Lubbock Is Not Getting Hotter, Cooler, Wetter, Drier, Rainier, Snowier Or More Extreme

Crosbyton, Texas is the closest USHCN station to Lubbock, TX – where Canadian Katherine Hayhoe moved 10 years ago and declared herself the local climate expert.

One month ago, she warned Texas cattlemen about drought and desertification due to global warming

APRIL22, 2015

ScreenHunter_2079 May. 30 08.48

What Climate Change Is Doing to the Texas Cattle Ranch | The New Republic

Now she is blaming the rain on global warming.

This is what Lubbock looks like today.

ScreenHunter_2069 May. 30 07.59

January to May rainfall is about the same as it was seventy years ago

ScreenHunter_2071 May. 30 08.15

The number of days with rain is about the same as the 1960s

ScreenHunter_2073 May. 30 08.20

The number of days with heavy rain hasn’t changed. 

ScreenHunter_2074 May. 30 08.25

The heaviest rainfall events haven’t changed recently, but were slightly larger a century ago.

ScreenHunter_2072 May. 30 08.17

Snowfall is about the same as 100 years ago.

ScreenHunter_2077 May. 30 08.34

The number of 100 degree days peaked in the 1930’s. There was one very hot summer in 2011, but it was an outlier.

ScreenHunter_2076 May. 30 08.30

There was a spike in temperatures about 10 years ago back up to 1920’s levels, but it has disappeared.

ScreenHunter_2070 May. 30 08.08

Katherine Hayhoe bases on her claims on superstition and faith, not data. There is no indication of long term climate change in Lubbock.


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5 Responses to Lubbock Is Not Getting Hotter, Cooler, Wetter, Drier, Rainier, Snowier Or More Extreme

  1. Andy DC says:

    A period of remarkable climate stability. Time to defund all of the “climate change” agencies, passing out needless grants to worthless parasites. The Republicans control spending, why not right now?

    • Mike D says:

      If there were a bill like that introduced, half the Republican candidates would make some comments like “we need to stop being the party that is afraid of science” or “we need to face the environmental problems that we are creating”, or “we need to start being world leaders again, and environment is one of those areas we need to lead”, or likely something stupider than that.

    • rah says:

      Because a fair number of Republicans are in for big government every bit as much as the Democrats are. We call them RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) but in reality there are a number of them that hold significant power in the party. That is why they would even consider putting up people like Jeb Bush or Chris Cristy for POTUS.

  2. Gary H says:

    Katharine Hayhoe @KHayhoe
    @Obomination1 what makes you think I’m a democrat? I’m not.

    . . then, what are you?

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