that were killed.

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