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I posted an article from 1961, and this genius says it was based on a single study from the 1970’s


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13 Responses to Climate Genius Of The Day

  1. R. Shearer says:

    The psychics in the 60’s were much better than today. Of course, no one saw that coming.

  2. darrylb says:

    Interesting study in sociology and human nature.

    yes, the majority (we think) of the relevant science community understood
    there to be a cooling planet. An interesting point is the fact that what did
    not exist was the necessary ingredients to reach the kindling point of alarm.

    Yes, It was presented in much of the media, but that was not sufficient to have
    it become the religion of choice for so many.

    The new world order with its prophetic doomsayers now
    profess that we all have sinned against the Goddess, Mother Earth. Also, we
    must acknowledge our sins by purchasing indulgences (climate credits)

    That money to be used to better mother earth and the pockets of the profits.
    The epicenter of the Church of Environmentalism, in my opinion, is really the United
    Nations which wants to create one new world order, with the Church of Environmentalism as its
    main ideology. However, for some within the new world order movement, Climatism is acknowledged to not be a reality, but simply a tool.

    Note that the ideology in the church of environmentalism has several denominations within
    it, some of which consider humans to be infestations in mother earth Our U.S. science czar
    along with Paul Erlich are prime examples.

    NASA, is a branch which has become so imbedded in the ideology of the Church that all
    logic, data, observations, and arguments cannot permeate the illogical, ignorant ridiculous shell.

    Eventually, it will be the basic logic of the masses with some who contribute here and elsewhere as stimulants
    that will bring the church of environmentalism to its doom.

    There are remnants which are important and which we all should maintain.
    I expect that most who post here, as do I, have environmental concerns and will act accordingly.

    But above all, I will value the lives of people and will maintain the earth to continue the quality
    of all relevant life, especially human life.

  3. SMS says:

    If you refer to the temperature history available in 1970, there is only one conclusion that scientists hoping to make a name for themselves can make; the Earth is getting colder and it could be the start of another ice age.

    Someone probably had a hearing in Washington DC in January and turned down the heat and opened the windows to enhance the idea that we were going into another ice age. It was natural for the climate cooling hysteria to spread because a cooling climate is much more dangerous than a warming environment.

  4. shazaam says:

    Looks like “Winston Smith” muffed that “correction of history” big-time.

    Then again, no one ever claimed the “Winston Smiths” of the world have more than a lukewarm IQ.

  5. norilsk says:

    Here is another excellent video report from Suspicious Observers debunking all the media lies about alarming ice melting in Antarctica. Current Vostok temperature is -92 F. Not exactly warming is it?

  6. John Smith says:

    narrative is reality for the Organians
    they are non-corporeal creatures of pure energy and goodness
    the arrow of time is meaningless to them

  7. Elaine Supkis says:

    YES it was getting colder and colder from 1963-1979. In Arizona where I lived for some time and then in the Northeast where I lived during the worst of it. It was VERY cold back then. And the weather this last two years reminds me tremendously of that cold cycle. It is going to get worse as the sun spot activity which still continues, slows down and then ceases nearly entirely by 2019.

  8. Justa Joe says:

    Warmist seminar coaching; Always minimize the cooling alarm that preceded the warming alarm lest the rubes starting noticing an inconvenient pattern of alarmism..

  9. Cowboy79 says:

    Apparently, there are a lot of Global Cooling / Ice Age articles from the 1960s and beyond. Nice compilation of historical links here:

    Ergo, history does not support the AGW hypothesis, and neither do the data.

  10. Tel says:

    Twitter does seem to attract people incapable of reading anything more than 120 characters.

  11. mikegeo says:

    Here’s a very long list of global cooling articles/references. The silly statement that there was one or two only is another alarmist fabrication to keep the believers onside. And they buy it because they’ve never looked into it themselves.

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